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That shirt is real. I can tell. I know it's real.
I thought we all agreed it was fake 
  Because it had a dude on a horse instead of a crocodile on it. All real ones have the alligator...err...I mean crocodile 
Haha jk it's fake
It's real. I mean...LOOK at the pixels. The pixels clearly show it's real. 
I brought the topic of measurements up in another thread, but wouldn't mind more discussion. I just bought a 40R Hickey Freeman that was listed with shoulders of 19.5" and BOC length of 31", but when I received it and measured it, I got 19" for the shoulder and 30.5" for the length. Now I'm looking at a 40R Paul Stuart suit on ebay made by Southwick with a shoulder measurement of 18" and a length from the bottom of the collar of 32". That seems to be quite narrow and...
    Either your sarcasm detector is off or mine is, I can't tell . Stupid internet.... 
Step 1. Create a couple of different outfits representing increasing levels of formality Step 2. Arrive really early with outfits from Step 1 and wait inconspicuously in your car (or aloof if no car) - Bonus points for having a pretend phone conversation to make yourself look busy/important if people see you Step 3. Observe what people are wearing as they arrive Step 4. Choose outfit based on Step 3 Step 5. Profit     Duh
  I agree with this. A medium gray would stand out nicely from the groomsmens' black. 
Thank you both for the information. I'll have to tweak my ebay strategy a bit. Especially since I just received my first ebay purchase today (40R Hickey Freeman) which the seller listed the shoulders at 19.5" and I measured it at 19" even. 
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