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Price drop
Price Drop: now $50 42R Hugo Boss Tan Suit, Super 100s, 3 button. No damage, a couple years old, worn 8-12 times. $75 --> $60 --> $50 --> $45 -->$35 plus shipping CONUS. Unvented jacket, single pleat pants. Measurements: P2P: 22 Shoulder: 18.75 BOC length: 31 Sleeve: 25 (2 to let out) Waist: 16.75 (a couple inches to let out) Inseam length: 29.75 (1.75 to let...
Gents, FS 42R Corneliani Super 120s Charcoal Suit. Workhouse suit, very nice and in excellent condition, no damage. $99 plus shipping. Priced for quick sale. Paypal. Measurements: Length (BOC) 31.5 Shoulders: 18.75-19 P2P: 22 Sleeves: 25 (looks like there is a couple inches to let out) P2P: 22 Waist: 17 across (my waist is 33) Inseam: 29-30 (2.75 to let...
how is the fit versus the UK 9.5E in the 337 last?
Does anyone know how the fit of the Zegna shoes compares to a C&J in size UK 9.5E on the 337 last? And, who makes them?
does the Emsley fit similar to C&J UK 9.5E on the 337 last, e.g., Audley, Belgrave? If not, do any of the others?
agreed. if we're going to pay a premium there shoukld be a noticiable difference (in the postive direction).
the Gitman shirt could definitley be taken in a bit in the chest and waste and obviously on the sleeves. I'm 5'9" and 175 lbs with 33" waist. The Barba shirt is actualy a tad tight in the shoulders and chest, although it first relatively well and looks nice it is not extremely comfortable.
... and here is a pair of Zegna pants that should be my best fitting pants.
You guys have me thinking now. I don't think (hope) they look that bad as mentioned above, but perhaps I just don't realize it. RE the comments, my waist is only 33" and I'm 5'9" 175 lbs. For comparison, I'll post two more pairs that I _think_ are good fitting pants. Here is the first, Isaia pants that go w/ a suit.
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