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okay thanks, lots of good info. any suggestions for places w/ latin music? places that might have a jazz band?
any suggestions on must-see clothing establishment in LA? searched some old threads and saw one suggestion to make an appointment to see shopthefinest.com. I'm not really in the market for anything in particular as I've just spent too much money on recent additions, but if there is a good bargain you never know. What I'm in most need of is a blue blazer of high quality. on some other old threads I saw some references to stores that carried C&J shoes, so that might...
okay thanks ... we'll actually be staying in santa monica ... any suggestions for cool lounges in santa monica, e.g., on the promenade or further down on main street. are there any bars/lounges of note in Melrose nowadays? Hollywood? Westwood? For the three nights perpahs we'll hit a different area each night.
... it seems the fit is diferent w/ the Weymouth's since it's a full length cut, whereas both the Belgrave and the Audley have a cut that is similar ... For me at least, this resulted in the Weymouth having much more room in the instep (arch) area than the Belgrave (havent' received the Audley yet). Whereas the Belgrave is snug against my foot, I could push the instep area of the Weymouth w/ my finger and notice the extra space ... I'm guesssing that over time that this...
RE my bar scene, a bit on the upscale side as opposed to the dive bar, live music is always a plus ...
is that a rec for the Dresden?
... didn't see these replies ... I ended sending them back and will get the brown Audley instead. Although I really like the look of the Weymouths, the fit in UK 10E didn't seem as good as the fit I got w/ the same size in my black Belgraves, so I'm going w/ the brown Audley since it seems like the fit will be better ...
... will be in LA w/ the girlfriend Thurs - Sun ... any suggestions of cool bars to check out? not into the club scene, thinking more along the lines of lounge/bar that might have decent music? cool place for latin music also? anyone been to The Derby?
just searchd for them online and they dont' seem out of the price range ... Nordstrum's apparently has them as well ... any others rec these?
okay, I'll check out Barneys as it looks like they have a wide selection ... e.g., R&B, Earnest Sewn, 7, Citizen .... any rec's on the options available there? Other comments on 7's? I'll also call up the online options but I'm a bit worried about getting the right fit, although it would be nice to get the SF discount from these options
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