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Boot, did someone say BOOT????
Hey, let's focus on this pair of shoes for now.   We'll work out those other minor details later.
Hey, I also here long ago in the medieval times they had this device called THE RACK.    I can't guarantee it'll work, but maybe it's worth a shot.  LOL   
If you stuff some paper in the toe of the shoe you'd be just fine.  Jerry said it best:  Buy Buy Buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  LOL
Exactly, I don't disagree one bit. Some of my needs or my preferences just happen to be a bit different than some of yours. However in the long run maybe you'll get me to see the light on this whole austerity brogue shoe thing. I don't know, but maybe you will.
Let me see.................... HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM  Wrong size and duplicate pair. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  Ah, why the Hell not?  It's cordovan after all. LOL
I want a pair of those!!!!  Shoot they're not in my size.  Thank goodness I don't have to cut off my toes after all.  I just remembered I already have a pair.
Sorry to see you pulled your post. I was only able to see this initially on my phone when away from my house. I was so looking forward to seeing those pictures of those boots and reading the post in it's entirety. Heck this was my main reason for rushing home and sitting down at my computer. Not often I come across older boots like this and get a chance to read a bit about some history of this particular passion of mine.  Please reconsider or at least please send my a PM...
 I've typically just bypassed them in the past as they just didn't seem to be me, however I tend to pay more attention to Austerity brogues as the collection gets larger and I look for more disparity. I'm not sure I'm quite there yet however.I have a lot of boots and I started with the bulky shoes from AE and Alden initially. So now that I am buying shoes from EG I look forward to getting more shoes that use some of the sleeker Lasts that I am able to actually wear. I...
For that price have you even considered looking at something from Saint Crispins, John Lobb, Gaziano and Girling, Edward Green or even Vass. There are others but the brands I mentioned are the ones I typically think of when I consider paying that much for a shoe.
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