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Good point. This was a requirement when myself and two others wanted a pair of Falkirk in Edwardian. The difference being these AR store stock, and not permanent stock.
Since this shoe is part of their permanent stock you shouldn't need to worry about this. In fact have a look at their Westminster page and it says if they don't have it in your size they'll be more than happy to contact EG and pull from central stock. They did the same for me twice last year.
I don't know if they have stepped it up lately or not, but I know I like how it looks on my recently acquired pair of Mahogany CC Dovers.  
Boot perv. LOL
Always more than happy to enable another WIS.
That's the BEST PART!!!
Stop already, you guys are going to push me off the cliff. Now I'm going to have to order some calf Dovers. LOL Very nice sir.
Good luck with your decision Roger, those are some Great looking boots.  Congrats.
That's one helluva GREAT START. Congrats!!!!
Great looking pictures guys!!!
New Posts  All Forums: