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Agreed although I haven't seen both in the wild, however maybe it's the EG Last that suits this type of shoe better.
Heresy I say,. LOL
Bah Humburg I say, thistle for me.
This one Gets my vote but I'd want to take a look at some swatches if possible to determine which upper either the racing green or chameleon and the Green Utah for the shaft.
For me my next one always depended on what I have already as I am always looking for something a bit different than what I already have. First it was DOAK Calf\Walnut CC, the Midnight Blue Calf\Navy Suede which both where on the 82 Last. The third was the Zug on the 64. The Rosewood CC with Shearling on the 64 was more of a fluke really. So what all do you have in the Galway so far?
On the whole I would say Edward Green. John Lobb has a few real great shoes, but in my opinion Edward Green has more shoes and more boots that appeal to me. Edward Green also has the possibility of the MTO which for a small fee you have even greater possibilities.
Well this certainly would be the time to do it if you have any hopes of wearing them this fall, however I wouldn't let this be the determining factor as there's a good chance you might not get them until the beginning of next year. Getting it right would always be my first priority.
Or maybe just a few large cities.
You might be right, even though we all don't live that close to each other.
C&J ffor Brooks Brothers comes to my mind even though C&Js shell tends to be dry. I think Viberg makes a better #8 in my opinion. But to be honest the better boots I was thinking of aren't even cordovan in most cases.
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