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Just got Flusser's book Dressing the Man, and RE shirt cuff length it states that "If the hand can slide through the cuff opening w/o first unfastening it, the cuff's circumference is too large." Wouldn't this make it too tight for ones watch?
RE moving the buttons, note that there are fake button holes, so I assume that the buttons can't be moved?
I'm considering shortening the sleeves on the jacket below. If the last button is already 1 1/8" from the end, what is the max that one would shorten? Essentially, what is the minimal length that one should have from the last button to the end? http://www.styleforum.net/showthread...ght=corneliani
does anyone have a copy in good condition that they want to sell? With shipping it's $36.96 on Amazon.
what have you found at Marshalls for $399?
RE the pants, note that in the sideview the pants are still above the heel, and I like the pants to be relatively close to th heel. If I do the alteration should I have the tailor angle it accordingly or is that asking for trouble? I was initiallly worried that they might be too short! perhaps it's the way I'm standing .... when the swelling in my foot is completely down I'll try it on w/ two shoes! BTW, got the C&J Belgraves from Plal to go w/ this suit.
... seems kind of short ... is there more?
All, How does this suit look? Regular price was $1295 and I got it at around $1000 w/ discount at Saks. I recently broke my foot hence the one shoe, hopefully this doesn't mess up what the fit should look like. 1) jacket sleeve length? Is it too long? I was thinking so but it seems to look okay in the pick. I realize that it's a matter of personal preference too but I like to show some shirt cuff. Some showing in pic but I pulled the shirt sleeve down a bit. ...
I tried on a Zegna blazer at the local Zegna store the other day ... it's a Milano cut, color is Navy Blue w/ muted houndstooth (sort of a bit of black textured pattern w/ the blue) ... the salesman said the fabric is sartorial .... I couldn't find the description of this fabric on the main Zegna web site (e.g., along w/ trofeo, etc) .... what do people think of this cut and fabric? if it means anything to you, the fabric # is 652025 and style # is 124220 ... and the...
Bruno Magli size 11M US. Similar to the previous Florsheim post, bought these about 5 yrs ago and didn't get the right size. For these, however, toebox is fine but the length is not right. They seem to run small so this is probably a true 10.5 US. Asking $70? Worn maybe 10-15 times also.
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