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How about unibrow? LOL
Congratulations, and I also want to say thank you for sharing your knowledge here as well.
^Great choice, Congrats!!
I wore many a pair of these while in the service. Great to wear, and yes they would certainly take a spit shine.
Sounds great, I'm happy to hear it worked out for you. This and the willow from EG might end up being my biggest regrets.
Both boots sound marvelous, but I really look forward to seeing the Galway.Sounds like the Thorpe is getting a lot of Luv lately.
I don't think he was originally, I think this was something he was able to do within the last few days or weeks.
Looking sharp. I came close to joining the GMTO, these pictures make me wish I had.
Welcome aboard.   I look forward to seeing your online catalog and commerce site growing, I also hope to see models in my size UK 11. 
They showed up again about a month or so ago.
New Posts  All Forums: