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202 works rather well and it's a better fit than the 606 for most from what I've heard, however I have no experience with the 606.
Enzo Bonafe is one to look at. At right around $500 I've heard their suede rivals brads hundreds of dollars more and they're Lasts and designs look rather interesting. Vass is a good brand under that mark as well. I like Crockett and Jones for their boots, but I don't find their shoe Lasts that attractive. Alfred Sargent for around $500 has a few models I like, but they just don't have that many models. The sweetest spot for you however will be the Lasts that fit you the...
Understand, however I would disagree.Although it may look a tad flashy on the St James II Kudu and Vintage Cedar shoe, I think the all Oak Kudu won't look nearly as flashy. My guess is that from not o far a distance it will probably look like a grain boot. Maybe a more interesting but still a grain boot.Have yet to check this out but that would be my guess.
Did you order any of the Kudu Thorpes?
No, but he does have or has had quite a few that is for sure.
Thanks for the comparison photos. To have both in one's stable very lucky man indeed. Great horses, I mean boots. LOL
I like to think the Thorpe is one heck of a great boot, but it certainly is no Galway sir.  LOL
Great choices both, Congrats!!!
Lol I think you know why I say this is funny.I really think a case could be made for either it's just too bad there is such an overlap. In the end it really doesn't matter what we think, it really only matters what you think.
Now, I think that will make a nice color.​
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