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Very nice!!! So the one on the bottom right is on the 888? Don't see that very often.
All good points, and had I known from the beginning I would have skipped them all and gone straight to Viberg.
Yeah, but just keep in mind boots always fit a bit bigger no matter what Last they're on.
The more the merrier, besides we could always use more additions from Vass in this thread.
I haven't, but If you have a narrower foot than I which I believe you do I can see where you might be able to get away with it. For example I have to go TTS on the C&j 325 due to width.
I see nothing wrong with getting a few examples from this list, but I think I would opt for a bit more diversity. How about a Chelsea, Asquith, Inverness, or Malvern.  How about getting some oxfords, or other boots like the Shannon, Nevis or Thorpe?
I don't have the 64F but I have the 64E and I can wear a medium grade sock but I can't wear a real thick sock with the 64E.
Mine did, but they do have different Lasts.  The Rider website generally gives some fit advice and there are one or two boots they recommend getting a half size down.
The 1ks are really easy to get on and off, but the leather is rather thin. Leather sole. The Beckmans are more bulbous looking, a bit harder to get on and off, but the leather seems to be more harder wearing. The break-in period can also be quite a bit more trying, but if your patient and do it right it won't be to bad. Rubber half soles.
I don't blame you. Rider has so many great looking boots, and I very happy with the one pair I purchased. The quality of the one I purchased is definitely a notch or two above most other shoemakers.
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