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I did and it was an E which works fine for me. However some will not and often retailers sell the 64 in F. The F width will typically give you the ability to wear thicker socks which some find better for boots of this nature.
Only 6, only 6, I'm extremely disappointed in you Roger. LOL
BB is a great example where the size conversion they use is extremely confusing at times, but they certainly aren't the only one. In fact they typically sell their Peal and Co shoes in the D and E width, but the E width tends to equate closer to a standard D width. If you purchase a D width Peal and Co shoe you may very likely find it to be to narrow for you.The 1/2 down general recommendation is based when comparing the approximate size we expect with regards when...
Some of the retailer sites can be confusing, but in general for EG and G&G it's a half size down. However this is a generality and it does not mean for a specific Last you might not find a better fit by going a full size down because after all no ones foot is the same. You may also find a better fit on a specific Last by using a wider size. It's also entirely possible you may find that you may not be able to get a good fit whatever you do on a certain Last. This also can...
You would have a better idea than I, but it's possible they may fit you, and then again it's better to return them even if you can't get your size if they don't fit.
I don't think you ever asked. LOLBut just remember, these are still just generalities. YMMV
For me it's a full size down for CarminaForest 10 1/2 UKSoller 10 1/2 UKFor me it's a half down for EG202 11 E UKMy US size is 11 1/2 D US
No, this depends on the shoemaker. Eg and G&G are 1/2 but John Lobb is a full size. These of course are generalities so it all depends on the Last and your foot as well.
Congrats, and I look forward to your pictures.
Most of the indexes no longer work, its very hit and miss now.
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