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Roger those Cleverleys look real nice.
Those Dovers in Burnt Pine look real nice.
Yeah, I don't think I know of anybody who owns only one. LOL
So does axels at least for galways
I think I would like these more on the 82.
Looking good.
Very nice indeed!!!
Nice!!!!!!!! @Tifosi if I said it once I'll say it twice.  The best way not to buy any St Crispins is to simply not look at any St Crispins.  Oops, too late. LOL
Either cordovan or calf like Roger you can't possibly go wrong.  Besides if you haven't kopped an SC yet, this would certainly be a good one. This was my first one.
I do like the cordovan, but I think you did real well with the calf.  I still kinda want the Bonafe by the way. But every time I think about it, I just find it too hard to justify it.
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