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I have, generally I have not found it to be enough that I have ever needed to worry about it. However I was able to fit into a D width EG 82 in a boot when I know I could never do so in a shoe. But a 82 E in a boot works for me as well. Just because I have found some boots roomier doesn't mean for the most part that its enough to justify another size. Besides any size change would kind of depend how snug or loose that size is for you to begin with.
Boots on the same Last tend to be more roomy than shoes. However Derbies regardless of being shoes or boots are more forgiving when it comes to the instep because they are opened laced and have more give than oxfords which are closed laced.
Ah, very nice. Congrats!!!
Mechanical watches and EG two of my favorite things.
 Yes, yes they are.
Awesome, Congrats!!!!
There are some shoemakers which do not use a toe puff which goes the entire length of the toe cap.  Vass for instance is one of them. When they don't you'll see creasing such as this.
The old style cotton diapers work wonders if you ask me. I've been using them for a couple of decades now.
Shhh My wife might hear you.  At this point I have her convinced that they give them away free as door prizes.
​I would say 1/2 is probably Edward Green. I would devote a special percentage to John Lobb. I think a small portion would have to be St Crispins. Then there would about a third for a number of brands not considered Top Tier but which I just tend to prefer. Oh, did I mention the third for brands I have yet to try? Oh, and I am thinking its about time to try something bespoke.  Oops, I think I need a bigger pie. LOL
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