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I wonder if AE would do an MTO of those in Cordovan. Wouldn't that just piss off Wolverine.LOL
It's been said before, and I'll say it again. Nothing but "Excellent Customer Service" at Rancourt.    As usual having second thoughts about my order, I emailed and Katie changed it on the fly. I feel bad for doing so, but I'm sure as hell glad they are so accommodating.     Thank You!!!  
I Luv that Bonafe Boot, just the way it is. Great grab Roger.
Quality AlwaysQuantity will follow
Shhh don't tell them. Lol
 I highly recommend doing so. LOL But then again I'm a boot guy and I do like my boots. 
Yeah, like you were actually going to return a pair of Galways.   Sorry, but I couldn't help it. Great pair, and besides you can always get another pair, and another version later.
Congrats on your Galways, I really like that version. But then again, I think I like most versions of the Galway.
Very nice!!!!!
MOAR is always BETTER!!!!!! 
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