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Only if one knows where to find and how to hunt them. Those little zugglets can be awful tricky and extremely difficult to find at times.
At the time I believe @Leaves said EG said that would be the last time, however the worse that they could say would be no.
No, because from the beginning that it was announced to the end of them all being spoken for may have only lasted an hour at the most. However long it actually was was very short lived.
It's certainly has gone faster than any previous version of Kudu prior to this as far as I know.
You can say that again!!!
  Ah yes, Great Choice. Congrats!!!!.​
Welcomed feature for sure. @Leaves would it also be possible to pay a deposit on this type of thing to secure it like a pre-order by any chance?
Yes, I knew it.  Isham in Kudu Rules!!!!!!​
EG used to produce shoes and boots in this leather and it appears at least for now they don't. I might be that the demand for it just doesn't exist like it used too.
All the Zug guys were notified, did you miss yours or did you chose not to participate? LOL
New Posts  All Forums: