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Yes, thanks for the info sir.
 Really  Why the toe specifically and not the apron as well?
I have to wonder how much this hurt EG, at least initially anyway.
 Although we don't know for sure at this point, everything you said made sense to me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts sir. Actually I brought it up just because I was curious. It would be kind of nice to know however, if you remember to ask the next time your there @Leaves.
So your thinking it's the delicate nature or tightness of the pattern and this is the reason a pig bristle is required. I've always kind of wondered why the Pig Bristle to be honest.  Maybe this explains it.  Great pictures, and fabulous looking shoes by the way.
I have to hand to Skoak.     I like how they leave the Pre-Orders up until the end of our day and not just till the end of their day.     Certainly gives people like @DpprDr the extra time to make a decision when they need it.     Otherwise he might just miss out on that Thorpe. LOL
That's a good point, and your probably right there were probably a number of things that carried over as to how their shoes are being made.
I'd have no idea what other process they might possibly use, but I had no doubt as to the quality. Just wondered if it were the same process.
By the way has it been determined or established that G&G uses the same process of hand sewing the apron on the Thorpe with a Pig Bristle that EG uses on the Dover?
I sure hope so, I'd hate to see @DpprDr miss out. LOL
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