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Great pairing, well done.
Fit should always be the most important factor. However I don't have any experience with the 606, but the pair I have on the 202 works just fine for me.
Oh yeah, I get it. In fact Edward Green is still my favorite. I'm just grabbing a few G&Gs at this point that I've always kind of wanted, that and a few have been in Kudu which makes them even a bit unique and different. Really can't go wrong here, look forward to see which color you choose.
Just when I'm starting to order more G&Gs. LOL​
  Great choice, Congrats!!!​ I cant wait to see your pics and hear your thoughts when you receive them.
Ah, do you have a link to the actual post your referring too?
No that's not correct, however what I think you may have read is that I said Skoak has paused their EG MTO program due to long delivery delays originating from EG.
Very nice, Congrats!!!
 .Great choice, Congrats!!!​  I cant wait to hear your thoughts and see you pictures when you actually receive them.
Very nice, Congrats!!
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