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Pierre in watersnake today  
Gotta love that edgy TJ Maxx dressing room pic baby!
I've never owned any Vandals. From what I can tell, these fit true-to-size. I am a 44 in most sneakers, and these are spot on in a 44. Sole length appears to be about the same as a CP sneaker minus the annoyingly and uncomfortably tapered toebox of a CP. The Rafs have a rounder toebox profile with wiggle room for your toes.
I buy stuff and then sell it for less than what I paid for it. Does that make me Willy Wonka status when it comes to flipping?
Your comment needs more stackz. THIS WHOLE DAMN FORUM NEEDS MORE STACKZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Snake     SNAKE     SNAAAAAAAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
There is no such thing as random fits. Only fits whose strings have yet to be vibrated into "existence."   Pluck those strings Classter. Pluck them plenty.
I think that is the whole point. Muthafuckas gotta know you be on that Givenchy tip.
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