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Remember the best way to avoid buying SC is to not look at SC. LOL
Is that before or after the SC PC Boot?
Good point, I certainly wouldn't have made this choice as a second pair of boots. But now that I have more than just a few I can afford to have a bit more fun.
Interesting, good chance the calf\suede version of this shoe will be my next one.
Suede sounds like a good option considering the ones you have already, although I can see why you might want a different model at this point. Any ideas as to which other model you might want to look at?
Do I see Blue Dovers in your future?????
Different strokes for different folks. Personally I needed no convincing, but then again these boots matched my watch. Besides blue goes well with a lot of things, typically I wear mine with jeans, and besides I have a number of other burgundy options already. 
Nice looking shoe.
Thanks for the comparison picture. Great looking trio!!!
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