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Email sent.  Great make-up guys.  Thanks for kicking the whole thing off @tifosi.
Sure is awful tempting, and I do want a Dover.
Very tempting, still mulling it over. If you don't mind me asking, what's your deadline? Patrik when do you need to know whether I am in or not?
When do you anticipate delivery to occur
Very nice. I would Luv to get your thoughts on the button boots once you try them on.
Sorry to hear that. I thought you might not be aware that the same tracking number also works on the UPS tracking site and it shows the progress once it arrives in the States.
Standard Shipping. Take your tracking number and go to the UPS tracking site. You'll then be able to tell where they are in the U.S.
About 6 days. Midwest
Good info, great read, thanks for sharing.
  Cool. Thanks for your opinions and information.
New Posts  All Forums: