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 Very nice. I think I need to get me a pair of those.
 Very interesting, thanks for sharing.
 Those are different. Nice choice, Congrats!!!!
 Do yourself a favor. Go to the following website and check out their classified section and compare prices. https://www.rolexforums.com/index.php
 Awesome. Congrats Stiches, fabulous shoes which I'm certain you will enjoy.  Welcome to the club!!!!
Thanks for sharing. They may not look just like the 1K boots, but they certainly look quite a bit like them. I for one like that they come on the Dainite sole. Surprised as I didn't think any shoemaker in the US used the Dainite sole.
 Great article, thanks for sharing.
 The CXL Rancourt uses is thicker than the Wolverine 1K (CXL) boots I purchased which where made by Allen Edmonds with leather tanned by Horween. Rancourt CXL is pretty thick. At least on my Clymer II's anyway.
 I actually have this chukka and it's the AS Radwell. Here's the description from Pediwear's website: Distinctive Brown Hatchgrain Chukka BootLeather from the Horween Tannery -The leather is an interpretation of the famous Russian Reindeer Calf that was on board the stricken Danish ship Catherina von Flensburg which sank in 1786 off the coast of Cornwall.Two hundred years after sinking the wreck was found along with the cargo of hides that were largely undamaged and these...
 Very nice!!
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