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 Pretty much. But then again I already have a an EG spectator and a number of other fun shoes per say. Besides staples are staples for a reason and I think one could do a lot worse. EG staples aint too bad.Stock, so I should have my black Chelsea in a few days and the Inverness by end of the week or beginning next week. The Dover will take a few more months of course.
Thank you. It's the Inverness. It's the first EG shoe I was drawn too, it's just took me awhile to get around to picking one up. I could use a burgundy calf and I figured it was about time.
Very nice. I think I like the Ravello more though. But it appears from this picture it would be real close to the Marlow however.
Thanks, I think so too.
Done and done.
Luv the rosewood, just not sold on the shearling lining.
Late to the party, but very nice.
You can say that again. Very nice!!
  Yeah, what he said. LOL  I'm thinking after get the black oxford next week and since I already have the brown oxford, it might be time to get something in burgundy.
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