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Great news!!!!!   Also can't wait to hear your impressions.  Zug!!!
Yes it can be fun, and it's not always just learning about a watch or a shoe it's also learning about oneself. What actually works best for you. These things are not always so evident when just looking at something, sometimes you have to try it out for a bit first.
Mine too, so if you have any good advice I'd be more than willing to listen.LOL
  It took more than a few purchases before I purchased my first Patek. It might had been better to do that a bit earlier. But then again it took me a little while to determine which watches tend to work best for me. So in the end I guess everything has a way of working itself out.
Ain't that the truth.
@bespoken pa It's funny but in the end you've probably saved yourself some money by making the leap like you did.
I guess should've learned my lesson already. I was this way with watches as well.
Well depending on how you look at it, you've at least crossed that line now.  Besides there'll always be another hot IT boot or shoe to get. No one can possibly get them all.
I think I crossed that threshold a long time ago.
I think it might have more to do with demand more than supply. That's probably true for most of us. Ah well, I still get a kick out of scoring it though.
New Posts  All Forums: