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Thank you sir.
Thank you sir.
Those boots look fabulous!!! Great choice on those shoes too. Congrats
Might have been, and I don't remember exactly but it was quick.
Maybe from stock, but 15 Zug slots certainly sold out pretty fast.
@laufer,     Glad to hear that you like your Zugs. Although we may see a Zug or two come up for sale on BS at some point, this is one person who has no plans of ever selling his.   The ability to get the same boot or shoe on a number of different Lasts is one of EGs strong points in my opinion. As much as I like the Zug make-up on the 64 Last, I equally like the fact that I have the Doak Calf and Walnut CC as well as the Midnight Calf and Navy Suede versions on the 82...
But the asquith is the closest thing to that shoe that I found
The last time I received one of these the card stated it could not be used on some shoes and my SA said I couldn't use it on EGs,
No shoesNO shoes, because of a musical. Really? LOL
Congratulations, well deserved!!
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