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@chogall is it true from what I've read at times St Crispins builds shoes on the incorrect Last. That is sometimes the Last one orders is not necessarily the Last they make ones shoes on. I only have two pairs myself, both were MTOs and they came to me exactly the way they were ordered.
Excellent Choice!!Congrats!!What Last?
Ok, now I understand.
I'm confused, LS in BHills is closed and the sales person who I worked with went on to work for someone else and he no longer even sells shoes. At least this is my understanding.
Can you provide further details to help establish these items as facts?
The only way I'll know for sure is to give it a try, time will tell.
I thought it might be a good idea to start a thread where we could discuss and compare various shoemakers and bookmakers both pros and cons in one thread. I figured as much as we tend to Luv certain brands it's just as important to list the cons with regards to either quality, ease of purchasing or retail market, and any other inherent con that particular brand may have. So I thought we could use the following format as a means of establishing the base line for each...
There are plenty of threads with regards to this type of subject abundant on the forum. Take a look around and consider searching item like the 5 essential shoes.   Also while considering which types of shoes to buy I would also take another look at which brands you might want to consider buying. When buying I always like to consider all of my options.   I would highly recommend taking a look at this...
Very smart, very nice.Congrats!!!
Nice, although I tend top prefer their cordovan wingtips more.
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