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interesing comments Roger. I also agree w/ Naaaate that many women dress very poorly ... it seems that many choose clouthes very unbecoming of their body type or perhaps they choose clothes for body types they aspire to ... does there exist someting like Flusser's Dressing the Man for women?
does anyone know of any good forums similar to Styleforum for women?
the peak lapel might be a little much for a job interview ...
I assume you're joking?
Anderson Cooper sported a vary sharp collar while on CNN last night ... it was a certain type of spread collar, but seemed a bit nicer than most ... anyone know if there is a particular name for that variant or where to find it in particular?
actually, only 1 of the 4 is double breasted ... those look nice. anyone have any experience w/ the fit of the Paul Smith SB blazers?
thanks for the advice. A couple weeks back I ordered 4 more Nordstrum's MTM shirts, all in the style of the white collar. The two collars above were the only "spread" collars that they offer (didn't like any of the others). Now I'm wondering if I should stick w/ the white collar or cancel the order (if possible). Is it that big a deal that the points aren't under the jacket lapel? Although I agree that I could do better, would people say that the white collar looks...
okay, I would appreciate advice on these two collars ... both shirts are Nordstrum MTM and I'm considering getting some more but am unsure on which collar to go with. I think they both look good, but the one on the white shirt doesn't have the collar points under the jacket as per Flusser. Then again, neither does the blue in the pic, but it is closer sometimes. The jacket is a 3-button. I think the blue collar looks sharp, but being a smaller collar might might...
... usually 41-42 ...
in general, is there a consensus on the quality of Brooks Broothers versus Ralph Lauren blue blazers in the $1000 price range?
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