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You are in the wrong forum. See your way to the "Non-baller sneaker thread" please.
UV shielding eye protection system  
Stitches jumpshot=perfect form
I actually really enjoy Oud 27. Something about it reminds me of purple Kool-Aid. 
DIaghilev for today
Raf     Close-up shot. Canvas is crazy, shiny, metallic  
Pierre in watersnake today  
Gotta love that edgy TJ Maxx dressing room pic baby!
I've never owned any Vandals. From what I can tell, these fit true-to-size. I am a 44 in most sneakers, and these are spot on in a 44. Sole length appears to be about the same as a CP sneaker minus the annoyingly and uncomfortably tapered toebox of a CP. The Rafs have a rounder toebox profile with wiggle room for your toes.
New Posts  All Forums: