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He's Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!! LOL
Originally Posted by Shouldaville    Thorpe       So this is what cost me my EG membership card.     Ok call me nuts, but I'm willing to take the test for re-entry for this. LOL
Don't forget it's also James Bonds father's birthplace. LOL
  Great looking pictures.  Ah yes, nice, very nice.  Yep, I picked the right boot and the right color.  Gotta LUV that BOOT.  
I have a little (LOT Actually) more faith in @Leaves than this. LOL
Ok cool, sounds like I'll be just fine.  Thanks, Dan
I would imagine this would stand a better chance of working if the spill were more recent.
He's rather secretive isn't he.  Kind of makes you wonder what he's up to.
Yeah, I have a pair of Hayes on the TG73 which are a bit snug in the toe box. From what I've seen and read their Lasts are pretty comparable, however I figured like you said that the boot would be less snug though. If you can find the other photo wouldn't mind seeing that again as well.
Ah, thought so.   Sounds interesting, but we want more info. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...........................
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