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Thanks for recommending some brands! He falls in between the sleek and classic styles, but definitely prefers a good fit. He won't just pick any suit (I give him a little credit ), he wants that slim look to it.
He's not much of an internet guy so he wouldn't even think to come browsing through forums for this kind of information. I work with Styleforum as an Editorial Assistant so I figured I'd go straight to the horse's mouth about this stuff!  You guys know your ****.   He has a navy suit, but it's old and he needs a fresh start with a great neutral, go-to suit. But I agree, I think he should stick with a navy suit, but a much better one that will last longer. Thanks for...
My boyfriend is looking for a new decent suit (we have a wedding to attend at the end of the month) but isn't sure where exactly to go. He wants to look sharp and fitted, and he's a relatively slender guy so he could definitely pull off a more fitted suit. Any suggestions of where to go? What's everyone's favorite go-to suit?   Thanks!
Hey everyone!   Now that summer is winding down for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, I was wondering what the must-have items are for your Fall/Winter wardrobe?   Personally, my favorite piece for the colder weather is a sharp peacoat. And I think a guy shouldn't start the season without a good leather jacket and some kick-ass boots. I also think pairing a leather jacket with a shirt and tie looks incredibly suave, but I've only ever seen that in magazine...
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