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The biker jacket rules. I would also like to see more pics.   Cost on a leather jacket? What leathers can you source currently?
The shoe offer is very tempting. My feet are somewhere around a 15E/16D. As you can imagine, finding shoes is very difficult. I'm sure I will eventually use Luxire for my shoes as well as my shirting and trousers. Just can't justify the purchase at this point.    Luxire - Do you currently have or will you have the capability to do boots? 
Mine is just a well organized Bookmarks folder in Chrome. Something on the site would be nice though. As an aside, has anyone had success translating a well fitting shirt pattern into a jacket or outerwear?
Seconded. This fabric looks beautiful. I'd like to see a red/black buffalo check in this scale and fabric as well.
I placed an order on December 2nd for one shirt and one pair of pants. Any chance of it being shipped this week? Or before Christmas? Normally I wouldn't ask but since you mentioned quick turnaround time, I thought I'd take the chance. And unfortunately I don't have my pattern nailed down yet (until the beforementioned package arrives) so I am hesitant to take advantage of this offer, as much as I would like to. Glad to see everyone else having fun though!
Any favorite olive chino fabrics?   I was thinking of going with the Fern Green Plain Chino - http://luxire.com/collections/pants-sorted-by-price/products/fern-green-plain-chino
Just placed my first order after a year+ of reading this thread every day!    1x Sky Blue Oxford 1x Soft Copper Twill Chino    Now the anticipation begins!!!!
I would love to know the answer to both if these as well!
Just sent an e-mail with a few questions! Really looking forward to the answers! :) Thanks! EDIT: I got a thorough response from Ashish within 5 minutes. I am extremely impressed.
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