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These definitely are a pair of handsome but yet well constructed and durable boots. Of course they cost a bit more, but it's certainly fairly easy at least on my end to tell which pair of boots are the best when comparing to other boots that are fairly similar. They very easily beat out my Redwing Beckmans, Wolverine 1Ks, and Alden 405 Indys. In my opinion Viberg Service Boots win hands down.              
Same here with my Red Wings as well. The leather is a bit thicker and over time it will become a bit more pliable (Broken in).
That sounds cool. My last one was the caramel shell beefroll loafer. By the way do you have any experience with the RLH sole? Is it something that tends to wear down a bit faster than a regular leather or tempest sole?
    Oops, Ok so I'm color blind. Very nice.
Blue shell correct? Very nice, Congrats.
Thanks I'm starting to seriously consider getting the Green Shells, and I need to figure out which sole I want to go with. The cushy feel might not be to bad, but I'm not so sure I want a sole that's not going to last too long.
Can anyone comment in regards to how the reltex lactae hevea sole holds up or lasts. Is it a long lasting sole, or does it wear down pretty fast?
So that's what mine should look like in about 1 year, Nice.
Wow that is different (Black). Great looking pair of boots, Congrats!!!
This is great news Namor.  I'll have to remember this cure just in case, but I sure hope I never need it.
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