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Just odered a Black EG Chelsea on the 82 Last. The one I ordered in Doak a couple of weeks ago was enough to convince me that this shoe on that Last was a perfect fit and style for me. Thanks again for this thread @wurger and congrats on  that new PP. Fabulous looking watch.
About time somebody did, this thread has been kind of dead lately.
I think I would probably go with brown or Edwardian if I were to get the Alderley.
I'm sticking with the original plan. I'm filling in those holes, well actually it's an upgrade. The brown Chelsea I received earlier has convinced me that a Black Chelsea on the 82 would do the trick nicely. I thought about the Dover in Doak, but I figured I wanted to get the staples covered first, and besides I'm getting that Dover in Mahogany CC in a couple of months anyway.  The suede Halifax sounds interesting, what color of suede are you looking at?
The Skye2 is nice, and I like the fact that it has the Dainite sole. But I actually like the Lindrick on the 325 Last better, however I just wish it had the Dainite sole. I have a pair of Lindricks. Anyway, if your like me you probably have quite a few cordovan boots. Either way I don't think you can go wrong.
Which one are you considering now?
Working on that next EG purchase as we speak.   Emails back and forth to Skoaktiebolaget have just completed, I'm just waiting on that on invoice now.
Fabulous sir. I have yet to wear mine besides a few times inside to slowly break them in, but the weather here is certainly getting to the point I plan on it real soon.
Excellent!!! Just Luv those shoes for some reason.
Nope, I think the Matrix must still be messed up.
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