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Sounds great @Leave , thanks for the heads up. Always look forward to  what you've come up with next. By the way what tLast and Sole will the Plymouth be on? 
Ok, now your original statement makes sense to me. Thanks for the additional information.  Cheers, Dan
Take your time, there's no rush. After all this is something that should last and be with you for a very very long time.
Yeah but this an MTO so it's not really out of the box thinking by C&J. It's just something they did by request for a specific customer.
As long as you've done your research and complications (functions) are not a concern, history of the different brands, or the particular history of the watch is also not a concern then you should be good at making a decision based on what one appeals to you most. But have you done any research to see if there is any significance that either watch holds as it pertains to the brand? Aesthetics are one thing, built history also matters to some when it comes to luxury...
All I can say after owning this particular version is that I would highly recommend it. Calf and Suede is a great combo and a short wing on the rain last is awesome!!!  
    Thanks guys
Glad you chimed in, as I haven't had the ability to try a 606 Lasted shoe or boot and I'm still considering whether to get one or not. Possibly the Nevis sometime in the future. It was my understanding that the toebox can be a bit narrower than the 202 and the 202 on my Dover at least is a bit snug for my larger of two feet. So anyway I may not get the opportunity to try on a 606 before I decide to buy so I thought I would get some thoughts from others in the meantime. ...
They are indeed. Another thanks goes out to @tifosi for coming up with the idea and Skoak for the usual excellent service.
Understand, wasn't sure if you had anything on the 202 or not, but I figured it was worth a try.
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