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Awesome! Now my 6'10" self has a chance to get an awesome leather jacket! Any chance of quilting on the M1 (moto) being an option in the future?
So excited for the sweaters and chinos. Especially the olive herringbone and textured indigo.
Is the rewards/price structure/path e-mail coming today?
I'll call you when they're posted and we'll figure it out.
Ordered the Balboa in navy!   Looking forward to seeing the Explorer sweater in wool!   If you don't do a preorder for it, can we still MTO?
The sweatshirts and hoodies look awesome and are an absolute steal at member pricing.   Just e-mailed Mauro about MTO for the sweatshirt. I had my MTM/MTO terms mixed up, I just need longer arms and maybe a little longer body! So pumped! Especially if we're not paying until they go into manufacturing. 
I did the same.
Here's some fit pics of the last couple times I wore WvG stuff. Blue 70/30 linen/cotton popover and Blue Amunzen popover.    
New Posts  All Forums: