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Well said
Yes sir. Sorry I had to take just a couple of minutes review it again.
You betcha. It maybe a just another sports watch, but it works for me. I'm telling you. You haven't lived until you've listened to a Patek Repeater. Too bad the closest I've come to hearing one is via video. LOL LOL
LOL My passion for watches knows no bounds.  How about a Patek repeater?
Hey @Leaves, I was thinking maybe a MIL Sub this time. What do you think? LOL
Thank you, for getting the ball running.
Agreed.  I do like how they've included their MTO's in a very easy to find location. Nicely done guys. Kudus Leatherfoot!!!!
The more the merrier. LOL
Oops, shoes in customs.     Going over the possible watches that match now.      Let me see, the shoes are burgundy. Maybe a little red would work.LOL
It's a Galway, of course it's BEAUTIFUL!!!  Even shoe GUYs know that. LOL  Good morning @tifosi.
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