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The one Last I don't have yet is the 606, however from the picture I think it looks just fine. At this point however I would probably like to try the Dover on the 606 just that appears to be the Last EG chose as being the Last for that shoe.
Very nice, thanks.
Deets please........
Definitely gives the boot some character. Do you have any idea how they accomplish the burnishing effect?
Thank you sir.
No problem.
Got to Luv Rolex.  Nice!!!!   Watches and shoes my two worst vices.
Shhhhhhh  Don't tell the wife, this sounds like the perfect excuse for another watch.
  Thanks again sir, Great idea.
Thank you. Lighting in the house isn't that great due to Winter, but it's awful difficult to see any difference. The Mahogany CC is burnished and I think there might be a tinge more red tint in the Heather Gorse. Sorry I can't take any pictures right now as I just plugged the camera battery in to recharge.
New Posts  All Forums: