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I buy stuff and then sell it for less than what I paid for it. Does that make me Willy Wonka status when it comes to flipping?
Your comment needs more stackz. THIS WHOLE DAMN FORUM NEEDS MORE STACKZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Snake     SNAKE     SNAAAAAAAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
There is no such thing as random fits. Only fits whose strings have yet to be vibrated into "existence."   Pluck those strings Classter. Pluck them plenty.
I think that is the whole point. Muthafuckas gotta know you be on that Givenchy tip.
Can't go wrong with classic black/white leather. Cheapest I've ever seen, other than the occasional flash sale web site $600 unicorn, has been through Tres-Bien with VAT deduction. I paid full price at thecorner because I got tired of waiting for a pair to pop up in my size for cheap.
I play those Zara jeans in a bluegrass band.
Roja Dove Enigma Pour Homme 2day
I think they look okay, except for the sand bucket handle on the back.
New Posts  All Forums: