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Thank you sir
Luv the look of that Peccary leather.  Congrats Roger!!!
You mean like these? 
Very nice, and congrats on your latest cordovan pair.
Get real, what a joke.
I didn't buy as many Alden's as some here but I did buy a good number of AE shoes when I first started buying better quality shoes. I've since sold these as they've long since lost their luster. I'm trying to keep only those which I will have a purpose for and those which i'll enjoy wearing. For example I like Rancourt and I tend to wear their Ranger Mocs and Boat shoes with jeans and shorts. Besides between them and Quoddy I think they are first in class when it comes to...
AgreeMaybe bad pics but these kind of boots have never appealed to me either.
No, but I haven't worn them. Hence they are NIB. But from what I understand the Shearling doesn't really make them non-starter for normal wear as they don't get that warm according to what I've read from a number of posters. However you can always feel free to check out the EG and Skoak thread and see what other users with EG Galway Shearling boots have to...
That's kind of the way I've been approaching things for the last year or so.
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