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I've always said this leather has a great texture and fabulous character. I can't wait to get my second pair of Kudus and really look forward to getting my Thorpes in Kudu as well.
  Congrats gentleman.  Mine are still on the way.
Will do.
Thank you, I'm trying to figure out what if anything to use besides neutral.
Good job, what color are you using on your Malverns?
I always use Saphir Neutral Cordovan Cream, that seems to work pretty well.
At least yours are moving, looks like I'll be looking at your pics for a few days before getting mine. Oh well, at least mine are on the way LOL
^Very nice, Congrats!!
Isn't the fact that it's a green box enough for you. Geez, some people are just so hard to please. LOL
I'd luv to get a loafer GMTO going. The problem is that with one foot 1/2 size smaller than the other Leaves said I would have to go the MTO route. But with regards to a Walkton GMTO with so many spectators and short wings in general already I would Luv to see the mailman version that Leffot had awhile back come to fruition. It was a country grain leather with a lugged rubber sole. A bit rugged but still refined look. Certainly a bit out of the norm but a great foul...
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