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The Cordovan welt is one of those things I have read about but yet to experience. I just have no interest at this point in messing with it if I don't have to.
So whether they welt or not has more to do with the product a shoemaker may use on the shoes once they leave Horween? If true this is good information to know.
I am also very sorry to hear your experience has not been up to pair. I'm  starting to wonder if they may not just be growing a bit faster than their capacity would allow . Not that this would matter you. Anyhow I do hope you are able to get in touch with either Katie or Kyle and they are able to earn your trust and restore your faith. If not I hope your able to find what you are looking for elsewhere.
Brannock 11 1/2, Barrie 11, Viberg 2030 11.
Thank you. They're my first and only pair of Vibergs so far, but I get a feeling they won't be my last.
Here's a few to hold everyone over until he gets a chance.   
By the way, I feel the same in regards to the wait time for a pair of MTO shoes from Edward Greens. It really is just part of the fun, and I actually enjoy the experience of anticipating and waiting for my latest purchase. 3 months down and 3 months to go for my Zugs!!!
I won't argue the merits of this policy with anyone, I just thought I would mention it. It has been mentioned here from time to time. I'm not so sure that would make them throw away shoes, but yes it might make it harder to get them worked on properly. At the very least in this instance you can't get them worked on by the manufacturer. Although you might see these shoes go on sale more often, as of yet I have not purchased any of them and this is one of the main reasons I...
Exactly, as long as it has the name Rancourt on it then they will resole it.
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