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C&J Savile. Which one do you like and why? Supposedly the two-tone effect for each pair is strong but I don't really notice it in the pics. for comparison an Audley w/ a two-tone effect is displayed as well (right shoe toe and side). FYI, I don't like the two-tone effect and am leaning towards the darker Savile. I think I will pass on the Audley.
w/ the soft construction clothes would have a higher chance of getting wrinkled, no? For carry-on I prefer the standard carry-on size Samsonite ... not too expensive and decent qualityi ... lots of pockets in and out too ... but as the previous member said, if you really like it go for it ...
not a great shoe IMHO ... maybe okay for casual kicking around but I'm not a fan of that style ...
guy on the right looks particularly grumpy
nice pics
you can get a nice Cornelinai for that price ... IMHO another dark blue is always good ... check to see when they are in town for a trunk show to increase your selection options
the ones on the left look reallly nice
... pants look bulky .
+1 RE the comments on C&J versus Zegna ... when I was in a similar position I almost bought some Ferragamo's and am very happy that I didn't +1 on the Savile as well ...
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