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Thanks for posting. I'm always amazed to see how well some of these vintage shoes actually look after all this time. Somebody must have not used them that much, and or they have taken really good care of them
Thought so. If you do this after we receive the Mahogany Dovers I'll even have a better idea as to how the Dover on 202 works for me. At some point I think I may want one on the 606 but I'll probably get that one in Dark Oak.
Thanks @sevenfoldtieguy.  That reminds me, what Last would you get the suede Dover on @rydenfan?
I might like to see what coffee and mink look like.
Thanks ,for your thoughts, everything is certainly open for consideration until the final decision is made.
What colors do you recommend?
I also like the darker trim as well and I tend to go for Dai tie whenever possible.
I'm currently trying to figure out what's next. This certainly is one option, I should know by the time your ready, I might just join you. What sole would you go for, Dainite?
It depends on how much it bugged me and whether I thought it would possibly lead to bigger issues. I'd rather pay retail and get it right than save money and live with something I'm not happy with.
Those look nice.
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