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I have found Vass makes a few attractive shoes or boots that appeal to me but I can't quite recall what their Chukkas looks like. There are however a couple of things that keep me from buying anymore shoes or boots from Vass..Their problematic sizing and varying different sizes for the same Last same size that I read about, quality issues that seem to appear for time to time (Vass'' Character) and the lack of antiquing I've become accustomed too with Edward Green and...
The only others that can compare are the ones from St Crispins in my opinion anyway.
AgreedOne of the best looking Chukkas out there.
Actually the better route would be to go with Zug because of its thicker waxier nature.But I agree with @SuitedDx for the most part when it's really nasty the cheaper route for obvious reasons is the way to go.
You must be new.
I couldn't say with certaintity because although I own 5 G&G shoes and boots I only have two different Lasts. But everything I've seen and heard is that the only difference between their various Lasts is the toe box so my guess would be that the instep would be the same regardless of the Last.
Actually in my case the length was the same the only difference was the width. I neither found either to narrow or the other too wide.
I have, generally I have not found it to be enough that I have ever needed to worry about it. However I was able to fit into a D width EG 82 in a boot when I know I could never do so in a shoe. But a 82 E in a boot works for me as well. Just because I have found some boots roomier doesn't mean for the most part that its enough to justify another size. Besides any size change would kind of depend how snug or loose that size is for you to begin with.
Boots on the same Last tend to be more roomy than shoes. However Derbies regardless of being shoes or boots are more forgiving when it comes to the instep because they are opened laced and have more give than oxfords which are closed laced.
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