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Moar shoes and boots are always better!!!  At least I believe that's what @Leaves says. LOL
 When you put it that way, your absolutely correct. Sorry, I've been so fortunate not to have to worry about it. I didn't even consider it when giving my response.
Nice. Biggest thing I miss on my Lindricks is the Dainite Sole.
Ah, sounds like someone else wants to take a test. LOL
There are plenty of Country Grain or Scotch Grain Brogues that work real well in a casual as well as a more business wardrobe. I think the C&J Islay is just one of those for example. In this picture the C&J Islay is the one on the left.  
Check-out the SkoaktieBolaget MTO page for EG. http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/pages/edward-green-made-to-order Edward Green MTO Service Standard with a surcharge of 1800 (1440 SEK ex VAT) offers the possibility to select sole, leather and lining for a wide range of models and designs. 
Two-tone Galways are marvelous, and they work real well with jeans.
Yep two pairs of shoes, he's a shoe guy just like @tifosi. LOL
Sounds like someone's just begging for their TEST!!!! LOL
 I'd agree with all that has been said so far. If you were to go with the 64 you may want to consider whether the E or F width would be your choice. Typically the F if you intend to wear thicker socks, but then again if it's Texas I would stick with the E width as you probably won't need the thicker socks that often. Whether its Country Calf, Country Calf\Suede, or Utah you really can't go wrong. Besides most end up buying at least 2 if not more Galways later on anyway. LOL 
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