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Very nice!!!
Thank you sir.
Thanks Yep, these are more land lover fair for me.
Thank you. They were on sale, and more importantly this time they had my size in stock. Since they are unlined, they should be a bit cooler for this summer.
Do Cordovan Boat Shoes count?   If so I submit Rancourt for Brooks Brothers #8 Cordovan Boat Shoes.  
I decided recently to get the Brooks Brothers #8 Cordovan Boat Shoes because they were on sale and for once they had my size in stock. I did so even though I already have a pair of #8 Cordovan Ranger Mocs, and I'm glad I did. My Ranger Mocs are on the Montello Tempest Sole and are lined while the Boat Shoes are unlined and on what appears to be their rubber boat sole. The boat shoe should be lighter and cooler and just another great option for the summer.          
My Rider Co boots and my Rancourt loafers which are both Walnut have also darkened a bit, it appears that lighter shell will tend to do that.
Boy that stinks, but thanks for the heads up Patrik.
I wasn't aware of this, and thanks for the information. However there are other things about the boot that I like as well.
They made this boot twice just recently, hopefully you'll get another chance real soon.
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