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Wow, maybe it's just me then. I thought they looked blue. LOL
Ah well, I don't go fly fishing anyway.And if I did I certainly wouldn't go fly fishing with my Galways or deep sea diving with my Rolex Submariner. There's much better equipment that performs these task a whole lot better.
Long Live the spectator!!
Those be DOAK, yep now those are DOAK right there. LOL
Looking good, liking the blue.
Shhhh, or EG may eventually address this as well.
Yep, EG rocks!!
Cool can't wait to see your pictures.
This is me and this is what works for me. There are certainly others here who may do it differently and certainly will give you some valuable input or advise. I'm a relative shoe noob when it comes to the many more experienced people here.In the end do the thing that works best for you. Good luck and please do share with us whatever you chose.Cheers,Dan
  All I could ever advise is what has worked for me in the past with regards to any purchases I have made. This of course may or may not work for others. Regardless of brand and regardless of model, I've always tended to purchase the one that I wanted the most at the time I've purchased it. Sometimes its the next on the list and sometimes it's a discovery at that time that I want really bad. I've strayed from this from time to time and mostly its because of opportunity,...
New Posts  All Forums: