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Non-slip, non-spill, and split toe to boot. LOL
New glasses, now my wife should really appreciate that.  She's been talking about getting new glasses. LOL
Cup holders, now why didn't I think of that. Now I have no worries when the wife sees my latest pair of boots. LOL
Great choice!! Very nice.
Absolutely. I missed out last year, but then again I was busy filling other needs.  But I had no intention in missing out again.
 It does. Can't wait to get my pair.
Another older Doak.    
Understand, but I couldn't tell if that was due to leather or just finishing. Besides my response would be my response regardless. But like you said it wasn't easily noticeable, so I'd say enjoy them in good health sir.
if you don't care it doesn't matter, as long as long term it does affect the shoe somehow.
New Posts  All Forums: