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Your right for once @tifosi, those are nice. LOL
 Thanks guys.  I think its reasonable, however the longer they're here the more I'm starting to think about just keeping them.
Yep, I'd rather they were rejected and wait longer than get them and not be up to snuff. Besides that's the kind of service I expect from EG to be honest.  Mistakes happen regardless who you are, however I got my fingers crossed that it doesn't happen with EG very often. At least its been my experience that I rarely hear any.
Evidently your new here. They don't call us enablers for nothing. LOL
Another month and my pair will be due, although it'll probably take another month or so on top of that however.  Fingers crossed, that the suede and calf version turns out as well as yours.
Well it's about GD time somebody did. Man I needed a fix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL  Thank you sir.
Wow, surprised to hear that. Sorry to hear this as well.
Nice, Congrats!!
Bravo, Luv the lighter shell boots.
I think you'll find many who pair Shannons with casual outfits. So if Shannons are the ones you prefer I don't think you'll have any issues. But then again there's nothing wrong with getting both.
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