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Very nice, Congrats!!
Very nice, Congrats!!
It's no different than waxing a car. A bit more pressure and you can get a higher shine. Of course you can't do this at the beginning but as the wax becomes a bit slicker you can apply a bit more pressure. They key is that the wax and water becomes nice and smooth. It helps to have the right mixture of water and wax and a good cotton rag. I use the older style diapers myself and I don't always go for the highest spit shine possible. A little bit at times can go a long way. ‚Äč
Agreed, at least based on what I've read. Just too many examples of negative results. Issues occur with all brands but there are some such as Meermin which seem to have more occurrences than others.
Not bad, there's at least one member on TRF who's done it, but for me the rubber strap for this one is such an integral part of the whole package I see no reason to do it.
Very nice, Congrats!!!
Great choice, because they look fabulous.
Keep in mind that I don't own anything from Meermin and I am no well versed Meermin expert. I don't even spend much time reading reviews about them, I've just read some reviews and a good portion of what I've read include issues. Some of these issues if I remember correctly were with regards to their Linea Maestro line if I remember correctly. As to whether this actually occurs very often with the Linea Maestro the best that you might find would be to read and ask other...
It's only been used for one boot that I am aware of, so it's a bit hard to say for now as I don't own that boot.
I can certainly understand your frustration, because it appears as your expectations were not met. Upon close inspection I don't think anyone could call this perfect work, but then again from what I've read about Meermin and the price your paying it would be a bit difficult for me to expect that i would get perfect work from them anyway. From what I've read they appear to have a fairly high amount of QC issues which is not the ncommon for shoemakers in that price range....
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