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Boy that stinks, but thanks for the heads up Patrik.
I wasn't aware of this, and thanks for the information. However there are other things about the boot that I like as well.
They made this boot twice just recently, hopefully you'll get another chance real soon.
I've got a pair of the Brown CXL service boots and I would say there is a bit of a reddish tint to them.
I personally like the fact the boot can be configured to come in two different types of leathers.  I think it gives the boot a bit of extra texture and character. The way they designed the side of boot is a perfect place to transition from one to the other.  
Received my BB Rancourt #8 Cordovan Boat shoes.   Even found part of the Horween Stamp in the side of one of the shoes.     Unlined so they should be fairly cool this summer, and they give me another option besides my lined #8 Cordovan Ranger Mocs.     I'll have to post some pictures when I get a chance later.   Kind of disappointed that they didn't come with shoe bags, but they didn't say they would. I went ahead and ordered some Allen Edmonds shoe bags.
Nice looking shoe. The Parisian certainly gives it a very unique look.
Not I.
I saw your MTO, great choice.
Yes!!!   Cordovan boat shoes should be here tomorrow.     It's really amazing, no matter how many, no matter what kind, I still get excited when receiving the latest pair.
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