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Nice looking boot. I like the way the suede extends to the welt but only in one thin piece.  Congrats.
Great thread.   The comparisons and the information provided here is outstanding.
I have shoes from both AE and Alden, but boots from Alden only. I find that the shoes I've purchased from Alden just seem to be more substantial or solid than those from AE for the most part. I don't think that one can attribute this to just the steel shank or even a double leather sole, but the leather used for the upper seems to be thicker as well. At least this is the case with the shoes that I own. In fact.this is one of the reasons I don't own any of their boots. They...
 Although I would like to take the credit, I really cannot.  I found this from reading a post by MoneyWellSpent in the Alden vs AE thread.
Bump.   Very interesting thread.   Thanks Ron.
 Absolutely, have fun at the StC trunk show. If you don't see a grail boot, there's a good chance you'll see a grail shoe.
 Have you ever considered something from Saint Crispin's?
 Excellent. Great choice, fabulous looking boot. Congrats.
 Marvelous, just marvelous.
 When I saw the thread this was my first thought before opening. However when I saw his response I figured the details couldn't hurt. I do believe there is a pricey admission fee, you may want to call prior to going if your interested.
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