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Nothing wrong with regards to having a prefference, however both shoemakers really do have a lot of great things to offer.
Actually I had the opposite opinion after receiving my St James II in TanKudu and Vintage Cedar Calf.
Unfortunately EG doesn't even publish their entire catalogue.
The thing is EG has a much larger catalogue with so many more possibilities. They also have a wider range of Lasts which vary more in shape than G&G Lasts.
 I like to think they look real good on the 888, but then again I also like my Malverns and Falkirks on the 82.
Oops, for some reason I missed that he was talking about different lengths.
That's odd since the only difference between those Lasts should be that the Toe Box is a bit more narrow on the TG73.
Now that's good day for sure.
 I own a pair of John Lobb William II. I went with a size 10 1/2 UK or 11 1/2 US. I also wear a size 11 E UK or 11 1/2 E US on all of the EG Lasts I own. 64, 82, 89, 202, and 888.
Thank you sir.
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