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Hmm, if they are mis-sized I suppose I don't have many options at this point except try to stretch them? It's enough of a difference to be annoying, especially after I bought the first pair and obtained a perfect fit and was expecting the same for the second pair of a different color. If there is such variation then online buying is very difficult.
yes, they are on the same last and same size. RE the leather, hmm, since it's the same shoe shouldn't the type of leather used be the same?
I have two pairs of the C&J Savile, one in black and one in brown, both size UK 9.5E. I've had both for several months and wear them 1-2 times a week. The black seems to fit perfect, while the brown is still slightly tight in the width. Or perhaps my foot seems to sit in a better spot in the shoe in the black. the length is identical. Is it possible that there is a noticeable difference in width for the same shoe size? Should I try to have a cobbler stretch the...
from what I've heard steam cleaners are best for suits ... not that great for shirts
RE the lapel roll, how does one ensure that this is maintained when one has a suit pressed or dry cleaned (which I know shouldn't be done too often)? Do good dry cleaners know what to do or does it need tdo be emphasized?
yes, that would be yours truly. It looked too good to pass up. Will let you guys know how it turns out. Ironically, I'm in Dublin at the moment and a local store (Browne Thomas) has a big sale (50% off selected items) and I came close to picking up a Zegna suit in the "micronosphere" (sp) fabric, but the fit seemed differnt than the 52's I've tried on in the states, didn't sit quite right on the shoulders (tight), perhaps different for the European market. ...
pm sent on Corneliani
pm sent
thanks Doc ... yeah, I'm with you on the gold buttons, I'm leaning against them, but it seems most blue blazers come with them ... but I suppose it's not hard to swap them out ... is this what you did? If so where did you get the mother of pearl or horn buttons?
thanks for the info, I'll check out the article. I was looking at some old threads and saw some discussion on Paul Stuart blazers .... they have some on their website for $898 .... is anyone have an opinion on the quality and value?
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