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I would probably be more ready in about another month or two after receiving two other G&Gs I'm waiting on. I would rather wait to ensure better fit first.
Ah one of those, huh? LOL
Granted you may not now or may never wear a watch. But dont you think as.a wise old veteran of 19 years that's it just might be possible your taste and your style might just change if not once but a few times yet?
That may very well be the case for you. However considering when mine departed NY, I'm pretty sure it won't be until Monday.
Me too, but at this point they probably won't be here until Monday.
There's my favorite version of my favorite boot right there!!!That's not a Zug that is. LOL
Great choice, Congrats!!
Okey, Dokey.......
Alrighty then.......
Agreed, your not the only one.
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