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price drop to $200 plus shipping ... last call before I post on Ebay ... anyone interested? edit: actually, didn't realized that there isn't a notification for PM's ... just checked and apparently SFers' have been PMing me about the shoes for the last month! I'll put the price back to the 250 for now ...
I've lived in both LA and Miami. Miami gets it hands down, especially per capita. Miami is essentially the captial of latin american, so if you are into latin women you have the best of all latin countries in one locale. if you are into blondes then go elsewhere.
I have about 1.25 incheas on mine as well ...
not my cup of tea either ... not too pleasing to the eye IMHO
I don't think I have it but I can get it from plal.com if you want it ...
The shoe trees are brand new, and I think cost close to $80 USD ... I wasn't planning on selling them but if that will tilt the sale I can throw them in at a discount ... probably not as much a discount since there is no wear on the shoe trees ...
thanks, I guess it's just a matter of someone with that size needing them in their rotation. I'm in no huge hurry so I'll leave them hear for awhile before putting them on ebay.
Given that they will last many years, this is still low no? I guess there would be a slight difference if they had only been worn 1-2 times, and that's why I'm asking more than $200 less than purchase price.
teddieriley, your measurement estimate is accurate ... I just measured length to be somewhere between 12 1/2 and 12 5/16, and with to be somewhere between 4 1/8 and 4 1/4.
okay, thanks all for the input, I'll leave the price at $250 USD or best offer for now, and will try and take measurements tonight.
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