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So I would assume this might be the same for other Lasts such as the 888, 202, and 64​ as well?
So after all this time your just getting around to o thinking about getting shoe trees, so what have you been doing up to this point​?
Congrats!!I actually know another person that was able to get one of the other slots.
Thanks for checking in, and I'm certain everyone here looks forward to seeing those pictures.​
Tire Kicker gets my vote. LOL
I know this is not the answer your looking for but I'm going to go ahead and voice my opinion anyway. For shoes that cost this much, I only buy Edward Green shoe trees. For me the reasons are simple. Part of the reason they cost so much is because they look so great. lasted or semi lasted shoe trees tend to work best. Comparatively small investment especially when your talking about shoes that should last you a good number of years. Ok, I'll get off my soap box now.
Very nice of them indeed. Congrats!!
Happy Holidays Everybody!!!
Maybe it's just me but I would say that one of EG true strengths is how well they finish their calf shoes and boots.
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