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I had a feeling you were going to say that. LOL
Excellent choice, Congrats!!
I can see why you might be unhappy and whether this is just finishing or their are actual leather cracks. But if you purchased these through a retailer then I would recommend the same. In fact this is one of the reasons I purchase shoes through a retailer. The manufactures bread and butter is making shoes, the retailers bread and butter is customer relations and support.
And so far at least all of the imitations I've seen always look a little bit off or wrong somehow.  This happens with watches as well, although the difference with watches seems that most understand that the imitation is just that, an imitation and not much more.   There can be only one.
Very Nice, Great Looking Shine!!!!
Unfortunately they are the right size, but the wrong Last.​
Well hopefully that won't be the situation in your case.. But in fact that's actually what happened with the Falkirk restock, part of the restock came in and part of them were rejected and had to be re-made two more times.
What I meant when initially determining whether to purchase or not purchase G&G vs Skoak trees I didn't consider fit of the trees when making my decision on which trees to buy.
I don't think they conform to the actual shape of the boot as well as a pair of semi Lasted pair of shoe trees would. I think with the Skoak trees I notice this mostly on the sides of the boots mostly. Since these are my only pair of G&G shoes or boots on the MH71 I don't have a set of semi Lasted or Lasted G&G trees to confirm this. But my gut tells me from having and using Lasted or semi Lasted trees on other shoes and boots that I would get a better fit with the semi...
Still waiting I take it?
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