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Thanks Roger, I forgot to send my carrier pigeon. DOH  Ok, carrier pigeon sent.
Sent PM to Leaves, I want in.  Here zuglet, here zuglet.
PM sent.
Yeah, but one can always dream. The worst they can say is no when one asks.
If I were to get one my vote would be for a lighter color of shell if possible as well. Walnut would be my first choice, however whiskey might be a good alternative. How does whiskey compare to walnut, are they about the same?   Leaves, thanks for checking on what the issue was with making the Galway in cordovan.
If you don't mind me asking, why have you decided to part with them?
Good deal, I figured as much. Thanks for checking.
I'm hoping this means Leffot will get theirs soon as well. I Pre-Ordered mine thru them in January.   
They're getting so close now, I can almost smell the new leather.
New Posts  All Forums: