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Yep, I think I would have been quick enough on my toes to have opted for and I would have much rather played football in my socks or bare feet instead. LOL
Awesome, Luv that color!!
Don't believe so. If there was I'm sure you would be able to find it listed somewhere in this thread. Pearl Grey maybe the most exotic color that comes anywhere close.
Agreed on both counts. I went through a stage when I purchased a decent amount of cordovan shoes and boots and although I have a few nice pairs I actually find calf especially calf shoes and boots from shoemakers like Edward Green and Gaziano and Girling to be much more interesting.
Zug brothers unite!!
Zugglets Rule!! LOL
Congrats!!I look forward to seeing some pictures when you actually get it.
Could be wrong but looks like 888.
Here's hoping next week is the week.   I know it's not Deco, but still I'm looking forward to them anyway.
Agreed, Luv to see the rest of the shoe.
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