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GB perished in an electrical fire. It went down in a sparking inferno of chaos and flames, a fitting death for the most retarded (and hilarious) message board in history. It was sorely missed but it was time for a newer, more mature style. Now most work can be found on ampprod.com/community
Quote: Originally Posted by HomerJ I don't remember where I heard this but I thought there was a case where it was ruled that the engagement ring is given in exchange for her promise to marry you, almost like a contract. If you never got married, then the honorable (and I'm guessing legal) thing to do would be to return the ring to you. For 7k it would be worth consulting a lawyer if she came back for it. Now if you turn around and sell that ring,...
I believe this falls under "Family Law"...what does he specialize in?
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing I usually carry it in a jacket or not carry it at all if it cause an unsightly bulge. In fact, I never carry anything in my pants pockets. I'm the same way. If I have to I carry a wallet in my back pocket. Otherwise it goes into a jacket or just one hand.
I've found Guidettes to be a pretty good time. They're usually really hot and they love to party. Obviously not good for dating but you can't fault a woman for looking good and wanting to throw coke up her face.
The ring was $7000. Regardless of opinion and the honorable thing to do, I'm curious what the legal aspects are. She gave it back, thus it's mine. We still live together (this just happened) but stay in 2 seperate rooms. If I get home tonite and that ring is gone, that's gotta be theft. She can't reclaim ownership. or so i think
I recently started into the AA program after about 10 years of heavy drinking and substance abuse. There is no real 'checklist' for addiction. Nothing that determines "If you do activity A this many times, you're an alcoholic." But I will tell you that it sounds like you drink quite a bit and have expressed concern for yourself over this more than once. The fact that you engage in this behavior and question it at the same time should be a clear sign to you. If you think...
I have a question on this topic: I was engaged to my fiancée and after a few months, she broke off the engagement. I asked for the ring back from her and she returned it to me. Now, a few days later, she is demanding it back. I'm under the impression that if no marriage occurred, she broke the engagement, and she willingly returned it, the ring is mine. Do I have anything to worry about here? If so, what is my next plan of action?
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