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Still waiting I take it?
i think the best term I read today is now G&G shoe trees are semi Lasted. Thus G&G shoe trees even though they aren't Lasted they are still your best bet. Because the G&G shoe trees will conform or fit much better than those trees that are generic or which do not conform as closely to the G&G Lasts.
I've personally never paid a customs fee using USPS. Incoming is simply a tracking status and since it's Sunday the fact that it hasn't changed is not surprising, but then again at times the USPS tracking does not always 100% reflect the correct status., but since tomorrow is Monday I would hope for outgoing customs to appear and movement to begin again. How much longer depends mostly on where you live. I live in the Midwest and total USPS time is usually 7 to 8 days.
Yes, I went with a pair for my Thorpes. The thinking at the time was the wouldn't show in my boots and I never considered fit being that big of an issue. Personally if I had it to do all over I would have went with G&G shoe trees. The Skoak trees may work, but it's not the ideal fit.
Cost savings maybe achieved in production but I imagine it saves them a lot of time and energy in stocking and and supplying as well.
Nope and neither is EG as lasted trees can be a logistical nightmare, well problematic anyway. Evidently they are no longer lacquered either and this was something that was discussed at greater detail not to long ago. However the non lasted trees still will work a lot better to maintain or not distort the shape of the G&G shoe better than any generic shoe tree you can buy. So although its a great disappoint specifically given the cost its still something one might want to...
I would check with the place your purchased the hat and see what they recommend. I would think given the amount of time they've been in business that they certainly seen this kind of issue more than once and they might be rather helpful in helping you deal with this.Good luck.
Congrats, looks like a great choice. You'll have to let us know what you think once you receive them.
Purchased these awhile back? Makes a perfect combo Suede and NATO.
Well if done in larger numbers this certainly makes more sense.
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