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I would agree that part of this is marketing but other parts such as history, tradition, and value over a long period of time are extremely important as well. In part I would agree that these things owe a bit to marketing but they also have established themselves based on actual performance. For example Rolex is known for and has actually delivered on its reputation of delivering an extremely solid performing watch that retains a good portion of its value. As far as I am...
And that may very well be possible, however it never hurts to ask.
That's great, but you really don't have to go ugly to get comfortable. There are plenty of different sole options out there on better looking boots. Unfortunately I can't recommend any one specific option because this has never been a concern for me, but I would have to imagine doing better would be an option if you really wanted too.
And I would say for the most part serious watch buyers will tend to steer clear. I would have to say I have no idea how well this brand is currently doing or how well they might do. Maybe there's a certain group they attract, but I seriously doubt they would ever get any of my money for watches even though I like very much and own a few of their pens and a tie clasp.
However for those that buy into the history, aspiration, and resale value of a brand Montblanc may never appeal to this crowd. Besides they're not what most would consider a true watchmaker in the traditional sense. They sell pans, wallets, and belts for example.
By the way the Montblanc brand of watches are really not held in high regard. By that I mean when compared to Omega, Rolex, and others who have more history the brand Montblanc is a relative new by which has no real tradition or cred in the watch community other than the brand is made by a company which makes other luxury watches. So they're probably very sound and good watches, just not much cred as a brand.
PossiblySorry but it's been awhile and I forget the specifics.
They do but among other things such as wallets and such they make watches. Vaguely If i remember correctly the watches are because Montblanc is owned I believe by a company which owns and makes a number of different brands of luxury watches. Not unlike brands such as Omega which are owned by a company which owns other brands as well.
BIG fan of G&G. Really really too bad but certainly understandable.
Well said.
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