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Just sent an e-mail with a few questions! Really looking forward to the answers! :) Thanks! EDIT: I got a thorough response from Ashish within 5 minutes. I am extremely impressed.
@luxire would there be an upcharge if I requested a certain fabric to be used as lining and as pocketbags for trousers?
Damn that's it. Thanks! Has anyone ordered pants in Soft Copper Twill Chino? It looks great. 
Does anyone know what fabric this red and white one is? It looks nice and thick!  
Great. I will do this! Thanks a lot. For future reference, any other thick oxfords or flannels that are highly suggested? I'm gonna get a list going haha. I would love to see some super thick (8-12 oz) flannels. It looks like 5 oz is as heavy as I see on the site?
Alright that's the final straw...if people are getting orders shipped in 2 weeks, I'm making my first order tonight. I've read through this entire thread and I've been following it daily for close to a year. It's time. Recommendations for OCBD starter fabrics? I'm looking at Classic Blue Oxford or Warzone White Oxford. Those seems to be recommended. I'm looking for a gray but it looks like Classic Gray Oxford is sold out? Any thoughts?
I would be ecstatic about Luxire offering knitwear. Or any MTM knitwear for that matter. I'm 6'9" and knitwear is the final piece to the puzzle that I have yet to solve.
Those Bayfields...
Ahhhhhhh I lurked through every page of this thread over the past week and was waiting until I got to the end to decide on the GMTO now I'm here. I'm seriously considering the merlot EC but there's 2 things stopping me; I already have a stock EC, and my next boot will be a shell Dalton.  You guys are killing me ;)
Hahaha truuuuueee
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