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I agree 100%. With my super duper monkey arms and height, MTO leather jacket from WvG is seriously a dream for me.  EDIT: I'm literally drooling over the thought of an asymetrical zip cafe racer in brown with this diamond quilting. I don't think there's a limit on what I would pay for a jacket like that that would fit me. -
@luxire any chance of sourcing a natural or brown chambray? Or any selvedge chambrays or other shirting fabrics? Or any non blue chambrays?   I think those would be a huge step in diversifying from a primarily CDB demographic. And I would personally buy pretty much anything in that category ;)
Seriously? How?
I just want a knit blazer with monkey arms (plus a few inches) and a 48" chest size    Please Mauro, you're my only hope! 
Sorry for the double post but we have a definitive answer.   LUXIRE CMT PRICES   Shirt - $59.99 Trousers - $69.99 Jacket - $550 2 Piece Suit - $600   Any further questions about specific situations, an e-mail to Luxire would probably be the best way to handle it.   Sources Shirt Trousers Jacket & Suit
I have a feeling that this is going to turn in to an unnecessary shit show.   I don't even care about CMT right now but I'm gonna search for an answer so we can get back to talking about awesome fabrics.
Any AD XL Monkey Arms chambrays floating around? Would a rewards member be able to add an inch or so of sleeve length to preorder shirts?
Are members able to MTM the knits? I would love some knits that fit my monkey arms! If they can, I will be immediately buying a membership. Also, got a response from Gina today taking care of my issue with the shirt. She is beyond awesome! Great customer service!
This would be great in a brown leather. Below is my ideal leather jacket. 
I hope it's MTM, or at least available in a monkey arms fit (plus 1 or 2 inches in arm length).   Just received my second order. They sent the wrong shirt. What I got is nice but not what I ordered. No worries though, I e-mailed Gina and I'm sure we'll figure it out!
New Posts  All Forums: