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Not the same. Renovatatuer is a cleaner\conditioner. Saphir Neutral Cordovan Cream is a cream. I also find that Renovateur tends to dry out Cordovan. This is why I started to use the neutral cordovan cream. Venetian Shoe Cream is also a cleaner\conditioner which I have yet to use on cordovan, but I prefer to use something specifically designed for cordovan. Regardless I find the Saphir Neutral Cordovan Cream gives me good results. It really seems to be a good moisturizer...
Agree. I use Saphir Neutral Cordovan Cream, and that seems to work real well.
Thank you sir.
I get the feeling they'll sell (GMT IIC Pepsi White Gold). I think Rolex made the right choice. In the meantime however, I guess I'll just have to wear my poor man Pepsi. 
Yep, Sailor it is. 
Man, they just can't screw this thing up, now can they. This boot just looks more Awesome no matter what!!!! 
Great looking pair of boots, Congrats!!!!
Excellent, great looking pair of boots.
Fabulous choices, Congrats!!!!
Those are some good looking shoes.
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