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Pierre Hardy  
Speaking of fragrances:   Apparently, Mr.Owens is teaming up with Maison Francis Kurkdjian for a fragrance release. Not many details available right now. I wonder if it will smell like leather, beat up Geos, and deer antlers.
No Moo. When you wear Green Irish Tweed we all wear Green Irish Tweed. We all do.
Marketing my brother! They say it is supposed to evoke the smell of the interior of a new Aston Martin. I will be smelling like that while driving my hoopty.
Purchased Puredistance M today  
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   Dude's got one hell of a noggin'   He looks like a cross between Chad Kroeger and the Geico caveman.    
Cartier Roadster. I think this one is underrated.
I haven't really been wowed by Del Toro, however, I kind of like these: 
I had a dream about a Tim Coppens jacket last night. What the hell is wrong with me?
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