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What Last would these be on?
That kind of stinks, but for some of us at least we're still getting them months earlier than we thought we would originally. Hopefully the rest of the order will be done shortly as well.
Great choice, and good luck with your decision. Either way I think your going to be getting a great looking boot.
They've cleared Customs and they are on their way home.  Yes!!!!!
I would definitely agree with you Roger, even if we are in the wrong thread.
I think the Ridgeway would be a bit much, and I probably wouldn't go with the double Dainite either. I think the Arran overall tends to be a less rugged and more refined look to begin with, so I would probably skip the storm welt as well. I would personally go with the Dainite sole though.
Maybe I missed it @Leaves, but do you have any Edward Greens due to arrive in the next few months?
My idea would have sold more shoes. LOL
Shhhhhhhhhhhh   I'd gladly order 20 shoes if @Leaves would see fit to include a Patek Repeater next time. LOL
Whatever floats your boat.   I'm just glad @Leaves includes free watches with my shoe purchases. Because let me tell you, it can be pretty expensive if you have to actually pay for both hobbies.LOL
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