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I don't blame you. Rider has so many great looking boots, and I very happy with the one pair I purchased. The quality of the one I purchased is definitely a notch or two above most other shoemakers.
Boy, these are going like hot cakes.  Too bad they didn't even have my size to begin with.  With a G&G already on the way however , I think I'll bide my time for awhile anyway.  I want to see if it's a passing fad, or if the idea will continue to grow on me.
Let me see Wear the Dover or wear the Long wing in #8.  Wear the Dover gets my vote.
I purchased one pair of their Ranger Mocs, but this was prior to the thread mess. I haven't looked at any OSBs since then.
Very nice. A lot of variety in styles and makeups.  Of course I'm still extremely partial to the Galways.
Yes. I already have the Hayes on the TG73. The toe box is a bit snug but it's fine, and their Lasts are supposed to be fair comparable size wise. Since it's a boot it should be even be a bit looser. All this goes along with whatever I've read and heard to this point so far. I don't foresee any issues.
Yeah, Vibergs aren't as easy to get as others, and they tend to make them in pretty limited batches without much advanced notice. I guess I'm lucky that I just like the common Brown Service Boot. It was pretty easy to Pre-Order from Leffot.  Yeah, I'm pretty stoked about my upcoming G&G Thorpe. I'll have to be patient though as it's a good 6 months away. Hopefully the two EG shoes I have on the way will help to keep me satisfied for now. Besides it should be here in time...
I've thought about getting the navals in black a couple of times, however something else always seem to get in the way.  I would highly recommend Vibergs as I really like their service boot, and If you choose to get it from Leffot you can get with a partially structured toe if that's to your liking.   There's one boot from Lobb that I've always liked. The Jodhpur with the crocodile strap. C&J just has too many really great boots to mention here. 
Awesome, and Walnut is my favorite color for Cordovan.
Weather resistant, comfortable, and Galway's to Boot.   Zug, Zug, Zug.
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