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Understand, and I'm certain it'll be worth the wait.  Take your time, and please post them when you get the chance. 
No sweat, it'll be more than worth the wait.
   Ok your here, now let's see the BOOTS!!!! LOL
  What say you @Leaves?
Yo @rydenfan, where are you at????
Yo @NAMOR, where are you at??????
Mine are as well, I don't know why I couldn't tell that from your picture.
Fabulous sir. I think C&J Boots are some of the best boots you can possibly buy.
THIS is the BEST advice money can buy.  Ok, it was free, but it's the BEST advice you'll ever get.
Well you know me, the SFs number one troublemaker. LOL   I can't wait to see your collection @Leaves.
New Posts  All Forums: