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I know what you mean. I received my first pair a month or so ago, and I just ordered my second pair this morning.
Very nice, Congrats!!!!
Very nice. Congrats sir!!!!​
I'm in.
Very nice, Congrats!!!
Ah, unfortunately for me I do have my share of foul weather and winters to deal with. 
@Leaves posted a picture of a swatch about a page back. I think it might be a bit more brownish in color.
Dainite just works if you ask me. It last longer too.
It's an SF thing.  If I get in on the Thorpe, this will be my third Kudu. Both is good, three is even better. LOL
Personally I think the color and texture make this unique enough that even if it were a Nevis it would be worth thinking about it.  Heck, I just received my Thorpe in Arran Grain last month and I'm going for the Kudu version.
New Posts  All Forums: