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Regular welt actually sounds better to me as well. I like the idea of the MH71 Last for these also. All brass eyelets actually looks good also. All the other details get a thumbs up from me, where do I sign up?
Let me see, what adjective can I use to describe the St James Kudu and Calf? Hmmmmmmmm                     PERFECT!!!!!!!!
I agree with @laufer Thorpe please. 
 Agreed, Thorpe please!!!!​
In the first place no one can reasonably claim that any sort of sole leather or rubber for that matter will last that long or any set period of time for that matter. Regardless it will come down to type of sole and the conditions, how often, and the gate of the person wearing the shoe.
Yeah, but think of all the great shoes you end up with. LOL​
I figure they probably also tried to ship out the FedEx items first. Given this may have been a very large shipment I'm not really surprised that mine have yet to ship.  That's great to hear, I look forward to seeing your pictures. Once again Congrats, excellent choice if I may say so myself.
No, they used to give you an option. However I think one of the shoemakers had a policy where you could only ship via FedEx. I think that may have been St Crispins but none of my St Crispins were purchased via Skoak.
 I have yet to even receive the shipment notice. Its not surprising however as I opted for USPS. Basically I am willing to wait longer and not pay any additional custom fees. All rules being changed since the US website, however these were ordered prior to the new US website. I don't expect to see them for another week to week and 1/2. So @andrel42 what is your impressions with regards to the Kudu's color and texture? Oh, and Congrats by the way!!!
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