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Fo me the Galway is one of the ones I really wanted BAD. Honestly those are the ones that will mean the most to you and for me that's where the real joy comes from.
Thank you sir.There is great pleasure when it comes to enjoying the passions I have for these things unfortunately neither make you feel better when it comes to having an issue with your sciatica. Just the ability to sleep in ones bed every once in awhile, you just can't imagine. Unfortunately my Lazy Boy has become my bed for the most part. I received an injection in my back a little over two weeks ago and unfortunately it stopped working about a week ago. Good news is I...
Your probably right, and in fact for the most part I found myself mostly alone when looking at the AP case. This happens when looking at their PP case to a good extent. However more times than not there was a better chance someone would join me at the PP case quite a bit more than the AP case.
All is well except for an issue with my sciatica and I hope your doing well. Nerve pain sucks.
I can't believe we actually had an AP AD in Indianapolis. It wasn't here long but it was here for a few years. Considering how many they actually produce a year it was quite surprising. My understanding from talking to the head watch sales manager APs financial demands were rather high, hence his reason for discountinuining the relationship.
I forgot to mention Deco, thank you sir.
​Actually having both is probably the BEST way to go if you ask me. Galway in Zug in Veldtschoen construction on the 64 Last being the BEST looking derby yet one the best utilitarian boot out there. Then there's the Thorpe which is one of the best looking split toe boots out there in my opinion. Don't forget it also has a hand sewn apron and then add a bit of character that Kudu can provide. One = Fabulous Two = Freaking Awesome 
Actually that's Kudu and not mountain ram. Mountain Ram has a more prominent texture somewhat like crocodile in the fact that it stands out more. If you conduct a search of this thread you would actually be able to find at least one example of a Thorpe someone purchased in Mountain Ram.
They used too sell Lasted shoe trees, but no longer do. They now sell semi-Lasted trees. Basically the major difference from one Last to another of a G&G shoe is the shape of the toe, so their trees fit all their Lasts and no longer are there any difference with regards to the toe. I would say generic wouldn't quite fit in this instance however given the shape and how well their Semi-Lasted trees fit their shoes. So I still find a great benefit from buying their...
Personally I have both older and newer Rolex watches and as far as I am concerned there's a lot to be said for those that are much older, the latest versions, and everything in between. [URL=][/URL]
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