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This is my blue.
Sounds to me like it's high time you did, in fact I highly recommend it.​ I give my blessing, go ahead order one. You certainly deserve one.  Cheers
Very nice!!!
Although the its my all time favorite snow boot, I have to say I'm glad I've yet to see any snow.
Well I do use saphir neutral cordovan cream on Cordovan shoes, but for calf I just use Bick4 if I think they need conditioned. As far as I know I don't see any benefit of using both the neutral cream and the conditioner. I probably did this at one time, but I don't anymore. I just figure this way it's less product, but what do I know.
Typically I don't use even neutral cream except for Cordovan shoe and boots where I will use Saphir cordovan neutral cream. I figure its a product designed for Cordovan so I use this instead of conditioner on cordovan shoes or boots especially on the notoriously dry C&J Cordovan. On calf I tend to use conditioner instead of any cream and as far as I know unless told differently I see no need to use neutral cream as well as or in place of conditioner. If there is any...
I tend to stay away from cream because it will leave more pigment behind and I tend to use neutral wax and conditioner as when necessary and possible. Wax on heel and toe, and conditioner everywhere else. I have used medium brown cream when necessary for scuffs and such that cannot be buffed out but only on the affected area. Iwould not be against using darker brown as well and this just depends on how dark your Dark Oak really is.
Yes, but at least for G&G their Lasts are sleeker and I am pretty sure a good number of people would take an E in Edward Green new or old and still may require an F on G&G.​
Cool, just making sure.​
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