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This is only a guess. You would have to check with Skoak to find out for sure.
If you want a Nevis you'll either have to wait until a retailer stocks it or you'll have to MTO one on your own. The other option might be to go for a G&G Thorpe. Skoak just closed a Pre-Order for a Thorpe in Rustic Arran Grain in February. I would imagine part of the order included stock for the store. If you were so inclined you could email Skoak sales sales@skoaktiebolaget.se and check on the possibility of getting on the waiting list if they have one.
I like it. What shade of Burgundy is it?  I feel your pain, but typically if it only means an extra month it generally isn't too bad. My Falkirk was delayed as well, hoping to have the by the end of this month first of next month.
Very nice, Congrats!!
Don't Decos typically come with trees? The cost of the tree is included aren't they?
Nice looking Cardigons, great color suede. Congrats,
To me these examples are understandable. But I've experienced this with a Dover and Derwent both on the 202. I guess you could say theyre a little different.
Sorry to hear, and it is surprising to me how the same Last same size can vary like it does at times. I imagine there's a reasonable explanation.I guess it might have to do with the shoes being hand lasted?
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