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Who says a sports watch can't be elegant as well.
Although the diameter of this watch happens to be 40mm this one wears smaller than most.
​Actually while thinking back on it the specific watch I tried was a Day Date and for my older eyes it most certainly was a size issue.  It was just too challenging and it felt rather small to me. I never really tried any DJ at 36mm because at the time I owned a DJII. I do own a AP 15300 and at 39mm and at least for this watch I wouldn't want to go any smaller. I've just found personally I don't much care for watches which are either too small or too big. My largest watch...
For me at 6'3" and older eyes it just doesn't work, however if it works for you I see no reason not too. I had a few bigger watches but I found for the most part 40mm works just fine for me.
I think it depends on what your looking to pair them with. If wearing with jeans then no. If trying to pair with a dressier outfit then I would say yes.
Very nice!!!
No harm meant and often I find until further conversation is had people really have no idea what and why something is said. I still believe there might be other possibilities but since I have no idea what you've done to this point and what all is out there I certainly can't say for certain.But because we do have some very experienced members here, some who may have the same experience, and some who are podiatrists maybe they might have some ideas which might benefit you.
Actually since they are owned by Richmount I have little doubts about the watch being decent.
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