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It was odd as I had to sign for a Skoaktiebolaget delivery recently the first one ever, however the one after that I didn't have to sign for. Both were delivered via USPS. You should be able to check the tracking number to see if a delivery was attempted and I would expect a notice at the door as well.
Yeah, I really don't care for winters, but early fall isn't too bad. With my Dovers due to arrive within a week, I'll only have the Falkirks on order for now. So although I'm trying to be good, I'm already looking for the next one. LOL
Is this with the tan kudu @Leaves or a color very similar?
I hate being good.
Man, you have so many on order you forgot all about the Falkirks.
I think I like the idea of a kudu Arran even better than the lizard.
Finally I've found it, I've been looking for the star wars thread for months.
Yeah all suede, just doesn't do much for me.
I just like talking about it. The only person that might change my mind would be my wife and typically we'll both agree so that's generally not an issue.
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