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I thought the Dovers looked pretty good.  The Nevis would have been nice.
I have 90 pairs of boots, and now, and now I'm not making any sense.  LOL   I know, I know, it is amazing. Oh God, I'm so torn.
First the Dover and now this. ENABLER!!!!! LOL  I must say I've thought about a Rosewood CC makeup a number of times. But I just can't get by the fact that I already have something that is so similar to that already.
Shhhhhhhh  I promised myself I would focus a bit more on shoes for now.
X2 I think I need some Rosewood in my life. LOL
I use the neutral cordovan cream as well, it certainly seems to have helped the dryer Crockett and Jones Cordovan shoes for RL. However for calf I've been using VSC. Not sure it's the best thing to use but that's what I've been using. Some swear by it and some say there's better out there.
Yeah, I once was an Renovator junky myself. However not long after swearing by it, I pretty quickly started using something else. The amount of polish it removed wasn't the only issue. It truly seemed to leave my shoes noticeably drier. This was particularly noticeable on my cordovan shoes.
Very nice, congrats.
Renovator tends to take off more polish than other conditioners I have used. I would imagine that applying a little bit of black polish would be the answer. I would think it would be best to use wax rather than cream.
So is this why your ordering the Nevis? It's the boot version of the Dover.
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