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Thanks for the info, so from wat you've read does it appear as though even though the selection is limited does it appears as though the leather is on par quality wise with what you would get from Viberg.
Me as well, although I got bit fairly hard by the G&G bug this year.
Ah, that isn't something I've quite warmed to yet. I find the finishing from Edward Green and Gaziano & Girling, or St Crispin to work for me so far. I find the models that these three offer to be more attractive and work best for me for the most part.
Wrong thread get out of here. LOLSo exactly what is it about JLs design that you like specifically and why do you see it being better than Edward Green?
Ah blue, now that might be nice.
Well we agree on one thing. There are few, there are few JL designs I like. There are many many more EG designs that I like.
That and free watches from @Leaves. LOL 
Oh absolutely I agree and the no panic thing wasn't really directed at you anyways.
Who know​s, but to be honest no one has convinced me to give up on Edward Green yet. LOL  Yes I've heard about some issues, but that doesn't mean they wont fix the issues whatever they maybe in the future and besides I have yet to experience any issues personally so it doesn't mean they are widespread enough to announce PANIC EVERYBODY, PANIC!!!!! LOL
@Leaves great points and you have no arguments from me whatsoever. However I would say one of the main reasons I chose to go thru someone such as yourself and you guys have done a marvelous job as my product has always been outstanding. Is that I am looking for that added bit of protection so to speak that I will be receiving exactly what I expect and if on the off chance I have someone who will make sure if I happen to get something other than what I expect there to...
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