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Thanks @laufer, and hopefully the swatch you saw is an actual representation of what they used on this batch of boots.
Zug question???     For those getting their boots early I'd like to get your impressions in regards to how thick the leather actually is on these boots. It's a bit hard to tell from the pictures, but from other Heather Gorse boots I have seen posted the leather was fairly thick.
If I were looking for boots in that price range I would go for something from Alden or Whites. Since you want Semi Dress I would go with Whites.
Zug, Zug, Zug, Zug..............
Good to hear, would luv to see some pictures. By the way what caused the stitching to come loose in the first place?
I can't wait for the last half of the heard to get home.
Zugs rule!!!!
Does kind of look like a Vases last doesn't it.
Thank you sir. They're EG Hutton for RL.
For those of you who like Spectators and AP. Or for those who just like Spectators.  
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