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Rider, thanks for all the detail, we'll see what happens when the shoes arrive.
I had been eagerly waiting for the Alden trunk show coming to Denver for the past 6 weeks, and now that it's come and gone I'm rather disappointed. I've never owned Aldens before, and the salesman at Homer Reed Ltd mentioned the trunk show and the rep that would be out that could help fit me in the different lasts.  Well, the rep brought out most models (not the monk straps), but as far as the selection for trying on he only had sizes in the Copley last Flex Welts, and...
I work for a software company in Denver (Greenwood Village actually) and am wondering about silk trousers and when they can be worn -- or if in the words of Nancy Reagan, "just say no". What seasons/occasions are appropriate, and not just for light colored trousers, but for navy, olive, etc? I see Tommy Bahamas and others that I like, but I'm not sure if it's just something else I need to get over. I don't really take my cues from the office, or I'd be content with...
shoefan, thanks for taking the time to share the notes from your great tour experience. /richard
Quote: bengal-stripe wrote There is an easy way to find out, whether a shoe is hand- or machine-welted. (The hand-welted shoe has a feather cut into the underside of the insole, while the machine-welted shoe has a linen strip glued on.) Pardon the remedial question, but is there a real quality/longevity/etc advantage to hand-welting, or is it more of a personality, old world craftsmanship, etc issue? thanks, /richard
Quote: I don't think it would be a problem to remove the pocket from a brand new shirt. Once washed the needle holes should close up and once pressed any outline should disappear... I've wondered about this myself.  I'll give it a try on one of my shirts that I'm not too attached too. /richard
Spread or buttondown collar and barrel cuffs -- casual software environment, and never wear a jacket. I absolutely despise shirt pockets, and despair over the great selection of ready to wear shirts with pockets and the seemingly limited choices for pocketless -- time to try some MTM shirts. /richard
I personally won't do it, and find it a bit cheesy.  Retailers that charge retail or close to it have the costs of the store front, inventory, (presumably) knowledgable sales staff, etc.  For somebody to go in and tie up a sales person knowing full well they're not going to buy anything is wrong. Included in the price of the retailers shoes is the service, and in this scenario you're essentially stealing (perhaps "taking advantage of" is gentler) that service. If...
I did search this forum, and came across a "The World of Shoes" link which Mr. Harris pointed out was "Roetzl's Gentleman and Handmade Shoes For Men by Laszlo Vass" I also appreciated the pictures in Mr. Harris' recent Vass thread.  However, I'm after a website that does not have to be translated, and goes into details of how shoes are constructed, explains the various welts, etc. many thanks, /richard
I've gone to the same stylist for years, and beginning this year the cost went from $18 to $21.  With the tip it comes to $25 every 3 weeks -- more than worth it for the shampoo / scalp massage alone. /richard
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