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WOW this is fantastic.
How does the fit of the Walt trousers compare to the Rivet chinos?
Did I miss it?
Reeeeeally hoping for 40-42 waist pants. Unlikely though  
 There's never XXL stuff either! I see a ton of S on eBay and Grailed!
 Thanks for the feedback. I agree that the chelseas are a bit incongruous with the rest. I wear a very large size so my footwear choices are a bit limited. I have some 10" Red Wing moc toes that I'll ocassionally wear with these pants tucked (see below). Does that look better to you?   [[SPOILER]]     Thanks I completely forgot the napkin. It was so crazy to find a restaurant using 12 oz wool flannel napkins that I just had to keep it on.  Not only are my footwear options...
I agree that my footwear isn't the most congruous with my EG stuff. It's tough because I wear a large size (between 14EEE and 16D depending on the last and pattern) so most stuff isn't avilable in my size or is only available MTO with a large markup. I have some NEOC camp mocs in brown waxed flesh that could have been better with this fit. I also have Alden #8 shell LWBs and some OG GATS that I'll sometimes wear with EG stuff. I have some black mako shark chukkas that I'll...
EG FW12 CPO EG FW15 Button Shawl Apolis Meermin
FW12 CPO FW15 Button Shawl
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