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Very nice.
^Awesome!! Thanks for sharing @MoosicPA.
^Great looking collection of Galways,!! Just another reminder that you can't own too many Galways or too many EG boots for that matter.
This is why I never give out my address when I try to enable another user..On the other hand everyone knows where @Leaves works. LOL
if I read correctly it appears a few SF users recommended going a full size larger when going from F to U Last.
I agree.I also think C&J has some of the best looking boots.
If I were to go to a bar which I don't anymore, I wouldn't. I'd probably tend to wear some of the boots that cost me south of 1k to the bar. Some of these boots are also rather nice, but they're just not as expensive nor are they something I'd probably want to replace as badly at this point. The same would go for me and something like some of my watches. If I'm going to the bar some of those wouldn't go either, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't wear one. I don't always tend...
These look nice, although it appears based on what I've read that with the U Last they maybe a 1/2 size to small for me.
 It is what it is, sorry I couldn't shorten them for you. LOL   I just saw your collection of boots, you have excellent taste sir.
Whoa!!!!   Extremely nice, thanks for sharing.
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