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Very nice, very nice indeed.
My wife won't let my GFs get involved either. LOL
Oops I turned this into the G&G thread, that certainly wasn't my intent.But anyway I don't own anything on that Last. However like I said all G&G Last are supposed to be the same with exception of toe box. If I remember correctly that is a more rounded Last and probably has more room in the toebox when compared to the MH71 and TG73 but I would ask the same question in the G&G thread before they kick us out of the EG thread. LOL
Good choice and good luck.Actually I didn't wait either. I intended to but the St James II in Kudu and Claf came out and well....But anyway I did have one on the TG73 all ready so it wasn't I gigantic risk, but I still consider myself rather lucky.
I also was very reluctant. However the Thorpe on the MH71 was and is a good place to start, at least for me anyway. I am a US 11 1/2 D and although I find the G&G E MH71 Last more sleek throughout the Last I find 11 E MH71 works for me on both the Thorpe and now the St James. Of course the same Last tends to be more roomy on boots than shoes so trying it on the boot first gave me the confidence and reassurance I needed. G&G Lasts are supposed to be all the same with the...
Very nice.To me this is much more interesting shoe than a Malvern in Doak.
Yep I was just reminded of this the other day. I just received a new pair of shoes about a week ago, and low and behold I just ordered another boot the other day. I am getting better however as most of them are things I thought about for awhile and not just impulse purchases.
Much more different shades of brown depending on the light.
They're current lineup looks fairly interesting​, and I'll certainly have to keep an eye on them.  I just ordered another boot this week however, so I'm not quite ready to get yet another right now.
Yes, chameleon is a more light brown color and definitely more interesting than just plain brown in my opinion.​
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