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Yeah, I kind of think it was neat @Leaves was able to arrange the deal with the Kudu last year.  Of course he also has come thru with great leathers for EG make ups like Willow and Zug!!!
  Very nice, Congrats!!
Oh, wouldn't that be a shame. LOL
Here's hoping you make it, I know you really like this make-up. Good Luck!!!
Very sharp indeed, nice choice sir. Congrats!!!
I think the Glencoe in Kudu would be a fabulous choice. Sounds like it's worth trying for a GMTO on that one. Personally I've already made my Kudu choice or I might join you.  I have not taken a look at the Carmina Kudu, however I imagine the G&G version looks better correct? Is Carmina's version even real Kudu?
It's a delicate balancing act.Buy shoes and then buy watches, or buy watches and then buy shoes. LOL
Here's hoping it works, I know I missed out on the Kudu Isham and was kicking myself ever since. That is until the St. James GMTO came about.
Good luck. Are you considering an MTO if the GMTO doesn't work?
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