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Agreed,and I think the red tint really goes well with those boots.
Thank you sir.  I'm not so sure that I would want the red tint on my Chelseas though.
Is this what you use, and would you mind posting some pictures?
Thank you, that would be real helpful.  The color of the shoe, patina or otherwise.
Sweet!!!!  Great choice you made on those monks by the way.
  Has this changed the appearance of the shoes much, and would you mind posting a picture when you get the chance?
@Leaves just posted that he would personally look into this for him.
Thanks. Would you mind posting a picture when you get the chance? I would like to get an idea how they look.
A Shannon might be nice, I just haven't found the one I want yet.     Besides being a boot guy, I need to get a few more shoes first. LOL
One more try.   What color polish does everybody use on their Dark Oak shoes?
New Posts  All Forums: