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Opinions on this suit much appreciated. I've tried on a 52 Isaia sport coat before that fit well, although I'm not sure of its cut nor of this one (presumably they have three types of cuts: A, B, and C?). Also, it's listed as a 3 button jacket so I assume that the third button is very high on this one, i.e., 3 roll 2.
yeah, and if it doesn't fit a return is not accepted even if you pay for shipping both ways .... too risky ...
opinions on this suit on ebay? It's a bit hard to make out the true color from the pics. anyone seen this in person? Is 33 inches really a doable 42R length?
Okay, didn't hear back from any of those original PMs that I'd missed so I'll put the price back down to 200 plus shipping. Anyone interested?
congrats on the move. I took drum lessons from the age of 8 to 18, then gave it up as I went to college, then grad school, then the working world. Two years ago, after not even touching a drum stick for almost 15 years, on a whim I bought some sticks and a pad. At first I could barely remember how to even hold the sticks, but then after about an hour things strangely started to click. I eventually bought a new drum kit and now play as a hobby and have actually gotten...
Going to Vegas this weekend. Search the old threads and didn't see a whole lot of info RE: 1) places to find good deals on say a blue blazer (800-1200 range) 2) cool night spots where there isn't a cover and there is good eye candy thanks
not familiar w/ options in PB, but RE Miami the options include the shops at Bal Harbor where there is a decent Saks and several name designer stores including Brioni and Zegna. There is also a mall in Coral Gables called the Village at Merrick Park that has a good Neiman's and several designer stores, but Bal Harbor is probably a better bet. If you are into Italian shoes, there is a store on the second floor of the Bal Harbor shops that seems to have a good selection...
I've had decent luck w/ Nordstrums "made-to-measure" shirts. You essentially choose the cut as "tailored" which is a slimmer fit, specify sleeve length and neck size, and have choice RE cuff buttons, shirt pocket or not, collar type, and one or two others. the fabric is from Alumo or Cancini. Price is usually around $140 and up, but a couple weeks ago I got two at $99 during the Anniversary sale.
... suit arrived last week but had to return it as the fit was way off. Too tight in the shoulders and arm holes weren't right either. Was surprised since I've tried on a couple Zegna's at Neiman's which were presumably the Milano cut in the same size. oh well. the fabric seemed very nice though.
yeah, it's the same model. At first I thought it was just in my head, but every time I wear the brown I notice it.
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