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Thanks, that's an interesting suggestion. Could perhaps be the "best of both worlds". Perhaps I could have my rent as $1 also to eliminate the corporate income on that front. In this case the house is already purchased and owned as an individual so it might be tricky to do the switch.
All, I would appreciate it very much if insight could be offered on the questions below. I will also ask an accountant but want to hear a variety of opinions first. Suppose one buys a duplex that has two sides that are 1/3 and 2/3 of the total size. Option A: Live in duplex as primary residence (1/3 side) - Repairs made on rental size would be tax deductible. - 2/3 of general house renovations (e.g., roof) would be tax deductible. - 1/3 of mortgage interest would be...
good point RE the perfect fit to the data. Portfolio optimization problems are well-defined and the hard part is the estimation of the inputs, viz., the covariance matrix and the expected returns of the universe of investment choices. How are you estimating the covariance matrix? If you are estimating it with the sample covariance matrix then that is a sign that you guys still have some homework to do. RE leveraged ETFs, hopefully you guys also know that these are...
yeah, I ordered mine over the phone. I had them resole a pair of Saviles that will be ready next week so they'll ship them together to save me the extra shipping cost. Anyone else make an order?
That is the price for the C&J Seymour which is handgrade. I think some of other handgrade and benchgrade models are also on sale.
Gents, Crockett and Jones NYC is has a sale through tomorrow on certain soon-to-be discontinued models such as the Seymour ($620). Ask for Kevin when calling and say Dave sent you. He gave me a little more of a price break. Cheers 7 W 56th St (between 5th Ave & Avenue Of The Americas) New York, NY 10019 Neighborhood: Midtown West (212) 582-3800
Price drop
Price Drop: now $50 42R Hugo Boss Tan Suit, Super 100s, 3 button. No damage, a couple years old, worn 8-12 times. $75 --> $60 --> $50 --> $45 -->$35 plus shipping CONUS. Unvented jacket, single pleat pants. Measurements: P2P: 22 Shoulder: 18.75 BOC length: 31 Sleeve: 25 (2 to let out) Waist: 16.75 (a couple inches to let out) Inseam length: 29.75 (1.75 to let...
Gents, FS 42R Corneliani Super 120s Charcoal Suit. Workhouse suit, very nice and in excellent condition, no damage. $99 plus shipping. Priced for quick sale. Paypal. Measurements: Length (BOC) 31.5 Shoulders: 18.75-19 P2P: 22 Sleeves: 25 (looks like there is a couple inches to let out) P2P: 22 Waist: 17 across (my waist is 33) Inseam: 29-30 (2.75 to let...
how is the fit versus the UK 9.5E in the 337 last?
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