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Understand For some reason I find the Thorpe more appealing to me. In a way I think it's because I have a few Galways and for this boot I wanted something a bit different in regards to the design on the side of the boot.
You could have gotten them on the Thorpe.
It's not a Galway, but I certainly wouldn't question this order either. Sounds fabulous.   So at a rate of one per day until the end of the month, what's next? LOL
Come to think about it, since they provide so much flexibility to begin with it's a surprise you don't hear more conflicting information.
Yep. Not to mention their great service, and @Leaves ability to get the unique leathers and or shoes and boots that we all crave.
No problem.  Pre-Order closes 23 February by the way.
Actually if you were to want a Galway you could hardly find a better time than now. With the Pre-Order that Skoaktiebolaget is currently offering at the old prices prior to the price hike, at a 25% deposit for Pre-Order, and at the time when SEK is doing so poorly against the dollar, the time could barely get any better.
Unfortunately prices for luxury items only tend to go in one direction. You can say the same for most things as well, but it's even more so for luxury items. To be perceived as being a luxury item it will cost even more.  The cost hike seems severe at the time, but two or three years from now these will be the good old days.  Also keep in mind the reason the EG price hike seems severe to begin with. EG I believe is only increasing their price by 5%, the remaining portion...
Yep, deadline is the 12th.
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