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In the final analysis it appears to me that Edward Green and a very large number of other shoemakers aren't really for you. For me on the other hand I've found that Edward Green and a few others are a whole lot more to my liking than Alden.
Well you may have me there, but personally I don't purchase my footwear with any hopes of re-taining value or any intention of selling them. When I purchase shoes or boots it's strictly because I see something that I think I'll enjoy wearing. I admit I have sold some but that was more because they were no longer being worn and they were just taking up space but I had no expectation that they would retain a majority of what they initially cost.When purchasing watches...
You could certainly make this point with regards to almost any GYW shoe or boot that cost more than $300. Besides EG isn't the only shoemaker that charges this much for a half shell boot.
  Understand, and thanks for sharing but I do wonder if this type of thing occurred with the other Lasts. I would think at some point they would want to transfer the other Lasts to the same kind of forms as well.​ I guess it just kind of depends on what kind of wear the other Lasts experienced with regards to how big the difference will be.
So I would assume this might be the same for other Lasts such as the 888, 202, and 64​ as well?
So after all this time your just getting around to o thinking about getting shoe trees, so what have you been doing up to this point​?
Congrats!!I actually know another person that was able to get one of the other slots.
Thanks for checking in, and I'm certain everyone here looks forward to seeing those pictures.​
Tire Kicker gets my vote. LOL
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