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Yes, this certainly is even more of an issue when your buying in batches of ten.  Not quite such a big issue when buying just one or two.
Only via the Black Market. LOL​
Good point, although for me it hasn't been enough of an issue to require a different size.
That may be the published offer, but you can always pay in full upfront. I've done that many a time or paid the balance before it being due at some point later. I've done this with many a vendor, and sometimes received some sort of discount by paying in full up front. I don't know of any vendor that isn't more than willing to take full payment in advance.​
I don't think I can say I've ever received anything but great service when purchasing shoes like G&G or St Crispins from other stores prior to Skoak, but it really is the more personalized service and the items I mentioned elsewhere that makes Skoak exceptional in my opinion and the best option for me..​
50/50 and pay all up front are all standard fair. The other really isn't that much different than 50/50 in my opinion.  Besides this is a luxury item if you cant afford to pay in cash you really might want to reconsider what your doing. Just saying.
In my opinion it's the bolded section that set Skoak apart and Not only are they typically so quick getting back with you, it's the fact that Patrick answers and enlightens us to what is going on here on the forum. It's kind of like bringing the shop to those of us here who are unable to actually visit his store.  Don't forget the special make ups one isn't normally going to find. Zug, Willow, Kudu, and etc etc......... 
Ok, pretty standard fair with the exception of option 3. I've never purchased directly from G&G, but then again I have very few G&G shoes and boot. Don't forget the Boot. LOL
What kind of varied payment options are you talking about? Are they published somewhere on his website?
Boots can tend to be a bit roomier than shoes using the same Last. However I don't find it significant enough that I need to size down between the shoe and the boot.I personally find the same size on all EG Lasts I have used so far regardless of shoe or boot to work just fine for me. So far I have shoes and boots on the 82, a boot on the 64, shoe on the 888, and a shoe on the 202.
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