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I still get pumped.Heck if I didn't i would move on to something else.
Has to be a more decorative type thing I would imagine.
Thank you sir.This is coming from a guy who used to buy mostly real nice boots and some shoes and now I try to do a little of both. LOL
Very nice, Congrats.
Skoak comes thru again!!
I almost got one just like it the beginning of the year, man I just might have to revisit this shoe in the future.  Double Leather Soul???
  Thank you sir. I used to have a few leather strap watches, but I can still do one on a rubber strap though. LOL Thank you sir. It was between this and the Daytona, but I figured the AP had the edge. A bit dressier even though its all steel and a sports watch. Asquiths, Damn I need a pair of Asquiths. Thank you, I think it pays to cover all your bases. Besides these were odd stock from Skoak, so it was a helluva deal to boot. LOL
Thank you sir.They certainly do look better in the light.
Oh, and here are some Some Suede and NATO pics I thought you might enjoy.
Hopefully a bit better pictures of my Falkirks. Oh, and 1 picture per @Tifosi request. LOL
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