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Anybody have any ideas as to which color Saphir polish works best on Vintage Cedar?
You got that right!!!
Absolutely, and I totally forgot about nightshade. Great color for sure.
Agree completely.
You did say CC.
Mahogany CC would be my recommendation.
Very nice, Congrats!!
Personally I thought these looked pretty good as well.
Does anybody know what the difference is between the Kudu G&G has used in the past and what they are now using? Is it just that whatever they are going to use from now on is from different Tannery?
Personally I find G&G Split Toes just a little bit more compelling than EGs offerings. I find the Thorpe just a little bit better looking than the Nevis. The Dover is a great shoe, but I just find the MH71 to be such a great looking Last. Personally I like the Ishams a little bit more than the Hoves (by one eyelet). LOL
New Posts  All Forums: