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So true, your right, I missed that.
Very nice. This must have been an MTO, no shearling lining.
Anyone no if this in actuality is a G&G in E by any chance?  Possibly RL had G&G mark these these boots D because it would be for the American consumer?
Isham would be my choice.
Good choice, Congrats.  Go for it, the Malvern is great looking shoe.
Congrats!! The leather looks to be in real good condition given their age. Do these also happen to be in  your size, and if so do you plan on wearing them?
I have to say I enjoy threads like these as I've learned a bit more about shoes since reading them. I wanted to make a comment or two about what was mentioned earlier as to why some people may still chose to buy GYW shoes when there are better shoes available.   I agree that knowledge is an important reason why people chose to buy a GYW shoes. The fact is GYW shoes are fairly prevalent and most of what I read previously where only positive comments. So unless you really...
Fabulous, the color and texture looks amazing. Congrats!!!
NIce!!! I often think of getting a pair in Doak. I have one coming in Chameleon calf and Loden suede.
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