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I wonder if it wouldn't be best to order them at the same time for either G&G or EG shoes or boots so Skoak could sure good fit.
Thanks, I'll have to check them out.i wonder if they're not on about the same level as Whites with regard to quality and price.
It is interesting, but then again I'm not familiar with these boots.Then again I'm a shoe nerd. LOLWhere are they made, and who sells them?
Heck, I'm small potatoes around here.But I'm not complaining, by any means.
Who said I have enough? LOL
I still get pumped.Heck if I didn't i would move on to something else.
Has to be a more decorative type thing I would imagine.
Thank you sir.This is coming from a guy who used to buy mostly real nice boots and some shoes and now I try to do a little of both. LOL
Very nice, Congrats.
Skoak comes thru again!!
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