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I'm looking for a solid tie, burgundy or wine colored. I already have the burgundy grenadine from Sam Hober and am looking for something else similar in color but a bit different, perhaps something w/ more of a shine to it but not too much on the satin side ... since I find that color to be one of the more versatile colors to match with. anyway, any suggestions? I saw the tie below from BB but don't know too much RE the quality as say compared to Sam Hober ... far...
I've been to Sawgrass 3 times and am probably the only person in south FL to go there that many times and fail to buy anything.
I have both their RTM and their MTM. I think the MTM can vary from 100 to 200, with most around 160. the fabric is alumno or cancini. I like them and they seem to have held up pretty good so far (1 year).
hard to tell for sure RE overall fit from that pic, although I agree that the sleeves might be a bit short, especially if you wear a shirt with longer sleeves.
where did you see the 50% off clearance part?
thanks ... possibly, but also note that it looks quite odd on the hanger as well. I'll take it to the tailor and see what he says ... I like the suit and got it at a great price so hope it can be fixed ..
how light is the blue on the Zegna?
yeah, I plan to do that, but was just wondering if anyone had any experience like this w/ Isaia suits. This is my first Isaia. I tried on several at the local Neiman Marcus to get the size right and liked the fit in the shoulders and the minimal shoulder padding ... one other thing I noticed about this one was that although there isn't a lot of shoulder padding, it isn't minimal like the ones I saw at NM. perhaps it's an older model since it was on closeout at STP?
I think it's the buttonhole not being lined up, since the ripple goes away if I re-adjust the jacket so that is sits differently (and incorrectly) on my shoulders. I'm just surpised that such an error would be made on an Isaia suit?
All, just got this Isaia 54R (Base V model) Navy pencil stripe 2-button suit from STP. Looks great and fits very nice in the shoulders, but the jacket holes/buttons do not seem aligned in the vertical direction which seems to be causing an unseemly ripple when buttoned and when the jacket it sitting properly on my shoulders. The buttons also seem very close to the edge in the horizontal direction as well. See pics; also included are comparison pics with a darker Navy...
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