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I placed an order on December 2nd for one shirt and one pair of pants. Any chance of it being shipped this week? Or before Christmas? Normally I wouldn't ask but since you mentioned quick turnaround time, I thought I'd take the chance. And unfortunately I don't have my pattern nailed down yet (until the beforementioned package arrives) so I am hesitant to take advantage of this offer, as much as I would like to. Glad to see everyone else having fun though!
Any favorite olive chino fabrics?   I was thinking of going with the Fern Green Plain Chino - http://luxire.com/collections/pants-sorted-by-price/products/fern-green-plain-chino
Just placed my first order after a year+ of reading this thread every day!    1x Sky Blue Oxford 1x Soft Copper Twill Chino    Now the anticipation begins!!!!
I would love to know the answer to both if these as well!
Just sent an e-mail with a few questions! Really looking forward to the answers! :) Thanks! EDIT: I got a thorough response from Ashish within 5 minutes. I am extremely impressed.
@luxire would there be an upcharge if I requested a certain fabric to be used as lining and as pocketbags for trousers?
Damn that's it. Thanks! Has anyone ordered pants in Soft Copper Twill Chino? It looks great. 
Does anyone know what fabric this red and white one is? It looks nice and thick!  
Great. I will do this! Thanks a lot. For future reference, any other thick oxfords or flannels that are highly suggested? I'm gonna get a list going haha. I would love to see some super thick (8-12 oz) flannels. It looks like 5 oz is as heavy as I see on the site?
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