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Thank you sir.This is coming from a guy who used to buy mostly real nice boots and some shoes and now I try to do a little of both. LOL
Very nice, Congrats.
Skoak comes thru again!!
I almost got one just like it the beginning of the year, man I just might have to revisit this shoe in the future.  Double Leather Soul???
  Thank you sir. I used to have a few leather strap watches, but I can still do one on a rubber strap though. LOL Thank you sir. It was between this and the Daytona, but I figured the AP had the edge. A bit dressier even though its all steel and a sports watch. Asquiths, Damn I need a pair of Asquiths. Thank you, I think it pays to cover all your bases. Besides these were odd stock from Skoak, so it was a helluva deal to boot. LOL
Thank you sir.They certainly do look better in the light.
Oh, and here are some Some Suede and NATO pics I thought you might enjoy.
Hopefully a bit better pictures of my Falkirks. Oh, and 1 picture per @Tifosi request. LOL
Of the ones I saw, that's certainly the one I would have chosen. I guess I'll have to keep my eye out for them when they come out with half sizes.
Oh absolutely, depending on the crowd but most have no idea with regards to any of the finer points or even some of themost obvious things we would notice.
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