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That's one third of my ultimate dream closet.
That is for certain.
Unfortunately I don't own one yet either, however I didn't think that necessarily precluded me from being able to needle you about it just a bit. LOL I do own a Cherry Moore, although I know that's just not quite the same thing.
OMG, Roger doesn't have Vintage Cherry????
Leather does stretch width wise and your foot will settle a bit in the footbed as you break in your shoes giving you more space.. A good portion of my shoes start off a bit snug which in the overall scheme of things is good and I don't have any issues. However there's a difference between snug and too tight as this can painful. If they are too tight then in the normal course of breaking them they wont stretch to the point where it will be a good fit. If its only slightly...
Very nice, Congrats!!!
Great choices. Ivebeen thinking about getting a Warrick in Vintage Oak for awhile now.
It's not like these kind of purchases can be made without using plastic. Maybe it's just early and I shouldn't have said anything in the first place.
I understand, and I have no desire to make t sound like I am judging anyone either.
 I agree with everything with the exception of credit. For me this is all fun, no need to place any undue burdens on myself.
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