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I haven't seen any evidence of that.
Today was the last day, so you should be fine.
  Viberg advertises that they include a small container of VSC or Viberg Leather Preservative.with each pair of their boots. I received a small container of VSC with my pair of Viberg boots.
Fabulous choice, Congrats. They very quickly became my favorite Summer shoe.
I do, I tree all my leather shoes.
Very nice!!!!
I just purchased these not too long ago. I would have actually purchased them before then, however they never had my size in stock when they went on sale before then. They come unlined and on a comfortable sole, they're a fabulous Summer shoe. 
I've always liked the blue and red mix, great looking watch.
I couldn't resist the ability of being able to look at the movement. 
Looking good!!!
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