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Wow, Galways in Doak and Walnut CC another Excellent Choice. Congrats!!
This sounds like an excellent recommendation and the Isham is a great looking shoe. I've got a feeling this will work out a lot better for you, good luck.
Excellent choice, I can't wait to see your pictures when they arrive.
Well health and being comfortable is certainly the most important thing. However I hope you'll be able to figure out how to remain healthy and pain free but still return to wearing and enjoying your shoes.
Very nice, I like how they incorporated the suede into the boot.
Sorry to hear about this, but exactly what is the issue? Just curious, but is it because your small toe is rubbing on the side of the shoe? Hopefully you'll be able to figure something out and not have to get rid of your shoes.
Yes, this sounds like a good one. I won't be joining, but good luck.
Looks like the price rise went into effect on these already. LOL
Yep, stupid autocorrect.I saw it only after hitting submit.
Split Toe and RavelloSweet!!!!
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