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Either cordovan or calf like Roger you can't possibly go wrong.  Besides if you haven't kopped an SC yet, this would certainly be a good one. This was my first one.
I do like the cordovan, but I think you did real well with the calf.  I still kinda want the Bonafe by the way. But every time I think about it, I just find it too hard to justify it.
You betcha.
Well said. I knew when I saw it for the first time, I just had to get me a pair.
Awesome, I do so Luvs that boot. Whether it be in calf or cordovan. That PC Boot sure be special.  Congrats Roger.
Do you mean this one?  
Very nice. I can't wait to see some more pictures.
Excellent, were you able to find the one she wanted?
Great pictures, luv the look of that willow leather. I know what you mean in regards to the Dover, once you get one you can't wait to get another.
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