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I'm not experiencing that issue on Safari. Not at least for the very few I checked.
Good to hear, it sounds like your happy.in the long run it sounds like your getting what you want.
At least one user here claims they will be, in fact some one on another forum said they purchased some shoe trees in store from them the other week. However every time I check their website I have yet to see any posted there.​  Then again it seems that other retailers (Skoak for one) are experiencing issues with delivery's from EG as well.
Very nice, Congrats!!!
I'm not having any issues connecting to the US site, but then again I am doing it from home and no VPN.
In my opinion the Arran is one of the nicest looking Chukkas out there. The other one is the St Crispin Chukkas. You certainly can't go wrong with the Arran.
I think your just going to find you have a bit more space in the toe box.
[quote name="TtownMD" url="/t/291745/edward-green-appreciation-pictures-info-and-where-to-buy/22200_100#post_8113731 Was breaking them in early today !!![/quote] Green, Nice!!
My Thorpes were on the MH71 in the E width. I just tried them on for a minute and it was snug but not bad. Boots can be a bit looser than shoes. I'm hoping the two shoes I have on order fit about the same this time however, if so I'll be just fine.
Yes, yes they are.
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