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Without a doubt!!!
For me I wear a half size down on the 64, 82, 888, 89, and 202. 11 E UK \ 11 1/2 D US
The other two.   
What, you don't think they match my watch? LOL 
I understand and that wasn't my intent either but best laid plans. But since you asked I figured I would let you know what my actual experience has been so far. Like I said I don't regret it, and I figure I'll still wear them one of these days. I really think they look amazing.  Good Luck, Dan
Personally for the Galway the stock DOAK Calf\Walnut CC on the 82 Last was the reason that this model first caught my eye. in my opinion its one of the best looking Boots that are out there. If you like Galways there's really no reason to stop with just one. They not only can be had in so many different combinations of leather, but they can be had on so many different Lasts. For me a Calf and Suede was a must as well. I chose Midnight Blue Calf\Navy Suede on the 82 Last...
To be honest I've yet to wear these, but it's something I'll get around to one of these days. I've just found that the other spectators I own are much easier to incorporate into my style and wardrobe since they don't stand out as much so they tend to work a lot better with my wardrobe. However these were on sale at the time, and at the time I just couldn't bare to pass on them as I've always really liked how brown or black go with white.. Regardless, I know now these will...
Thank you, this too is good to know.
Get the ones that appeal to you the most that actually work with your style that you'll use the most. You simply can't go wrong that way.For me these were the Galway, Dover, Chelsea,, and Inverness.There's also been the Falkirk, Malvern, Derwent, Galway, and Galway.Oh yeah, there's also the Shanklin, Hutton, and Chelsea.By the way these aren't necessarily in order because it was more like Galway, Galway, and Galway. LOLThere have been a few of the same models in different...
This is certainly one of the better posts in response to one of my questions HW vs GYW. I'm still not convinced that the differences matter so significantly that GYW are that inferior to HW shoes and there's a number of reasons for this. I know we have a thread that shows the dissection of a number of brands but have we determined that all of the GYW shoe brands use all of the cheaper methods you mentioned? Im stilll not completely convinced that the materials they re...
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