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I've heard that proper suit care involves brushing before/after use, using a steamer to remove wrinkles, minimizing dry cleaning, and storage in canvas. RE steaming, I was checking out the jiffy steamers (J-2000 = $189 @ jiffysteamer.com). If they are so good and fast at removing wrinkles, should they also be used on shirts instead of ironing? Is there a risk of them causing shrinkage? comments appreciated.
RE the length of the sleeve buttons from the end of the sleeve, if I recall correclty Flusser's Dressing the Man recommends this length to be LESS than 1 inch ... do most people here agree w/ that recommendation?
I'm thinking of getting some Sam Hober solid ties in line w/ the rec's on http://asuitablewardrobe.dynend.com/...be-part-1.html However, on the Sam Hober web site the pics aren't that great for some of the ties. I was thinking of starting out w/ some basic solids, e.g., navy, pacific blue, burgundy, black, silver or charcoal, etc. I have olive/tanned skin. Any rec's for specific ties from the web site that SFers have?
I think he was suggesting the tighter sleeves so that the length is mentained w/ arm movement. I plan to move the buttons on most of my RTW shirts, so I suppose tha perhaps on the watch side I should not move the buttons as much?
Just got Flusser's book Dressing the Man, and RE shirt cuff length it states that "If the hand can slide through the cuff opening w/o first unfastening it, the cuff's circumference is too large." Wouldn't this make it too tight for ones watch?
RE moving the buttons, note that there are fake button holes, so I assume that the buttons can't be moved?
I'm considering shortening the sleeves on the jacket below. If the last button is already 1 1/8" from the end, what is the max that one would shorten? Essentially, what is the minimal length that one should have from the last button to the end? http://www.styleforum.net/showthread...ght=corneliani
does anyone have a copy in good condition that they want to sell? With shipping it's $36.96 on Amazon.
what have you found at Marshalls for $399?
RE the pants, note that in the sideview the pants are still above the heel, and I like the pants to be relatively close to th heel. If I do the alteration should I have the tailor angle it accordingly or is that asking for trouble? I was initiallly worried that they might be too short! perhaps it's the way I'm standing .... when the swelling in my foot is completely down I'll try it on w/ two shoes! BTW, got the C&J Belgraves from Plal to go w/ this suit.
New Posts  All Forums: