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Always more than happy to enable another WIS.
That's the BEST PART!!!
Stop already, you guys are going to push me off the cliff. Now I'm going to have to order some calf Dovers. LOL Very nice sir.
Good luck with your decision Roger, those are some Great looking boots.  Congrats.
That's one helluva GREAT START. Congrats!!!!
Great looking pictures guys!!!
Really liking that Blue.
At the time I really wished it would have worked as well. For me I've found the difference to be minimal at best, however that's just my opinion and I hope it works better for you. However I'm glad things worked out the way it did. I picked up a couple of pairs of EG shoes instead and I recently Pre-ordered the Thorpe in Arran Country Grain which I know for certain will be a lot more different in color.
Unfortunately I think your going to find the color very close Roger. With a pair of Mahogany CC Dover, Heather Gorse or Zug Galway's, and finally Rosewood CC Galway's there is very little difference except there is no burnishing on the Zug and they are slightly duller.
Sorry I can't help you as this would be a few sizes too small. I would luv to see some pictures though.
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