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Another picture from a different angle with a little more light. Both pictures were shot from the same location and the same time but notice the green isn't as dark in this picture as it was in the previous picture.  
It really does depend on the light
NiceI've often thought about getting a green Galway.
Thank you sir.Chameleon Calf and Loden Suede, and yes this was a MTO.
Actually your year of temperance isn't such a terrible idea, especially since you allow yourself to retire and sell with replacements. The St James Kudu order actually has yet to close, but I will certainly post pictures there when they get here in about September or so.
I'll have to try that year of temperance sometime, unfortunately I just purchased a St James in Kudu and Cedar Calf, so I guess that temperance thing will have to wait. LOL
Malverns, or maybe even a Galway if your unable or unwilling to do shoes. LOL
Thank you sir.Almost enough to make you want to buy shoes, Huh? LOL
As long as you guessed EG all is GOOD!! LOL
  Me too, thank you sir. They maybe only shoes but this is probably one the best choices I've made in a while now. I'm really happy with the results.
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