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You might be right, frankly I have no idea at this point. But it appears as they have three loafer Lasts:The 100, 184, and 909.
Of course the best way to tell if a particular size in a specific Last will fit you, is to try them on in person first. However if that's not possible it's also helpful if you have already established your size in other well known Lasts from other shoemakers. The last option isn't perfect, but it certainly couldn't hurt as other people can probably give you some help based on what they have done. I also tend to ask for the assistance or advice from.the vendor when buying a...
Yeah, I can't even remember the last time I bothered trying to figure out how many I have. However I was lucky that I was able to sell some recently. I was having difficulty trying to figure out where to put some of the new ones that were coming in. LOL
EG tends to equate to 1/2 size down when comparing to US size, or EG 8 E UK = 8.5 E US.The following tend to be their most popular Lasts:202, 82, 888, 606, and 64.89 which is used for RL, and 890 which is their latest one.There is a loafer Last which I can't remember of the top of my head.
I wouldn't know where to find the measurements, but then again which actual size and Lasts are you looking for?EG shoe trees are not lasted, but I still tend to purchase EG trees regardless. They still tend to fit real well. However there not required and I believe some here tend to go with the Woodlore Epic shoe trees.
We're all eventually going to have to pay a bit more for some of the shoes we want from here forward. Good thing is, even with the new prices they're still pretty reasonable. Just don't let it stop you from getting them in the near future.Great looking shoes, sure glad I picked up my pair last year. I had been wanting a pair since I first saw them on the BB website.
I hope you get it in a shade that works for you. I've got a feeling mine will be a bit green considering it will be paired with Loden Suede. I really hadn't truly understood how much the color might vary until after ordering it though.
A number of those are really great choices, however I would highly recommend the Dover in Mahogany CC. Great foul weather shoe and besides if you don't have a Dover, you've have to at least get one.
Yeah, at this point I'm not even willing to participate in that kind of exercise. LOL  I enjoy having the various options that I have.
 Cool, I can't wait to see them. Although I have three other MTO's on the way that includes my Thorpe, the Malvern in Chameleon Calf and Loden Suede is probably the one I look forward the most too.
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