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This will typicallyl be determined by the person buying the boot or bootsDetermined by amount of use and sometimes more importantly your desire to own two things which basically could serve the same functionYMMV
There may always be something wrong with the shoe or the existing polish on the shoe itself.
I understand, I knew the Dainite sole might not be a popular choice, but then again it works for me. Yep, posted pictures earlier but more than happy to post again. I certainly wasn't the first here either, I think Jerry Browne was and in fact it might have been his by design.  
Yep, and so were mine. The only difference is that I went with a Dainite sole.  Nice choice.
Hmmm that looks slightly familiar for some reason.  LOL  Fabulous Looking Boot, Congrats!!!!!
Second that, that is cool!!!  Cheers @RogerP 
 Thank you. The Beefrolls and the picture is mine and yes they were a custom order.
There's the BIG difference between Rancourt and Alden, as Alden will add extra finishing to their #8 Cordovan shoes, boots, and belts. I have an Alden Cordovan belt and it's a much better match for my Alden boots and the one pair of my Alden shoes. 
Actually your trying to compare the belt to the wrong pairs of shoes (Alden). You would get a better match comparing it to a pair of color #8s from Rancourt.   Bottom row second from left Color #8 Rancourt Ranger Mocks.  Bottom row third from left Color #8s Alden Wingtips.  Color #8s from Rancourt and Alden are a bit different. But then again this is true for all of Alden's shell colors. Alden finishes their Cordovan like no other.
II know, but it looks more like Chromexcel to me.
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