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Now, I think that will make a nice color.​
Well at least that's the reasons this one works for me. YMMV
I see you picked just the right watch that fits your personality perfectly.
Yeah, it's just too bad they no longer offer the Hatch Grain version.
Always great to get compliments, even easier when you complete the look with a great pair of Edward Green shoe or boots.
Ah hell, I have tons of brown boots. For me that hasn't been much of a concern as most of them are fairly different with regards to types of leather or design.  Besides being a split toe with a hand sewn apron, this brown wouldn't be your normal every day brown boot. The Last, the split toe, the hand sewn apron, and the Kudu will set this boot apart from all the others.
Understand, but do you have a split toe boot yet?
So did you order the Thorpe in Kudu?
If that's the case you might want to act fairly soon.​
This one is in Oak Kudu, the St James was Tan Kudu..
New Posts  All Forums: