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Very nice. I like this combination.
For regular calf I use Venetian Shoe Cream, and for Cordovan I use Saphir Neutral Cordovan Cream which leaves the cordovan shoe a lot more moisturized.
But your supposed to be a BOOT GUY. LOL
Thank you. I can see where the dark brown would work. I do wish others using different colors would post some pictures however.
Generally don't agree when it comes to anything beating a Galway, but I would have to agree in this instance..  Very nice.
Thanks, would it be possible to see some pictures. I'm currently debating which way to go. Either neutral, medium brown, or dark brown.
I had faith in you, however thanks for the update @Leaves In the very few times a situation occurred once on my end and an instance when the factory made a mistake Skoaktiebolaget has always done right by me. My experiences have always been nothing but stellar.
Agreed,and I think the red tint really goes well with those boots.
Thank you sir.  I'm not so sure that I would want the red tint on my Chelseas though.
Is this what you use, and would you mind posting some pictures?
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