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EG is still my favorite brand, and I'll still go for MTOs. Green is GOOD!!!! But it sure would be nice to have a livelier thread and an opportunity to do GMTOs.
Yep, and maybe it's possible discontinuing GMTOs was one measure in an attempt to get more timely orders to retailers. Just guessing  Of course we still know they still have a ways to go however.
  Not me anyway. I know it still stinks, maybe that new factory manager will be able to fix that.  Here's to hoping, and crossing all my digits in good faith.
Well then Congrats sir. Fabulous photos, great shoes!!!!
Spectacular. This an old picture, this isn't a new purchase for you is it?
Always another great alternative.
I have absolutely no clue.Never heard of them.
Shipping cost is something you will be able to determine and see when ordering your shoes. If you chose the USPS option you'll typically not pay any customs fees. If however you chose other delivery options you'll more than likely pay a customs fee. I don't know what it is because I always chose USPS for this very reason.
The Falkirk does have quite a bit more brougueing.
Ah, wasn't aware. But not surprised.
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