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A deer bone tends to work but sapphire neutral Cordovan cream tends to work wonders as well.
Very nice, and Veldtschoen is definitely the way to go.
You can even let it sit overnight, but rarely in fact I've never found that to be necessary. Generally an hour if not less is necessary but letting soak in for longer certainly won't hurt and there will be a greater chance it will hide if not repair the scuffed area.
Really, huh.And your letting it soak in before buffing it out?
Are you using matching cream and not wax?
It's not a matter of how much it's more a matter of who you know.My name happens to be written on all of mine that I own.I just so happens i know someone from Montblanc and I personally wrote my name on all of my boxes. Now there's no way anyone else in my house can claim they are theirs.
I don't own the Burnham but I do own the Thorpe in the Mh71 and the Galway in both the 82 and the 64 Last. The Galway isn't the most formal boot but it does tend to be more dressy or smart casual in the 82 vs the round toe 64. I often wear the Galway in the 82 Last with jeans and a dress shirt as well as dress pants and sports coat. However when it comes to jeans and polo shirt I'll wear the Galway on the 64 Last or a pair of Vibergs. For me however with regards to which...
Very Nice!!!
Great choice, Congrats!!
Agreed, these are the higher traffic areas.
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