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Thanks. A realtor is sending me listing now to look at from a wide range. RE White Settlement, I assume that near White Settlement Road. What's wrong with that area as someone commented. RE Mansfield, looks like one can get a very nice big house there for there $$, but looks like it's a little too far south for my liking pluse the earlier negative comments. is it really that bad?
these are helpful comments. I'll be going to the area on Friday so will be able to see firsthand. Will be staying in downtown Ft Worth but will also make it into Dallas. I stayed in downtown Dallas a couple of weeks ago (Adolphus Hotel, very nice), went out in a few parts of town, near the hotel on Main St., a bit further away near the American Airlines Arena and W Hotel, to the McKinney St area, and also the Uptown area I think. Not sure what to think since that...
supposedly the downtown Ft Worth area has some walkable areas with bars/restaurants (Sundance Square) and there are condos/town homes near there, but after some initial research it seems that they have not been selling recently that much. are there any nice residential areas real close to downtown ft worth where one could find a nice house in my price range?
wouldn't want to commute more than 15-20 minutes. job is south of downtown, near intersection of I-35 and I-20.
thanks for the info. that sort of agrees with my initial impressions of what I've read so far. RE Dallas, I stayed there during the interview ands wasn't that impressed with the downtown area, so perhaps living further away isn't that big a deal, and I don't see myself as a happy camper driving too much for work, etc.
All, anyone here know much about Ft Worth, Texas? I have a job offer there and as part of the due diligence am going there next weekend to check out the real estate market firsthand, trying to assess what one can get in the 300-450k range. It seems like one option would be a nice downtown Ft Worth Condo/townhome, while another would be a nice house in the surrounding area (e.g., SW Arlington?), although I wouldn't want a commute more than 15-20 minutes so that narrows it...
Quote: Originally Posted by HRoi if you're too far from Detroit but close to Miami, the Miami Off 5th has the same stuff too. similar pricing. is that the one on Sunrise Blvd?
Thanks again to all for the advice. Had three interviews in all and ended up going with black shoes and tie #2 (wine color). Only mishap was that my first interview was at breakfast and after showering I realized that I hadn't packed my razor. Got one of those disposable razors from the hotel desk, and proceeded to do an awful shaving job with that which left several nicks. Fortunately they weren't that noticeable after waiting a bit. RE the dress of the...
David, thanks for the advice and of course the ties. For those of you that haven't check out Sam Hober ties I recommend them highly. RE statistics classes, yes, people usually struggle through them but often it's partially the instructor's fault since they often do not take the extra effort to make it interesting and connect it to to real world problems.
thanks for the advice. I wasn't thinking the pocket square could be a risk since it is a plain white square, but that is a good point that it should probably be lost to be safe. Looks like there is consensus on the black shoes. RE the tie, even though the maroon dotted tie is my favorite perhaps the first tie or the maroon grenadine are safer. I've actually never worn tie #1 (red w/ blue/white stripes) w/ my blue corneliani suit, usually wearing it w/ a charcoal...
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