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So which versions of the Galway did you order?
I'm a relative EG shoe newb, my collection is a veritable drop in the bucket compared to almost everyone else here.
Thank you sir.
Thank you sir. For me it's just another passion, and of course it's just another piece of the overall wardrobe. So I'm always looking for the watch that goes with that pair of shoes and vice versa.
Thank you sir. Classic is exactly what I was going for. This is actually an upgrade for me. I thought here I am investing so much in these other shoes, so I figured it was high time I make sure the basics are covered. Of course Wurger's http://www.styleforum.net/t/362365/the-quintessential-dress-shoe-black-cap-toe-oxford/0_100 thread was real helpful also.
Newest arrival, Black Chelsea on 82. My pictures aren't that flattering, but they'll look even better once I spit shine them.          
Fabulous!!!  I know the wait can be hard, but the outcome is always real sweet.   I can't wait for the Dovers late January, or early February, and the Falkirks late February or early March.  Heck, right now I'm getting itchy just waiting for my pair of Inverness's coming next week. LOL
Cool, great choice. The leather on that one will be real special. 202 Last?
@rydenfan, seriously though besides the Dover which other shoe did you get or order?
See, now we're making progress. LOL
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