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Don't know about that, but I still think and especially for a second time around that it did pretty good.I would think @Leaves has a good reason to smile. LOL
I do have to wonder what the count on this will be at the end of they day? Hmmmmmm
Well, then there is always the St James.
Great choice for your first one as well. Good Last to try for the first one, a split toe with a hand sewn apron, and Kudu as well which overall is very hard to beat.
I know what you mean. I received my first pair a month or so ago, and I just ordered my second pair this morning.
Very nice, Congrats!!!!
Very nice. Congrats sir!!!!​
I'm in.
Very nice, Congrats!!!
Ah, unfortunately for me I do have my share of foul weather and winters to deal with. 
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