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Awesome, thanks for sharing.
It was a Pre-Order with no mention on their about page about it being an upcoming arrival. So I'm not certain that they ordered any to stock and sell additional to the Pre-Order. If I were you I might email Skoak and see if the ordered any extra.
The standard typical stocked version is the DOAK Calf\Walnut CC on the 82 UK E. Skoak had a Pre Order for this version earlier this year which is due about the 15th of Aug. whether they ordered more for the store I have no idea. You may want to contact them. Axels generally has them however the stock them in the UK D width which is narrower than a typical US D width. You can have a look at the other retailers but to be honest I'm not sure who has any, and I imagine it...
64 being dress down with the Galway, and 82 being smart casual with the Galway, and 82 being even more dress with the Shannon.
Definitely, but certainly this is more of a country boot with a more bulbous toe.
Not knocking the 202 but the 82 is good fitting Last and a great smart casual look.
I would say it's pretty close, except I have a bit less room in toe box on the 888, it's a bit more snug. I take the same size on both Lasts by the way.
Very NiceTruckers is probably one of the few brands I don't own that I wish had purchased something from.
It seems that at least some shoemakers establish a higher MSRP in the U.S. versus other countries, so this is not entirely the retailer just trying to make more money.
Just a guess, but It probably has more to do with complaints of equity from their retailers in the states.
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