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I was also getting a bit worried that the shell shortage I keep hearing about might prove to be a bit problematic. I'm just not sure how prevalent or long lasting this might prove to be.
Finally pulled the trigger on my Green Shell Ranger Mocs. I wanted to make sure I got them before the warmer weather gets here, and I was a bit concerned if I waited too long I might have a problem getting a shell shoe.
Great news, I can't wait to see your pictures.
Now that would be a winner!!!
Your right, they are Awesome!!!
That Iced Mocha sounds fabulous!!! Congrats on winning the contest.
What are your other two pairs?
It maybe a awhile, but they're certainly worth the wait. Good Luck.
They're certainly worth the price of admission.
If you don't have a pair, you certainly won't regret it. If you do own a pair already, you already know that.
New Posts  All Forums: