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Thank you sir.
Good to know, I wasn't sure about Carmina. Rancourt also offers some shoes in boots in what they call Flint Kudu which is a suede.
Thank you sir and good luck with your decision. I do have the St James already by the way.
That maybe true for what Alden calls Kudu, but then again their Kudu is all marketing and in reality isn't actually Kudu (Antelope). Carmina's Kudu may actually be the same as Alden's since they also source leather from Horween and from what I've seen it looks very similar. So I wouldn't apply their claims to the Kudu (Antelope) that G&G uses.
Gazing and Girlings Lasts are a bit sleeker (narrow) than Edward Green. I'm a 11 E UK in all of the Edward Green Lasts I own so far 64, 82, 89, 202, and 888 and 11 E UK in both G&G Lasts I own TG73 and MH71. I find it hard to believe you could ever fit into a G&G E Last.
Could be. I may have forgotten this fact or not even seen it mentioned. But I find it to have a very interesting texture and appearance and this is the thing that intrigues me the most. If it also happens to be more durable or water resistant for some reason I would see that as a welcome plus.
I ordered the Thorpe in Kudu and I received my Thorpe in Arran Grain a few months ago. I did so because I always regretted passing on the first Kudu version right after I joined the Pre-Order for the Arran Grain version. This will actually be my third Kudu shoe or boot that I ordered this year. I ordered and received the St James II in Tan Kudu and Vintage Cedar Calf and I also ordered the Isham in Rosewood Kudu. I cant say the Arran Grain and Oak Kudu are going to be...
Very nice!!
You can only go so far with a brush of any kind.. Your always going to get much better results with a cloth or nylon stocking. It's not much different than waxing a car. You don't use a brush when buffing or shining your car do you?
A great looking Adelaide, Congrats!!
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