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82 Last, that's certainly a bit different from the norm.
I upgraded my black dress oxfords last year with a pair of EG Chelsea's.
Personally I have few black shoes, although there are some which are pretty nice ones out there. The Dover however isn't one which I think I would ever get in black.The Black willow Skoak is doing might possibly be the one exception.
Yep, black is a non starter for this shoe if you ask me.
Thanks, but I got lucky.I sure hope it fits, because I can certainly I vision getting more than just one pair.
I screwed that up, but at least I'm making up for it now. LOL
No, I would say it would be impossible really.
Very sharp!!
They take a break but I believe it is in Aug. It seems as though they haven't figured it out yet or have yet to announce it. However I wouldn't be in such a hurry, it's not likely to be good news.
Ah, thank you. I knew I couldn't definitively there wasn't one, I just couldn't remember if there was for sure or not. Then again with their extensive back catalogue that's probably the case for most things. LOL
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