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Understand I just figured I would mention it, just in case you weren't aware that this was an option. I figure it's always best to know than not to have any idea what your choices are.
ThanksMore Galways, now that's not a bad idea. LOL
i think so, I'm really kind of stoked about the St James.I think the St James and the Malvern were two of best choices I've made in awhile.I actually committed to the St James prior to knowing that I had made a sale on the Galways, but the sale will go towards that purchase.
So true, so very very true.  Although in this case there is not so much regret as there is disbelief.  The purchase was surprising, and the result was just too much like another pair. The eventual sale was actually the right thing to do.   It's just that I never figured I would ever sell a pair of Galways.  However Rosewood CC on the 64 is just way too much like the Zug on the 64.
Hard to tell from one picture such as this how bad of condition they are in, but If they're Edward Green you may want to consider having Edward Green re-crafting them. Of course that will cost you quite a bit more, but then again they will make them look almost brand new. There are some pictures of other shoes in this thread of shoes that were recrafted by Edward Green.
I still can't believe I sold a pair of Galways, and the funny part is that they fit me too.     Oh well, it went towards a pair of St James in Kudu\Cedar Calf.     H**** I must be a shoe turd after all. LOL
I haven't looked at all of them in the baller thread because I stopped looking at a certain point, but from the examples I've seen I certainly couldn't agree more.
  I certainly like this shade much much better. DEETS sir, so what did you use to re-finish them with?
Sounds reasonable, pretty good combo.
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