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Yes but they're rare! TBB usually has one or two each season. I've also seen them stocked at Westley Richards and Jack Straw.
Good sale on some SS16 (and FW15) on Westley Richards. Just picked up an olive cotton ripstop bedford (in XXL!!!) for ~$220 and a pair of fatigue pants in olive outback canvas for $112. 10% off coupon if you sign up for their mailing list.
Hopefully soon. Even though I'm subscribed to their mailing list, I've been checking the site multiple times a day. Really hoping they have a good selection in XXL. Got my eyes out for workshirts in an indigo chambray/denim and something white (preferably a tougher weave like oxford) and a Bedford in Olive doublecloth or a wool.
I think he's asking if there's a non green double cloth. I believe the answer is no, from what we've seen so far.
The mannequin is terrifying though.
This hat is great. What is it?
I'm sad there was no XXL
Still available. I could do $60 shipped here.
Price on just the jacket?
I have NWOT FW15 Tab Collar Shirt in White 100s 2 Ply Broadcloth. Size XL. $80 shipped in the US.I can post/send pictures if you're interested.
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