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​I would say it's not impossible to find one and I think I may have seen one offered. Best bet is to check around EG and their retailers just in case. However its not very common and more than likely you'll have to order via an MTO. Just checked Leffot and they still have a few in Dark Brown Utah and Delapre.
LOLSorry I just couldn't help it.The options really are limitless and in fact this is why many have multiples of this particular boot. However I would say many if not most often begin with the combination that tends to be the standard that most retailers tend to stock which is the Walnut CC and Doak Calf. Although there are a few who don't like two tone boots this is one boot that tends to make believers out of naysayers. It really does make for a great boot all the way...
After all this time you've only just started obsessing over this boot in this Last? Well it's about D*** time. WELL GET BUSY MAN!! LOL
Ah, well I don't seem to have that issue so I must be fine.
LOLThere's just no way I could ever see those boots as being the best looking let alone the best looking boots on this thread.Nice, but not best looking.
I use old cotton diapers. They don't completely keep the polish off of your finger but they're great for spit shiningand they're fairly inexpensive.
If your looking for shoe bags you can try Allen Edmonds. Not sure how much they cost nowadays but I have to imagine they are cheaper than Saphir shoe bags.
All true but I neither have the desire to see nor work so hard to get rid of the welts that can occur because of it.
Wow, as great as they look I don't find the Alderley that different or specifically distinctive from any other wingtip boot that many other shoemakers make. Frankly I find the C&J Islay to be just as compelling if not more so although it doesn't have the antiquing that E.G. uses that C&J doesn't offer. Although I find EG boots like the Galway and Shannon to be extremely compelling or iconic the Alderley has never been one of those boots I felt E.G.did such a better job on...
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