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What are you thinking? Something on the 202?
I understand and I actually remembered your earlier post with regards to fit. It just that I find that those two for some reason look the best in my opinion. Heck I can't even remember seeing an EG chukka in smooth calf. However fit trumps everything else.
Have you considered the G&G Arran, or the St Crispins Chukka?
+1000000000000000Knowledgeable, extremely responsive, and very very helpful.Not to mention brining their shop to a place we all can go.Oh yeah, and all those great GMTOs to include some of those we could never find anywhere else but here.
Fabulous choice, Congrats!!!  That's what we are here for. I'm just glad to see it worked out so well for you.
Great choice, Congrats!!!  I have to say my maiden voyage was extremely enjoyable. In fact I couldn't help but showing them off a bit to a few people. Pure joy to wear.
Congrats!!!  But where are the PICs?  Oh, and let me know when your ready for that next one. LOL
Yeah meh, that's kind of what I say about you too, LOL
Now that's just cool.​
Very nice, Congrats!!
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