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Bois du Portugal  
Skip past Ronnie Coleman lifting in this video and watch old ass Roy out deadlift a lot of you guys:  
Cinzia Araia  
I had the high top version of those in platinum size 44. They were about 1/2 size large for me, mainly due to the volume of the shoe in the vamp area (tall). I fit 45 in Margiela, 44 in Lanvin, 44 in CP, 44 in Rick.
Dude, I can drop from 265 to 259 after I take one shit.
Half Scotch-half Asian?  
A couple of pairs of dorkshadows, Berlin cut  
Filling Pieces ( These may be below the $300 mark)  
Accidentally? Sure.....okay. You know you be trying to impress Julie from high school with your juiciness.
He was just adding a little extra testosterone to your pecs from direct skin to skin contact.
New Posts  All Forums: