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Yes, yes you should. Besides we need a Nevis in the boot thread. LOL
Very nice. Looks to me like the Wigmore and Hove are the 6.5. Is it the St James and Grant in F? I really like that blue color by the way.
Yes, I believe that's the one. I also think the all Suede Shannon looks better than the all Suede Galway.
My fault, your post had me thinking you might be focused on just 2 EG models. Although until late last year the same could almost be said for me and the Galway. I had a few others but not that many. I've since added a few more oxfords from EG and I have a couple more casual EGs on order which I should be getting in a couple of months. I've just recently started looking more seriously at G&Gs. I only have the Hayes so far, but after ordering the Thorpe I'm starting...
Yes they're E's. Your post actually had me second guess myself. So I took them out just to make sure and verify.  I was very fortunate, thank you.
Whoa, very nice.
No, actually they're marked as an E and not a D.  This is a good fit for me.
I'm pretty sure someone posted one not too long ago. You might want to check images here and the Skoak thread.
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