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C&J ffor Brooks Brothers comes to my mind even though C&Js shell tends to be dry. I think Viberg makes a better #8 in my opinion. But to be honest the better boots I was thinking of aren't even cordovan in most cases.
Maybe we should all pitch in and charter a plane. LOL
I haven't received it yet, but hope to in the next month or so. I ordered it the 1st of January this year. For now you can check it out in the EG catalogue as that's the only place I've been able to find a picture so far.
Yes, but there are other boots that look even better in my opinion.
It's worth a try, the worse they could say would be no.
For my Malvern I went with Chameleon Calf and Loden Suede. I think the same combo might work nicely for a Galway as well.
Yep, that's when the shoe cost crosses the magic threshold which any St C probably will and as long as you chose standard shipping if I remember correctly.
It's been a couple of years, but if I remember correctly that was pretty much it. But I was just looking for RTW and they just happened to have one in my size, it just wasn't listed on their website for some reason.
I was in the military as well, and personally I always used water. Just a dab will do you though, the right balance of water and polish was always very important.
I didn't say Alden didn't make a great pair of boots, I just wondered if you found Churches to make a better boot. I guess by your response you believe they are equal as long as you get one without quality issues.
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