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Hahaha truuuuueee
If I weren't on my phone I'd post the drooling emoji.
Muuuuch better. Those PRL and Filson pants are cool. I'm a puffer vest addict. And the Rag & Bone x Target should be good $$. Those sold out faaaast.Edit: fixed the shitty quoting.
Soooooo nice my man. The standup collar is the illest.
J. Crew moon tweed is highly sought after. I've always wanted to find a waistcoat.Thrift fit from tonight. My girlfriend's uncle (Mitch Albom) had a book signing so we went to hang out for a minute. That's why I'm in a Barnes & Noble.Jacket - J. Crew M-65 thriftedCardigan - Pendleton thriftedWatch - Orient Thresher e-thriftJeans - GustinBoots - Gordon Rush e-thrift
Thanks. I'll keep an eye out. I'm just stoked that this one fits and is real comfy and wearable.Shawn, who runs Form Function Form hooked me up with this minty Orient Thresher, plus 2 FFF button studs (natural Chromexcel and #8 veg ran), 3 NATO straps, and the original bracelet. Real happy to have a white faced watch. I've been wearing a Blue Mako every day and I love it but this is sweet.
I'm on my phone otherwise I'd post a kissy face emoji
it's even more beautiful in person too! I'll try and get a picture in sunlight that captures the different colors. I might have to wait a few months until the sun comes out in Michigan.
Thanks homie. Wearing it today! It's real comfortable. I'll post a thrift fit later. I'm hoping Nataku will be able to weigh on if if it's anything significant/old.
A fucking awesome model
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