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  Actually mine was for the Oak Kudu version which originally wasn't due until this mid March. Other than a couple of pairs that were only late by about a month the only order which I had to wait an extra long time for was a pair of EG Falkirks which took three remakes and about 10 months. So I've been pretty lucky actually.
I don't know about that. It may not be specifically what they are known for, but they certainly have a few really great models. This includes the Arran which is one of the best looking chukkas out there, the Thorpe which is an extremely nice looking split toe, the Burnham which is a fabulous looking chelsea which is also one of the better looking ones out there, and the Wigmore which is a great looking balmorial. They also recently came out with the Glencoe a derby which...
Very nice, Congrats!!I can't wait to get my Kudu Thorpes.
Sorry to hear that, but I can certainly understand why you choose to move on.
That stinks. So did you send them back?
Very nice, Congrats!!
Either is fabulous, personally I like white more so that's the one I chose.
Does that mean @tifosi is small time too? LOL
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