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@rydenfan, seriously though besides the Dover which other shoe did you get or order?
See, now we're making progress. LOL
Unless they goofed it's not a boot, so I don't know what your getting excited about. LOL
EG shoes are more refined.
Oops, somebody is at the door.
For me, it's fit, Lasts, style, MTO, and finishing.
I enjoyed looking at these as well. Thanks, Dan
 Nothing additional, at least nothing more than what I currently have coming or on order for now anyway. It's just that I wondered how one would go about finding the various models one could get from EG. It appears unless you've been following them for awhile that task could be a bit of a challenge. However It does appear from what I've seen so far that the The Shoe Pictorial Index or http://www.styleforum.net/t/33612/shoe-pictorial-index/0_30 is a good place to start. The...
A quick look and at least the ones I've tried so far works. This looks like a pretty good reference. Thanks, Dan
Thank you, I happen to be 11 1/2 footed myself.
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