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Good idea, thanks for the hint.
Thank you for the quick response, information, and offer for the price list @Leaves. I'm sure this information is nothing new to many other members here, but it does seem a bit odd to operate this way. I guess this is just one of those things that EG does that makes them who they are.
Ah, I wasn't aware of that. I'm still fairly new to all of this, but how would one know what all else could possibly be ordered from EG? Do they have another reference or master catalogue that lists all of the models somewhere, or do you just have to have an idea of what models they've produced previously, and then check with them to see if it's still possible?
When looking at the EG catalogue I noticed the Falkirk is not in there. @Leaves is this model being discontinued by EG?
Awesome, and Congratulations!!!!
Very nice, Congrats.
Done and in, thanks @Leaves. I've been trying a bit of voodoo, but hopefully between the two of us we will be able to convince him.
Very nice. Eventually I think I would like to get a pair of these or a pair of EG Nevis.
Are you interested?
Old school, doll and needles. Anybody have a likeness of @tifosi? LOL
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