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Very nice, Congrats!!!  One would have never guessed you would have gone for a boot. LOL
As you should, thank you sir.
The color and texture of the Kudu leather together with the fact that this was combined with such a great shoe to begin with (St James II) makes these shoes most definitely worth the wait. Kudus once again goes out to @Leaves and his crew for the work behind making this available thru G&G and delivering the goods in such a classy manner. Looking forward to the next one.    
Actually I received a 10% discount on my only and only pair. I totally forgot about it until you mentioned it. But this was something that was advertised on their website. Not sure if it was for your first pair or for signing up for their newsletter. It's been a few years since I bought them.​
There may very well be some exceptions, but for the most part I would agree with what you say about the discoloration or variations. But of course with any leather there is better quality that can be purchased. Edward Green for example tends to put out some great examples, but your going to have to pay for it. That is unless your able to find it on sale, second hand, or used.
I don't think I was aware or I had not used the SF 10% off for these items for one thing. I'll have to try to remember this in the future. This then does make this almost a wash and by the way I do appreciate your contributions to the SF community. Cheers, Dan
Well, it sounds like I need to give up on G&G as well. LOL But for me at least with my last two pairs I haven't experienced any issues and have no plans of cancelling the two orders I am currently waiting on.  Almost any and all products will have an issue from time to time. It does appear lately that EG has had more issues recently. But I have yet to experience any personally. I would imagine that increased demand may have been factor however, just as I imagine their...
I think it did and delivery cancelations and suspension of the MTO program via Skoak as well.
Very nice, Congrats!!It certainly appears that your cobbler did an excellent job as well.
Hey, most if not all of us wish you had a better experience and I am sure all of us would like to see you get this issue resolved in the easiest and the speediest manner possible.Every bodies experiences aren't going to be the same, and unfortunately every shoemaker will make mistakes from time to time. Using words like fan boys or taking it out on us isnt going to get anyone anywhere, and it's certainly won't get your shoes fixed either.Good luck.
New Posts  All Forums: