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Meanwhile back to shoes.
Me too!!
The burnished toe looks good, good job.
Sorry to hear that, I would really hate to see you decide to have a fire sale though.I'm sure you will figure it out and do what is right for you.
More and more I do my. best to pick the best looking examples of certain styles of shoes that appeal to me most which also fit my style and me of course. In my opinion the St James is the or one of the best looking Adelaides out there. The EG Dover without a doubt is the most Iconic split toe shoe, however the Isham is a damn fine looking split toe as well.
Thank you sir. Great choice I think you'll be real pleased that you decided to pull the trigger on the Kudu Thorpes. Keep in mind I just received my St James and I've yet to receive my Ishams but both of these are using a more casual looking leather (Kudu) as well. But with regards to which I consider more versatile I would have to say I believe the St James would be as I can easily see this a shoe you could very well wear with a suit as you could pull it off with jeans. I...
Very nice, great looking boots for sure.
Thank you sir. I remember seeing this picture or one close to it when you first received them.  Great looking color, made me regret not getting in on that GMTO.
From the looks of the toe I thought that was probably it.​  Thanks, Dan
Great looking boots Roger, what Last are they on?
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