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 I can't wait to hear your impressions as well. Should be soon, either tomorrow or early next week.
Not that much different than any other shoe or boot I've ordered on the internet. I've been doing pretty good so far and hopefully my luck will continue to hold out.
Sounds exactly like what I was hoping for, thanks for sharing..  Great looking pictures.   I can't wait to get mine, the anticipation is killing me.   Zug!!!
Looking good, Congrats Roger.   Zug!!!
Excellent Roger, Congrats!!!!  So can I get your impressions on these boots? How thick is the leather, and what do you think about the Ridgeway sole?
X2 Not to mention the quality of the materials being used.
Nice, I really like how the lower part of the boot is done in scotch grain leather and the part around the eyelets and the top was a nice touch.
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