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They are, but when things got really serious I decided to go with the Malverns instead.
Its really easy to navigate, the pictures on the whole are very good, the additional information about the shoe is short sweet and to the point, and the MTO pages and info are extremely helpful.
Congrats, I often thought about getting a pair myself.
Very true.
I understand but please try to remember that from a lot of peoples experiences Carmina has a very good reputation but then again humans make mistakes. Please try to be patient and attempt to contact them again.  It is entirely possible they maybe a bit overwhelmed at this point or something didn't get to where it should, or the person your trying to contact is away for some reason. Who knows?? I have a feeling once they realize there is an issue they will do their best to...
Here's an example of that very thing. Top picture by Skoak and bottom picture taken by me. I even had this same phenomena occur when I took pictures to a degree. It just depended on the lightening in regards to how dark the suede and calf looked.   
As said by others items such as Heather Gorse and Willow Calf with EG and Kudu with G&G.
Absolutely agree, I could post a couple of pictures of my Chameloen Calf and Loden Suede shoes which are quite a bit different.
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