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Thanks guys.I know @tifosi and @rydenfan know what it's like, in fact if I get mine in a month my wait won't be anything like yours were. Besides I'm looking at it as a way to more evenly space out the other incoming MTOs I have coming up later.
@RogerP gave an excellent response to someone the other day. I think it was in the EG thread. Your shoe brush will be your best friend with shoes coming straight from the factory, that and of course shoe trees. The finish they received at the factory should be just fine for now.
A little bummed, found out today my Falkirks failed inspection and it'll take another month before they're ready. Not all that bad though, I'd rather get the quality EG is known for, and it'll only be 5 months if they're ready in another month. Besides I had no real plans to wear them this Winter anyway. I do wonder what percentage of the shoes and boots they make fail to pass muster?
For me it would be Dainite, but between the two you mentioned I'd lean towards double leather.
Great choice, like you said instant satisfaction.Congrats.
The Navy Dover sounds like a good idea.
Santa certainly wouldn't be pleased. LOL
Yes, yesThat must be it.I wonder if it's too late to change it?English Grain to English Green? LOL
Congrats, I'm just surprised the Isham isn't in green as well. LOL
For me the sole you chose should correspond with the leather you chose for the upper. Dover CC and Dainite sole for example, or Dover Calf and Double Leather sole being the other typiclle alternative. For the Isham in calf I'd probably go with single leather being the shoe being a bit sleeker than the Dover.
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