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Strongly disagree. Boot wise I think G&G has a very strong line up.
The only thing that really matters anyway is that you like them. That's the only thing that matters. But yes G&G makes a really nice looking boot.
Same size for all Lasts that I own 64, 82, 89, 202, 888. The 888 is a bit more snug in the toe box.
Two fabulous pairs for sure.
Way too go, the more the merrier when it comes to Galways.
Well to be honest I don't have any actual experience with it. But the fact that I really don't need it is probably the biggest reason I have no desire to get it. The only reason I got that pair was because the opening bid on eBay was so low. I had no idea that no one else was going to bid and I would win them on just the opening bid alone. When I got them I decided to sell them mainly because they were so close to my other pair in Zug.
I know what you mean, although I may not exactly be as challenged as you are given your long feet. It can certainly take more time putting on boots that don't have them, but these just look so good without them. Ah well, such is life. LOL​
Supposedly the shearling doesn't get to warm when wearing inside, or at least that's what I've heard. But I don't tend to be outside in the cold that much in the first place as I tend to come in from the cold as much as possible. Shearling might look great when new, but I imagine it doesn't wear that well.
Long story short. I owned a pair and decide to sell them. It wasn't just because they were shearling lined but I did determine shearling Galways weren't for me.
Agreed, and the Torpes in my opinion are just one of those boots that look so much better without speed hooks.
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