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Thanks!  I'm learning!
Also, given that this will be a Fall wedding, is a linen PS and silk tie "acceptable?"  - Jay
  I suppose you're right.  Thanks for the tip!  One more question...what a bout a white, color tipped linen square?  And if so, should the color match a color somewhere on my suit?  Or am I pushing it with a tipped PS?  - Jay
Okay...another question.  What pattern would go best with a plaid tie?  I couldn't find many examples.  Also, if I'm wearing a dark grey suit with a white shirt and this tie, what pocket square would go best?  I want to look sharp for my bride and I'm tired of always wearing white pocket squares, so any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  The silk tie, if you can tell, has orange and rust colored stripes along with the white and dark grey stripes on grey background....
Okay, I need some help here...  I have a plain rust colored pocket square that will work well with this tie, my lighter charcoal suit and a classic, white dress shirt but I'm looking for other suggestions to spice it up a little.  This is for my wedding, so I'd like to stick to our colors which are fall type colors...hence the tie I purchased.  Rust oranges, olive greens, browns, etc.  What do you all think?   I just don't know what works well with this color combination...
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