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Are you sure? I mean I've often heard and I've actually heard it here often, that you can't always believe what you hear on the internet. LOL     EXCELLENT NEWS!!!!  Extremely well played if you ask me.
I've seen the Lizard from Carmina, and I've often come real close to ordering a pair.
Nice.  I've yet to get a pair of Chelsea boots, maybe one of these days.
Glad to hear you seem to have gotten the fit right. I was even a bit more concerned because I have no experience with EB yet to this point. I'm very happy you able to find enough participants to move forward with the GMTO, they really do look awesome.
Very Nice, Roger. Almost makes me wish I hadn't gotten the last minute case of cold feet.  Congrats!!!! You have to let me know how you find the fit on these before and after break in.
Although I like to think my car is relatively nice, the problem with most cars are they go from $$$$$$$$$$ to $0.
I'm pretty sure it's the same for me, however the watches made it so much easier I didn't even have to think about it. LOL
Then I would most definitely have to say yes. LOL
Would a watch count as part of the wardrobe?
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