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Yeah, I once was an Renovator junky myself. However not long after swearing by it, I pretty quickly started using something else. The amount of polish it removed wasn't the only issue. It truly seemed to leave my shoes noticeably drier. This was particularly noticeable on my cordovan shoes.
Very nice, congrats.
Renovator tends to take off more polish than other conditioners I have used. I would imagine that applying a little bit of black polish would be the answer. I would think it would be best to use wax rather than cream.
So is this why your ordering the Nevis? It's the boot version of the Dover.
Nice, congrats. Although the CC uppers and the calf leather shaft is probably the more practical application on the Galways it just seems backwards to me. Probably because the one I first liked was the standard Doak and Walnut CC on the shaft.
Double, I don't think I've seen one with a single, but I have seen them one some pretty chunky rubber soles however (SAR).
It's to bad too. I really like my Williams II. Just not the fan base here like EG and some others. For the reasons mentioned already I guess.
Oh Man, those are some SWEET looking boots. He!! even the boot trees look frigging AWESOME!!! Congrats!!!
Nice, looking forward to my own pictures same shoes soon.
No one thing be it shoe or anything else is the end all be all for anybodyLike others have said though . GET OUT LOL
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