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Now you've gone to far. LOL
Yeah, your probably right. LOL
Ok, so do you really consider chinos dressy?
It's a conspiracy by EG to create a controversy which in turn will cause more speculation and force more traffic which will overload the SF servers which will in turn will generate more interest in EG such that ................LOL 
My Brannock is a US 11 1/2 D and I currently wear the same size for all EG Lasts I currently own of a UK 11 E on the 64, 82. 89, 202, and 888. I wear a G&G MH71 UK 11E. With Carmina I take a UK 10 1/2 in all of their Lasts I own which include Rain, Forest, Robert, and Soller. With that regard for any other shoemakers I own I wear the typical conversion length and I take their normal average width which includes John Lobb, St Crispins, C&J, Alfred Sargent. ​Boring but then...
I've seen some of these comments, but personally I have a real hard time considering any of these type of boots dressy. Personally I can't see wearing any of these with anything other than jeans. Somethings are all relative to what your used to, but still.
I see the opportunity with Truman to make certain customizations as being a huge plus. I'm not sure I see the more bulbous toe being so good. I also see longer delays on the immediate horizon. But overall quality (Leather, Build) with few mistakes is also very promising.
My only experience with D is with a boot and although it fits it is on the more narrow side. For me at least because it was a boot and it was a bit snug I would be a bit leary of trying this on a shoe because boots tend to be more roomy than shoes. With the number of shoes and boots I own in the E width I have nothing to suggest I made a mistake by getting them in the E width. Keep in mind that this may or may not have anything to do with the recent change to the form they...
Congrats!!! But this means very little to us without the pictures. LOL
Tire kickers like @tifosi tend to be that way. LOL
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