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Very nice, Congrats!!!
I wouldn't even wear them with dress slacks, typically I would only pair them with jeans.
Very nice, Congrats!!!
Fabulous choice, Congrats!!!
Well for now the last two were from G&G and the next two I have on order already are from G&G. I also have a few more I wouldn't mind getting like a St James in polo suede for one.
Edward Green has so many models there's almost no way they can all be included all of the time. It doesn't really mean they are discontinued however. When Skoak stocked and then I ordered a restock of the Falkirk it wasn't included in their catalogue at the time.
Very nice, Congrats!!
Great pairing, well done.
Fit should always be the most important factor. However I don't have any experience with the 606, but the pair I have on the 202 works just fine for me.
Oh yeah, I get it. In fact Edward Green is still my favorite. I'm just grabbing a few G&Gs at this point that I've always kind of wanted, that and a few have been in Kudu which makes them even a bit unique and different. Really can't go wrong here, look forward to see which color you choose.
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