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Antique EdwardianBut then again there are variations from batch to batch. In fact there were variations within the same restock order for this same shoe. The color looked more orange on those shoes which where delivered before mine. Mine had to be remade three times.
But that's why we like you. LOLBut really, great choice, Congrats!!
Thank you sir.
With Edward Green exactly how would that be possible? LOL
Maybe not but they are harder to get right than laced shoes and even harder for someone like myself where I have one foot 1/2 size smaller than the other.
Yep, yep.
Fabulous choice for your first pair, Congrats!!
Very nice, very nice indeed. Congrats!!!
Thank you sir.
Good to know, I wasn't sure about Carmina. Rancourt also offers some shoes in boots in what they call Flint Kudu which is a suede.
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