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I wish Drew would release something special near the end separate from that collab he mentioned. TOJ can't end like this.
I got my Daypack yay!!! I got it this morning and no tracking number. This bag is just amazing, the quality is top notch just what you would expect from TOJ. It's got some weight but I think its because of the thick leather and suede used. The size is just perfect, I could probably fit my 13inch mac, iPad mini, one textbook and a sweater without putting to much weight in the bag.  
not sure if it was charly. but it mentioned about Sally/Daniel being the ones who suppose to email the tracking numbers.
Spoke to someone from the TOJ HQ via email just then and apparently all the Daypacks were sent and they just haven't emailed all the tracking numbers out yet. just thought I would share it.
Any news about the Daypack are they nearly finish? the semester is about to end lol.
Any new about the Daypack?
Pre-ordered the Daypack and I'm down with the Calf skin change.
TOJ0 2013 is now available and i can't decide which one to get. TOJ0 or MA-1?  thinking of MA-1 because its more classic and badass but TOJ0 is TOJ's first product which i don't have. asdfghjk    .also need to make space in my closet.
Sorry if this have been asked before. but will the price for the Black Lamb MA-1 be the same as the other full leather jacket? $735 
Got my CWU-45/P today and I'm happy with the quality of it. The fit is just right with enough room for layer, though i wish the ribbing used were the same as the TOJ1.  
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