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 I have yet to even receive the shipment notice. Its not surprising however as I opted for USPS. Basically I am willing to wait longer and not pay any additional custom fees. All rules being changed since the US website, however these were ordered prior to the new US website. I don't expect to see them for another week to week and 1/2. So @andrel42 what is your impressions with regards to the Kudu's color and texture? Oh, and Congrats by the way!!!
I don't own the St James on the TG73 but I do own the Hayes on the TG73 and the Thorpe on the MH71. Both of which are in the E width and I do find the MH71 has more room in the toe box, but even though the Thorpe is a boot and tends to have more space than shoes on the same Last find the same size works fine for me. Sorry but I'm located in the states so I can't answer your question with regards to customs?
The shaft of the Islay when compared to the Lindrick is taller, so this may also be the case when compared to the Skye as well.
Excellent, I really like the material they used on the shaft of these boots.Congrats!!
Very nice, Congrats!!
I own a few Edward Green boots and shoes. I wear the same size on all the the Edward Green Lasts that I own 64, 82, 89, 202, and 888. Sapphire Renovateur is billed as a cleaner as well as a conditioner. I actually find it to be more of a cleaner since it always tends to remove some finishing when used. As a conditioner I tend to use Bick4.
In general for Crockett and Jones you should size down by 1 full size i.e. UK 9 1/2 or US 10 1/2In general for Edward Green you should size down by 1/2 size or UK 10 E or US 10 1/2.Each foot is different but these are the general sizing recommendations of course it's always best to try them on in person first.
Congrats, and I look forward to your pictures.  The Adelaide has slowly become one of my favorite style of shoes.
Well what was it, and where are the Pics man? LOL
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