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Good selection, I too have been wearing a good number of boots as well lately.
Very nice, Congrats!!
Great looking Chukkas, good looking color.
I forgot to post these. I just received these a few weeks ago.
Thanks Frank, and I did email Vince to see what he had to say with regards to a gusseted tongue on these boots.I really like how these boots look, I do wish I could find someone who already has these specific boots however. I'd like to get their thoughts on the waxy Mohawk leather.
Thank you sir. I noticed one of the boots on their website had it in the description and at least one had mentioned they would have preferred it. I'm just looking for input at this point. I do wish I could find someone who had purchased this leather to get a better idea as to what I might be getting as well.
I'm considering getting a pair of the Smooth Waxy Mohawk in Snuff. However I'm trying to decide whether I should request a gusseted tongue or not. Anyone have any thoughts on this. The one thing I don't want to end up with is the tongue that travels like the one on my Indys.
Congrats, enjoy and wear them in good health.
 To be honest I've yet to try any Truman boots yet myself. From the pictures I had seen they appeared to be less bulky, but then again pictures are only pictures and my perception may or may not be reality. Sorry but I may have gotten a little ahead of myself.
Very nice, I always did kind of like the thistle on the side. Great color to by the way.
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