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All, I saw a Ferragamo belt at Saks that's for around $170 USD ... I was reading some of the old threads on belts and it seems that the quality isn't always that great ... it's a reversable belt and I can also get it at 30% off ... but I noticed on plal.com that C&J belts are around $118 USD ... w/ the 30% discount is the Ferragamo belt a no-brainer or is the quality dubious enough to just go w/ C&J? thanks!
depending on shoe, size is anywhere from 11 - 12 and I usually prefer slightly big ... more recent purchase was a pair of Ecco shoes in Euro size 46 .. the 45 probably is the "true" size but I got the 46 ... presumably their Euro 46 runs US 12/12.5 ...
ps - why do you rec the 348 last? any models in particular? Looking at the catalogue on plal.com, what is the main difference between the handgrade and loafer categories? some of the models look very similar. what are monk shoes? is there a relative consensus that this is the best value for the $$ in the $400 range? what makes these better than a pair of Ferregamos in that range?
thanks for the info ... I'd prefer to not buy online if possible ... any suggestions for buying over the counter? I live in Miami so there is plenty of shopping but I haven't seen to much variety in shoes ... RE the Plal option for C&J's, you rec that over the C&J website?
all ... just bought some Corneliani suits and now need some nice shoes to go w/ them ... looking to spend 300-400 ... any advice on this price range? or should I go up 100 in price range to reap a significant difference in quality? tried on some Ferregamos that were nice for 400 but would like to hear people's opinions ...
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