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Fabulous, I can't wait to see your pictures.  Congrats, so what do you think?   Is it just hype or is it as good as you expected?  Mine are still enroute.
Cost will always be a consideration and for others an even bigger factor no doubt.  Besides if it weren't for cost maybe more of us would have gone bespoke by now. But personally I haven't seen that many bespoke examples that really speak to me. In fact some don't even look as appealing as what you can get from RTW. I mean if your hard to fit, I get it and there are probably other reasons as well. But really most of the tried and true RTW designs appeal to me more, so...
Not only that, he's a terrible enabler. ​  I might have some boots, but I probably wouldn't have any shoes if it weren't for him. LOL
You deserve it, and I generally appreciate what you and the rest  of the Skoak crew and your boss does. Thank you, Dan
Ah cavernous volume, too funny. LOL
Probably because of how the shaft was constructed in combination with how far up the tongue was connected going up the sides of the boot would be my guess.
Chicken!!! LOL
Ok people were are those Thorpe pictures??????
Once again, great looking boot @RogerP!!!
We're just a bunch of weirdos. But I guess it's a good thing you sell shoes, huh?? LOL
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