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@wurger has an excellent thread on the black dress oxford you might want to check that out. I would certainly consider the John Lobb Philip II and the Vass OE on the F Last.
To be honest I think I would have gone with black first had I not already had something in black already. However now that I have Dock I can't imagine not getting one in this color. So I can see getting a black oxford from another shoemaker, but when it comes to brown EG is the place to go.
Thank you sir. I'm very happy, and I am currently looking at upgrading my black oxfords in the same manner.
More shoe porn, unfortunately my pictures do them little justice.            
Yep, there are quite a few Galway versions that are extremely nice. So my advice to you would be not sweat the decision too much, as long as you pick one of the ones you like you can and you should come back for more later. The one pictured is a great version, good luck. 
But what purpose does that really serve to get a group together? They don't charge any MTO fee, at least not upfront they don't tell you that your paying an additional fee, and their prices for stock models at a retailer are the same you pay when ordering a single MTO if I remember correctly.
Very nice. Congrats again great choice for your first EG. What combo did you choose for your Galway that's on the way?
As great looking as the Dover in Rosewood CC looks, I have already joined the GMTO for the Mahogany CC Dover. I would much rather prefer the Rosewood CC Nevis, since I don't yet have a Nevis or any split toe boot for that matter. 
Thank you sir.
Why can't you get it going?
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