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Yes!!!   Cordovan boat shoes should be here tomorrow.     It's really amazing, no matter how many, no matter what kind, I still get excited when receiving the latest pair.
Not I.
Me neither. Those are just to similar in my opinion.
Agreed, and I would start with the vendor first. Good Luck, and please let us know how it goes.
That's the way I feel about my upcoming Zug Galway. Third pair of Galway's but I still think this pair will be rather special.
 In fact that's why I said it also depends on what you already have. Once in a lifetime are pretty nice, but I see staples as being just as if not more important.
    It depends on what you like best, it depends on what you already have. But keep in mind that you can always get the Galway at anytime, however you may not be able to get the Brandy Viberg anytime soon if you pass on this opportunity.
What's the purpose of having a place to talk about EG if your forbidden to discuss any and everything EG? I've yet to have any negative experiences personally, but see no reason why those experiences if and when they occur should be forbidden. It certainly won't hurt me, and besides I might even learn something.
Great Advice!!!
But my point is that if I wore a gold Patek Calatrava on a alligator strap that most people regardless of social context would agree that "This is a dress watch". As well if I wore a EG Shannon that most people regardless of social context would agree "This is a pair of dress boots".  However you'll get more people in various social contexts to disagree with you when you call a Viberg boot or a Submariner a dress item. Yes some people will agree with you, but you'll get...
New Posts  All Forums: