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I think so too, I can't wait either.Thank you sir.
I Luv this shoe, great choice.Congrats!!!
Very nice, Congrats!!
Thank you sir.  Skoaktiebolaget and EG make that chore really easy.  Chore. LOL
Thank you sir.  No need to be jealous @Leaves, if you need I can recommend a place were you can get a pair. LOL
How about a little Suede and Calf?     EG Malvern Chameleon Calf \ Loden Suede.     Picture by Skoaktiebolaget, shoes are on their way home.    
Thank you sir. Also thank you to those who liked them. @Shouldaville and @sacafotos
Here's some more Green goodness on the way. Just got word this morning.   Chameleon Calf and Loden Suede and a BIG THANKS to Gabriel or @Skoaktiebolaget for his quick response and willingness to assist in helping me make the final choice.  
Congrats, very nice color and makeup indeed. I look forward to seeing your pictures once you receive them.
New Posts  All Forums: