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I have a somewhat vague idea what the top drawer program has to offer. I guess I was trying to find out more about the specific details with regards to these shoes and exactly what you had done to them.
Very nice, what exactly makes these top drawer? Better leather, design, Last???
Thank you sir.
The best is very subjective, so only you can chose which one or ones appeal to you. Unfortunately because of the way these threads are setup these discussion or comparisons just don't happen as much as they should.Bad influence? Hey if I point you towards something better or something worth at least comparing at least you have a better idea as to what is available. Always better to know what choices you have beforehand than after the fact.
Go for the best. Take your time if you have too. But always, always go for the VERY VERY BEST!!!
Nice, I like the lighter color as well.
I wouldn't say that. I would say that the one I saw that caught my eye was the Leather Soul John Lobb version with the Croc strap. I've yet too seriously consider getting one to this point however, so I've yet to seriously compare any others.
Sometimes the ones that are really worth getting are worth waiting for
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