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From my perspective if you have to ask then more than likely it probably wouldn't be worth it to you because generally speaking most of the differences at this price point tend to be rather visual in nature. I think you'll find both of these shoemakers both do a real good job when it comes to construction and quality of work. So really what's left will be the Last, the quality of the leather, the finishing and all these elements tend to be rather visual.
Too late to say Hi ffor you, but I did talk to him a bit Thursday. Always make it a point to speak with him when there and it's always a great time. Watches and shoes, and your right he is a Champion for sure. He's done an absolutely marvelous job here, and to get AP in this location speaks volumes in my book.
Well that's the point isn't it, most here aren't just concerned with simply protecting ones feet.
Good job, Congrats!!Now let's see those Galways.
I was just there Thursday, had a fabulous time. I spent most of my time at the AP, Patek, and Rolex cases.
That's interesting as Viberg was actually the first thing that came to mind although those don't look quite like my service boots at least not on the. 2030. Thanks
@Leaves in regards to St. Crispins Lasts would you be able to make comparisons to other Lasts of other shoemakers you currently sell. I currently have 2 St Crispins but both of these are on the Sailor's Last and I am interested in trying some of the other ones as well. I know with regard to actual fitting we should contact you guys directly but I thought if you might be able to compare them a bit it might give some others a general idea as well.
Great looking collection. I don't know much, actually I don't know anything about the foot the coacher boots, but they look great. Anymore you would care to share about these boots?
Well said sir!!!
Here's hoping you' get the opportunity sometime in the near future.
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