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Thank you sir.
This tends to be my favorite.
I think it's fabulous that you've decided that G&G is the next shoemaker that you've decided to go with. It just doesn't get much better. However to go with probably their sleekest Last without any prior experience with G&G Lasts or the ability to try on their Deco Last in person is probably the riskiest decision you could make especially given how much these shoes cost. Good luck.
Personally I don't and you may get a response or two here but if I were you I would also check out the RM Williams appreciation thread on this forum.
This has always been one of my favorite parts when it comes to my Speedy.
Bick4 is great for conditioning and it helps to get rid of and prevent water spots. Sapphire Renovateur which is Saphirs conditioner tends to be a bit harsher as it is a cleaner and conditioner and it tends to remove more finish so I don't tend to use this product unless my intention is to do so. Saphir also has turpentine which Bick4 does not and the presence of turpentine for some isn't a desirable ingredient. Whether that makes it bad or not is irrelevant for me as I...
Works for me.
It does as long as you use the right spring bars. It's been awhile since I got this but I don't think it took any different end links. I would have to go back and re-look exactly what it took however as it's been almost 6 years now.
Pepsi is where it's at. Combine it with a Super Jubilee and you really have something if you ask me.
Although I happen to post my watches with other things which I just happen to have a passion for I can certainly understand your perspective.In regards to measuring my anatomy or envisioning myself being a bigger person because of something I have vs someone else these sites actually can be rather humbling at times if that were the reason for me doing so. I've long ago learned that there are numerous others who have or are able to get much more than I do. Frankly I don't...
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