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You made a great choice. Yes, you really should get yourself a suede and calf Galwway. So many options, and all of them look fabulous. Personally it was real easy for me. I just went with the one that matched a particular dial on one of my watches.  Oh, and Edward Greens Suede is Frigging Awesome!!!
Hard to top those, very nice.  Congrats!!!
Those are Excellent!!!  Congrats!!!!  Personally I've always thought if I got a pair I would want suede and calf or different colors shaft and upper, but those look fabulous.
Go ahead and post the one they gave you then.
Too late I looked, but dagnabit it's not there. 
Very nice.  Just add this to the others I have yet to get.
Being a shoe freak myself this is the best part.More shoes LOL
I did order the Chelsea in Doak on the 82 that Skoaktiebolaget hadInstant gratification in a couple more days. LOLIn actuality though I have no problem waiting for MTOs because then I'm getting exactly what I want
DratOh we'll. the things we must be willing to do for our shoes
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