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Understand, and hopefully they can give you the sizing help you need. I'm just glad I don't face the same sizing challenges that you have.Good Luck!!
Nobody has hearded the cats, but if you go thru the thread you can pick out those that were interested. Granted some where different widths but it seems as though there should have been enough (3) on the same width.If someone hearded the cats I'm sure you should have enough.All MTOs I have participated in.and the one restock I participated in was 50 upfront and 50 before delivery. Also delivery fee at time of order, but this isn't much.
I would imagine @Leaves would be able to give you some good advice here.
I went with the same size, keep in mind I haven't received mine yet. However I believe that was @Leaves recomendation as well.
Skoaks pictures
Seriously this is what I would recommend. I would recommend that you take a look at a few brands of shoes to get a better idea for yourself what's out there. Certainly you may not initially understand why brand X cost more than $1000 when brand Y only cost $300 but it would certainly give you a better idea as to what's out there. Also you may find something that appeals to you and not just something that appeals to the person who made the recommendation. I would recommend...
By your post I gather your not willing to pay $600, but what are you willing to pay? Believe it or not there typically is a big difference between a $300 and a $599 shoe. If your willing to pay $599 I am more than likely going to recommend something that cost that much because personally I prefer all those things that come with a shoe that cost more. The better design, the sleeker Lasts, the better leather, the better soles, and generally better overall quality. Whether or...
Not sure how good Carmina typically is at handling this type of customer support, however this is one of the reasons I prefer going through a retailer.A retailer is focussed more towards customer relations where a manufacturer is more experienced with making the product and dealing with retailers.Personally I've heard nothing but good things about Carmina and hopefully your situation will be resolved soon.
Sounds as though, and based on recent posts @Leaves needs to get hot on this restock.It appears as my pair should clear customs on Monday. Fingers crossed.
The nature of a restock is that it has to be the same make up, yes this would be the same that was on their website.
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