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You could do a lot worse. How many pair are you up to? Great choice, Congrats.
So @rydenfan expressed an opinion, to be honest when seeing this in the Meermin thread those were my same thoughts.
Very nice, Congrats.
Have you been looking at any of the Edward Green shoes? Do any of them visually appeal to you?
So have you given up on collecting socks?
Excellent, great choice.
Nice Besides possibly better leather and the sole treatment was is there anything else that would make this top drawer?
Hard to tell, but because of the Brouging at the top of the shoe it looks more like the Cardogan.
Great prices, nothing really in my size. I was a bit surprised to find the Zug shoes and boots.
The fact that Edward Green provides such great flexibility with their offerings makes it better for everybody, however retailers are going to chose the styles they believe that will sell what they stock in a fairly reasonable time frame. The wider the audience the better their chances in most cases. However some retailers may cater to a more niche clientele, in that case their choices maybe different than most. The fact that Edward Green works this way gave you the ability...
New Posts  All Forums: