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Just got some C&J Weymouth's and have a quick question. On one of the shoes, on the inside heel area, i.e., the back of the arch, there is a noticeable indentation or ripple. It makes a visible outline of a heel cup, whereas the other shoe is smooth in this area. Do people that have this shoes notice anything similar? Should I worry about it? Will the other shoe start looking similar one they are worn? Haven't worn them yet. sorry don't have a pic at the...
RE my body type, my body type is relatively athletic, so I'd like them to not be too tight in the thigh area ... RE what I'm looking for, I'm not exactly sure, but at least something that isn't too tight and I don't want to buy something that later I find out was a big waste of money ... any other suggestions from SE besides the Nudies? RE the Nudie Straight Seven, it looks good but I'm not too crazy about the design on the back pockets ...
thanks ... I'm about a 32-33 waist and 30 length ... relatively athletic build at 5'9" and 175 lbs ... RE fit looking for something comfortable but not too baggy ... would prefer to buy in store since I'd like to get it before a trip next week ... I live in Miami so I suppose many other stores are options ... any suggestions if I'm to avoid Macys and Nordstrums?
All, I've learned a lot by following the men's clothing section of SF but have not spent too much time following streetware and denim. Although I feel relatively confident buying suits, shoes, shirts, and ties, I can't say the same for jeans. In fact, I own only 1 pair of old Nautica jeans that are somewhat baggy. I'm going on a trip soon and would like to pick up a pair of jeans but don't have too much time for shopping or reading up. If my store options are...
hmm, wasn't aware of him, a google search turned up some discussion on AAAC as well. His bespoke suits are 4k. Wonder if it's "worth it". Any, he doesn't do alternations. Any rec's for a good tailor for alternations? I have a nice Corneliani suit that needs the pants altered and don't want to have it messed up by a bad tailor.
Does anyone know of a good Miami area tailor?
I've heard this a few times ... i.e., that one only puts the trees in for a day or so after wearing and leave the other shoes sans trees ... whereas others seem to own trees for every pair ... thoughts on this approach?
thanks ... is there a consensus on a particular one that is good for the 337 last? which do you use? I have some older cedar trees that I could use I guess but don't want to stretch them or increase creasing, etc.
just checked, right now the C&J trees are around $77 from plal.com. For the 337 last how important is it that I get these? I looked at some old threads that suggested that the epic might be a bit wide. ps - any suggestions for lighter trees for short travel?
All, I'm buying a couple more shoes from plal.com and was wondering if I should also get a couple of their shoes trees. They are a bit pricey at around 70 bucks, is it worth it, or should any regular cedar shoe trees do? I see in an old thread that cedarville epic shoe trees can be had for 20. Is there much of a difference between the C&J trees and these, i .e., are the C&J trees such perfect fit for C&J shoes, etc? thanks!
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