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I think your right @sevenfoldtieguy, an intervention is in order.
@tifosi it sounds like your friends have spoken. LOL
Now if we only could get @tifosi to see it.
Yep, I think in this case his friends know what's best for him.
It's never too late. Besides I'm thinking this is more of a casual shoe anyway.
Well then, it's a good thing he has friends like us.
Hey @tifosi, don't you need a light colored shoe? This would be a perfect time to get one.
@Leavesif you can get the other person for the Falkirk in Edwardian then you can count on me.@dpprdr we now have two.
A quick google shows 880.76 US Dollar, which may or may not be accurate but it is certainly close.
Agreed, very nice!!!
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