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Yes, was washed several times. Measurements were actually taken by a profesional. Shirt is from Gitman Bros. Seems to fit pretty good but I agree pics don't look so great.
comments on the fit of these pants much appreciated
Comments appreciated on this MTM shirt. I realize the right sleeve is too long, but other comments appreciated.
is there a big price difference between West End Alterations and J Michael's for simple stuff, say shirts buttons and length on odd slacks?
yeah, I know, sounds ridiculous but I only seem to have elbows in such position when I'm reading at desk so I can close the door in such situations and hence not be seen looking ridiculous. Of course I could learn to avoid said elboow position but that has been unsuccessful so far ....
All, I've lost a few shirts to holes in the left elbow due to learning elbows at desk at work. I seem to recall an old tailor once showing me some type of slip-on external elbow protector that could be ordered, it was round and hat an elastic band I think. Of course, at the time I thought it would just look stupid, but now that I've lost more shirts I'm willing to give it a try. Does anyone know where could get one online? My searches came up empty. Thanks, D
how would you describe the color? hard to tell in that lighting or maybe I'm going colorblind.
+1 as well. I have many Sam Hober ties and plan to buy more soon.
They have some up to 50% off. I've never purchased any of their shirts so don't know much about their quality. Currently all my shirts are "made to measure" from Nordstrum. Not the greatest but not bad for the price. My guess is that these would be around the same level? RE the collars, seems like there are many styles - which would be closest to a nice medium spread collar, similar to the Anderson Cooper type collar? BTW, not to get too much off topic, but...
for college student attire those clothes, although not my cup of tea, are probably ahead of the curve. don't overdo it trying to impress here either. college guys don't get laid b/c they dress well, they get laid b/c they are confident. the clothes will be more of a factor as you get older.
New Posts  All Forums: