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Thanks again, very helpful.
So let me ask this. If you had to do it over: Would you chose the Doak on the 202 because of better fit, or 606 because it looks better or slightly different than the 202.   @rydenfan Zug!!
Thanks for your thoughts. If I do get another Dover I'm pretty sure i'll want it on the 606, but for some reason I'm more concerned about the fit on the 606 than any other Last.
Very nice sir.  Probably asked before, but how do you find the 606 when compared to the 202? Is there a big difference in the toe box area?
Awesome  I wore mine last weekend.  No creases yet, and I luv how scuffs come out with just a little bit of brushing.
Great choice. I've been giving this one some serious thought myself lately.
Nice looking shoes sir.
Good looking boots. I really like there cordovan jumper boots.
Non-slip, non-spill, and split toe to boot. LOL
New Posts  All Forums: