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for college student attire those clothes, although not my cup of tea, are probably ahead of the curve. don't overdo it trying to impress here either. college guys don't get laid b/c they dress well, they get laid b/c they are confident. the clothes will be more of a factor as you get older.
Might be interested in UK 9.5E. I have same size in Savile in 337 last, so should I assume this is my size in 348 last?
what is the advantage of these vs seems that their current list price is $367, don't remember how much their shipping is, so perhaps same price in the end?
thanks ... do you have a zip code on eagle mountain or lake worth? Looks like they are not close to downtown when I use google maps ...
okay, post-trip report: stayed in Mariott in downtown Ft Worth. Old building in need of a makeover, but central location at least in Sundance Square. Downtown area is okay fot its size and seems walkable ... Bass performance hall looked very nice from outside at least. Saw some downtown condos with a realtor and also some houses in Arlington area. Looks like condos not a good investment at the moment as nobdoy is buying them .... one can get a very nice house in a...
any suggestions on things to do or other places to eat while in Ft Worth area? Looks like the Scat Jazz Lounge in Sundance Square is a potentially nice spot.
Thanks. A realtor is sending me listing now to look at from a wide range. RE White Settlement, I assume that near White Settlement Road. What's wrong with that area as someone commented. RE Mansfield, looks like one can get a very nice big house there for there $$, but looks like it's a little too far south for my liking pluse the earlier negative comments. is it really that bad?
these are helpful comments. I'll be going to the area on Friday so will be able to see firsthand. Will be staying in downtown Ft Worth but will also make it into Dallas. I stayed in downtown Dallas a couple of weeks ago (Adolphus Hotel, very nice), went out in a few parts of town, near the hotel on Main St., a bit further away near the American Airlines Arena and W Hotel, to the McKinney St area, and also the Uptown area I think. Not sure what to think since that...
supposedly the downtown Ft Worth area has some walkable areas with bars/restaurants (Sundance Square) and there are condos/town homes near there, but after some initial research it seems that they have not been selling recently that much. are there any nice residential areas real close to downtown ft worth where one could find a nice house in my price range?
wouldn't want to commute more than 15-20 minutes. job is south of downtown, near intersection of I-35 and I-20.
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