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 That's disappointing, but thanks for letting us know.
And those are nice.  Of course DOAK may mean different things too different people because there was no consistency. But one thing it doesn't mean too me is just plain old Brown.
It would, although mine are supposed to be DOAK and they're also pretty close to his shade as well.
It maybe consistent but it's brown. I can get brown from others costing less. I'm not looking for Brown.
I can certainly understand your reasoning. For me I would just better appreciate a better idea upfront, however I'm still willing to reluctantly put up with a longer wait knowing the quality stays up to par.Personally for me I make my choice based on what I'm getting not based on how long it's going to take.
This is a choice we all make at some point. Do they have what you want, or is there someone else who has better.
I'm in my eight month now on a pair of Falkirks. This pair had to be remade. However I received a pair of Malverns in about four months, this was an MTO.
Yep, unfortunately for now DOAK isn't much different than Brown.
Based on the pictures of shoes being stocked by Skoak and any new pics from new arrival pics from people here again I would say so.
Seems like most of the incoming are being posted on the Skoak thread and not so much on this thread which doesn't help.
New Posts  All Forums: