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Do you have Dark Oak sneakers too" LOL In all seriousness, I would think at some point you would find the occasion to wear a pair of black oxfords.
Right, this is why I wanted to ask and see what everyone has been doing with their Doak colored shoes. But I did ant to see if it might be possible to add a bit of a spit shine on the toe and heal without screwing up the color. I would do light fade up the vamp if possible as well.
I know I've gotten better at using less wax, but it's been such a long time since I've done the neutral trick I forget how long it actually took. However if memory serves me correctly it wouldn't necessarily happen the first or second time but over time like maybe the third or fourth time. 
I did the same with my Galways, but my experience has been that it will especially if you spit shine (Bully) with neutral wax.
For most people on their Doak colored shoes are you using dark brown wax, dark brown and black wax, or neutral wax which can flake white residue from time to time?
Thank you
So would you be willing to say if one wore an E on the 82 for the most part one could expect to wear an E on the 7000 in the same size?
For me there's certainly and added appeal with the Doak color, but the shoe I chose whether Dock or not should stand on it's own merit as well. Besides I do find some of C&J Lasts not quite as appealing to the eye and my foot.
Thanks for the comparison, and from the one JL that I have it's no surprise to me that the leather would seem a bit better. I also would actually anticipate that the JL 7000 would be sleeker when compared to the EG 202. However I wonder how it compares to the EG 82. I would think these two might be a bit closer perhaps.
Showing that black shoe luv, very nice.  Congrats. How would you compare the fit of these two?
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