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Worn outside twice. Zero wear to the outsoles. Upper consists of metallic canvas, holographic, and patent leather panels. Rubber outsole, fully leather lined. These are USED sneakers so please, don't expect perfection. For sizing reference, I am a 45 in Margiela, 44 in CP, 44 in Rick Owens, and 44 in Lanvin and these fit me perfect.   I only accept PayPal for payment. I will absorb the fees. Shipping via UPS (in original box with an outer carton) is included in the...
And that's where the back tightness comes into play. If you aren't really really ready and stable on un-rack, you might as well re-rack and start over. Shit happens to me when I'm pushing for a 1RM. First thing that happens when I break form is hips shoot up, and I halfway good morning that shit.
Looks like a fine example of a low-bar squat to me. I see nothing wrong with it, except for maybe a little more upper back tightness before the unrack which would have probably helped on the ascent.
Adidas Pure Boost M      
Pair of Island Dunks in a 45.5 black/white on Gilt for $399. Paging Kunk
Clarks trigenic:  
Go black/milk on the geos and all black on the rickdidas.
Italian Cypress from Mr.Ford
The pictures are pretty blurry but, the signature on the sole is supposed to raise up from the surface. The signature on the inside looks wrong too, as does the zipper. I don't know if these things have changed from season to season though.
Nice plain off white gat with a touch of holo  
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