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Friend recently commissioned me to take a panoramic of Chicago from the West. Here's what I came up with:
TOJ Guys, I sent an email about this the other day, but didn't receive a response back. I was wondering how you guys felt about a store owner getting in contact with you?   Last week I was shopping in a small boutique called Gallery Aesthete in Chicago while wearing my 4zip calf MDR. The owner said she loved the jacket and started asking a bunch of questions about it.  Apparently, she's been looking for a place to buy a few good motorcycle jackets. I told her about...
Sorry for the double post.
I just received my calf 4zip MDR this week. It's a lot tighter in the shoulders than I was expecting, so I'm trying to break it in and stretch it so it sits better. Would love to know what you guys think.   Here's a quick initial fit pic: [[SPOILER]]
Hey Guys- Do the Band of Outsiders Basic Oxfords shrink much in the wash? Even if I don't dry and wash in cold water? If I don't wash often will they break in? Also, is there a big differences between their sizes?    I usually fit great into the BoO size 2 and I recently bought a blue basic oxford online, but when it came in I noticed it was much tighter than the previous size 2's I've tried on. I'm afraid that if this shrinks or I gain any more weight (doing a TON of...
That's a crazy price!! Please tell me where you picked these up?? I'm in Chicago and have been looking for Wolverines on sale!  
Don't think this has been posted yet, but Haberdash Men in Chicago is having 1/3 off for Cyber Monday. Includes: Gitman Vintage, Grenson, L.B.M. 1911, Baldwin, and other stuff.   https://korvue.haberdashmen.com/
Just showed my GF pics of the women's BCDR and she loved it. She says quilted anything is great, but she thinks this one looks totally awesome. 
My birthday is this month too! I know it's wishful thinking, but it would be SOOO awesome if I could rock my MDR for my 30th. 
Wow. After seeing that dark brown goat DR Lorcan posted it makes me second guess my choice of black calf MDR. That goat looks divine.
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