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I actually purchased a pair awhile back. I went with an OE II which is one of the Vass shoes that appeals to me most, it was on the F Last.
Very nice!!!
I personally prefer the Edward Greens style over Vass. I like their Lasts and designs more. i've personally found a good fit with a number of EGs Lasts where although I have little actual experience I've read a number of Vass Lasts seem to be more problematic for more people or so it seems. This and the variation with fit from one pair to another on the same last and size.which keeps coming up seems a bit problematic to me as well.There's also a certain appeal with a...
For DOAK you get a range of recommendations from neutral, to medium brom, and even dark brown with black for the toe. it kind of depends on the shade you want to have your shoes take. I would recommend medium brown.
Will do.
Very nice, Congrats.So what do think about this summer Galway boot now that you have them?
No problem, and good luck.The Black Dress Oxford is where some people will chose to buy something less expensive. For me given its importance all the more reason not too.
Unfortunately, i would want to wait at least until my first pair arrives before I'm ready to buy my second pair. Only one thing worse than a pair of shoes not fitting is two pairs that don't fit.
I would take a look at a black dress oxford cap toe for one. There's a few I would consider as great examples such as JL Phillip or City II, Edward Green Chelsea, and if I remember correctly there's a real nice example from Vass that @RogerP owns. I'd take a look at the black dress Oxford thread as this is a great reference.The Sinatra from G&G is a great looking whole cut if you like that sort of thing.There are a few others that I've seen from time to time but I can't...
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