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it was a local clothes shop that takes the measurements and sends them to Gitman Bros for the order. I had the cuff buttons moved to make them a bit snungger but still there is too long on the right. I'm not that worried about sleave length as that is easy to fix, buth rather more concerned about the overal fit. For comparison I have some Barba white label OTR shirits that are probably too tight in the shoulders but sill look pretty good overall. I'll post them...
Yes, was washed several times. Measurements were actually taken by a profesional. Shirt is from Gitman Bros. Seems to fit pretty good but I agree pics don't look so great.
comments on the fit of these pants much appreciated
Comments appreciated on this MTM shirt. I realize the right sleeve is too long, but other comments appreciated.
don't know them at all. started job recently and surprised I'm invited.
$50 too little?
Colleague at new job invited me to his daughter's bar mitzvah. Never been to one before. Is it standard to give a gift? If so, not sure what would be appropriate as I don't really know the guy nor his daughter. Gift card? The guy is well off. searched old threads and one thread came up but not much info.
hmm, it sounds like you weren't satisfied w/ the friends of friend and big companies route. what would you say is the main reason for the difference between them and your current advisor? lack of conflict of interest? her knowledge versus previous advisors?
Good point to ask who pays him and for what. I've been asking lots of questions and it seems like most of them are surprised by the questions, as I suppose most people don't ask many questions and just hand their money over. For Merril I was talking to the initial advisor that was assigned the call and asked why I was speaking to him in particular as opposed to anyone else. I also asked him how long he had been doing this and what his qualifications were. He was...
Yeah, I'm in the process of speaking to a few of the top firms now. Just trying to make sure I'm asking the right questions and making the right comparisons. I've read a bit about some of the priviate wealth options but unless I put all my assets towards them (which I'd rather not do at the start anyway) I'd be below most of the minimums. Regardless, whenever I think about the private wealth guys I think of Ponzi schemes, but I suppose there are many things to be...
New Posts  All Forums: