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Ah, more into the dressier boots. Nice, but mine have been more casual with the Galways, Malvern, and Hutton. I also have a C&J and Carminna spectator as well.I actually went in on Skoaks Pre-Order for the Kudu\Cedar Calf St James. I can't wait to get my hands on that one. It's due in Sep I believe it was.In regards to the Sinatra I do get it. Some shoes or boots don't work for me as much in one combination as they do in anothe for whatever the reason. Just as I have...
My advice again would be to spend as little as possible on something you already believe not to be the end goal but a substitute and pocket the rest and save for the one you really want. I think you'll be much happier in the long run. There are plenty sub $300 watches that would be more than adequate for this purpose.
G&G has a number of models that look good to include the Walkton as well as the St James. If I were you you might want to look at the EG Malvern, Falkirk, and Harrogate. For boots the EG Galway is fabulous in Calf and Suede. Similar colors add a bit of spice without looking to clownish.
If you need something now but plan on getting something more substantial later on I would strongly suggest getting the cheapest suitable watch for the time being and don't waste anymore money than you have to. The more you waste now the further it puts you back from saving for that nicer watch you plan on getting later.
It's the Sam's Club and it's $3600. It's been at the club I shop at for about 6 months now. I don't have a link and to be honest I don't know that you could buy it online. In fact I imagine you probably couldn't.However most Costcos and SAMs clubs are known for this kind of thing. The main point being, the OP asked if he should have purchased the watch he purchased. In my opinion I wouldn't.In my opinion the watch he bought is nothing more than a rfairly expensive throw...
I have a few both shoes and boots and I've found them to be a good addition.Calf and suede tend to be my favorite combinations.
This.  Or wait until you have just about 4 times that much saved and get yourself an Omega Speedmaster at Sams. Now that's a much better deal.
You only have one? Oh, you poor man. LOL
Yeah, and if they ever found out I shovel my driveway with a pair of $20.00 snow boots I purchased more than 5 years ago.Oh the humanity, oh how embarrassing. LOL
By no means, they're yours and they're to be enjoyed.But I've never taken a shower or swam with a watch previously and I have no plans to do so after getting a Sub. Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but it works for me.
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