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The NEVIS looks Marvelous.   Unfortunately I'm already getting a Dover in the same color and Leather. ARGH!!!
Since my boots are on the way, and that Dover has been ordered and it's in the can, it's officially killing me now.         Where and what's that next great KILLER idea for an MTO????.
Good info, thanks for sharing.
Great looking watch, I've always really liked the bits of red on this watch.
Great choice Roger, navy really goes well here.  Congrats!!!!
  Now that's funny.
I'd ask for Zug.  The worse they could say is no.
 I got my first split toe awhile back a Black Peal & Co.® Algonquin Split-Toe. I like them. I'll be getting my first Dover in January or February, I'll probably get one or two more Dovers eventually.
Sorry to hear that, but hey your still going to get them at the right time of the year.  I try to look at it this way. This is a hobby for me and I do it for fun. I try not to get frustrated when I'm having fun. Anything I'm ordering is worth the wait or it's not worth ordering in the first place.The anticipation of waiting for it is all a part of the fun. In the long run I'm going to have it much longer than I'm ever going to end up waiting for it.I currently have more...
That's a heck of a great looking boot.
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