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^Not bad, but not how I typically think a Falkirk will look.
I cant remember many ever carrying this boot, but then again I've only been following EG for a couple of years now. But its probably because the Galway and Shannon happen to be so much more popular. But then again I maybe biased, since I like the G&G Thorpe just a little bit more. Maybe it was also because the Thorpe was a bit of change of pace for me as well.
I wasn't really a fan when I initially saw it either, however I really haven't paid much attention to it since. 
Very nice!!
Well said.
I have two watches with the exact same movement. In fact a good number of people for various reasons would only choose one or the other but generally not both of these watches. However for me they both are different enough and I really appreciate both on their own merits. But I chose both the PP5711 and PP5167 because I really wanted both of these watches. Do yourself a favor and don't choose any of these watches simply because you can get any of them for a good price....
Well as long as that works for you that's all that matters. Getting stuff on sale can be pretty nice as well. However personally I find that I have a pretty good idea as to what I want. In fact getting something other than what I really want at this point would be just getting it to have another shoe or boot. I might have more shoes or boots this way but they wouldn't be the ones that I really want. In the beginning I had less of an idea as to what I really wanted and I...
I did have a look around, thanks. I found the information you had on the Seidel Madone very interesting.
Well after looking around and giving it some thought I made my choice. Hopefully it will be here before Christmas.
Absolutely fabulous, you have excellent taste sir.  Congrats!!!!
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