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Are the EG Chelseas sized 10/10.5E or 9.5/10E? Thanks!
Available for sale are my exquisite Sid Mashburn by Alfred Sargent Brogue Wingtips in size 10.5 US D Width.   They come in the beautiful Autumn Brown color that Sid Mashburn has come to be known for in his double monks and wingtips.  I purchased these shoes about a year and a half ago and have worn them sparingly.  I loved them in the store but unfortunately, they were not my cup of tea after bringing them home and wearing them several times.  They have been kept in the...
Up for sale are my beautiful Edward Green Shepton shoes in size 10/10.5E on the 888 last.  They come in the classic Dark Oak Antique color.  I purchased these shoes about a year ago, worn them approximately 10 times, have heel and toe taps already applied, and have otherwise babied them.  Unfortunately, they sit in my closet far too often and need to go to a good home where they will get some use.  The shoes are in beautiful like new condition and are not subs or seconds. ...
Half size too small or else they would be mine!!
How would you characterize the weight of #3?   Thanks. that purple or navy?   Great looking stuff!
Up for sale are my Sid Mashburn Wingtips made by Alfred Sargent Size 10.5 US.  They are a five-eyelet blucher with a storm welt and double leather sole. Bench-made in England using Goodyear welting and over two hundred operations.   I admired these shoes from afar for years, was lucky enough to receive them as a present from my wife last spring, but unfortunately have learned that my admiration of them on the shelf did not translate to love on my foot.   Worn...
Can you post Lobb sole pics?  Do you have Lobb trees availble for them as well?
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