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See now this is my hope. Everything I've read sounds like I made the right choice. As with all the other internet choices hoping to confirm later.These unfortunately are the anxious moments before actual confirmation takes place.
See I thought we might strictly be talking about substance type items like quality of materials, level of finishing, design, style, cost, and customer service.. I had no idea the length of service had anything to do with this discussion. However I see no problem including heritage in the discussion but I certainly see it being problematic if you want to include it ias some sort of value when ranking various shoemakers. Heritage is something worth noting but it doesn't...
Rosewood CC, good call!!
Sorry to hear that, hopefully you'll find the TG73 works for you. The comparison would have been rather interesting besides the particular one I am getting is on the MH71 so I was really looking forward to hear another persons thought on this Last.
Great choice, Congrats!!! White or Blue Dial?
Relatively speaking however this is one that can be made up a lot more easily than a number of the other ones. This is only a matter of an additional fee, where as some of the others made with more rare or exotic leathers cant always be purchased as easily even if your willing to pay more. Those are the ones you have to be willing to pull the trigger faster on. Sometimes you cant even afford to wait until the deadline because there's such a limited number and such a high...
Maybe this is the key, very little desire for and presence of classic men's style in that area, because it certainly cant be due to lack of money.
 Just a few thoughts when I look at this list. For the most part I think this agrees with most sentiments that you see on SF. For the most part anyway. However the list isn't even credited to a specific source or nor does it provide any reasons for any of the rankings so its just another list that really doesn't have that much credibility. There are so many  brands that I don't have any personal experience with, but as you said it also includes brands which don't even make...
So there really are no high end men shoe retailers in LA. I mean I kind of wondered  if once LS of BHills closed if that left anything else there. I certainly never heard of anything, but I don't live there so I wasn't certain. Just seems for a location that is so affluent like that you would think there would be. Or is it like South Beach FL were you don't hear of anything being located there as well. These seem like they are rather affluent areas so you would think there...
The comment was meant more to do with a style preference.
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