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Actually he's been talking about a St C Boot for awhile now it's about time he got off the stick. LOL 
Oh by the way, what have you heard about the overall quality of the Truman boot. Construction, Leather​, design, style, and anything else........... How does it rate when compared to Whites and Viberg with regards to these things as well as price.  Give!!! LOL
With everything there are many opinions and I am sure there maybe some who prefer suede for many reasons. Personally I made it a thing to get at least three different make ups of this boot. I may actually opt for more later but there are so many different leathers, colors, and Lasts that one can get a Galway on. Personally I think it's one of the best designed and most versatile models of boots for that very reason.​ The first I opted for is the standard version, the one...
Yeah I think that's the crux of the problem, they're not really getting what they want and we all do tend to be a bit passionate about this stuff. But I'm with you the 2030 appeals more to me as well. I'm all for discussing things, but hopefully we won't drag the awful bits of that discussion in here as well.
Now a Suede Dover, I could see a suede Dover.Personally I've been toying with a Polo Suede St James. I'm not a big Suede only shoe or boot person, but somehow a Polo St James would be really sweet.
Too be honest I have a problem thinking the Thorpe would be any good in suede, but vintage oak would be real nice.Too bad you didn't pickup the RL version like @Namor did when they were on eBay.
If you wanted too bad enough you probably would. Heck even if you don't strike out often, once in awhile wouldn't kill you. LOLThe important thing in the end is that you thoroughly enjoy whatever you chose to do.Cheers,Dan
Excellent choice Roger, Congrats!!Thank you sir.I have no idea how we're going to make it with out you, hurry back cause we're going to miss your posts greatly in the meantime.Cheers,Dan
Although they look display worthy, you'll have to wear them in order to fully enjoy them. I'm sure you will, I can't wait to wear mine for the first time.
Yeah, although I don't participate I've monitored some of the comments. Oh well, my only pair is a pair of 2030 Service Boots and I really like them.
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