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Congrats, Great choice!!!  This maybe one of my worst regrets. LOL
I forgot to mention that Patrik practically hangs out on SF. He even does so when on vacation. He's here for this portion of his customer base. This means a lot to me, as I'm sure it does to others. Questions get answered in a very timely basis. I know he makes his living this way, but this is a Big Plus if you ask me.
I know @jerrybrowne purchased a pair of all Cordovan Alderlys. However if I remember correctly @Leaves checked on the Galway and Shannon and neither was possible because of something with the shaft. But they way IO remember it, it was more than just the one boot (Galway). But I could be wrong, anyway LS is checking with EG and they should be getting back with @MoosicPa and I am sure he will let us know. Here's hoping I'm wrong.
I've been guilty of the same thing. With boots I did try to make them count and only get them if they were different somehow, but this also included just different colors of cordovan. Boots and casual shoes were more a focus although I had some decent dress shoes that area tended to get less attention.  For now however I'm in the process of re-evaluation and focusing on some of the areas that may have been neglected or aren't quite where I would like them to be.
I think @Leaves checked on this for us, and I think your right. However the black upper and mink or coffee suede sounds nice.
See that's what I'm talking about. I just want to make sure I have the other areas covered as well. Quality footwear regardless for a number of various areas.
Cotton balls were always a pain in the butt for me. Maybe cause I have big fat fingers or something, but they where always so much more messier than cotton diapers.
I have to give it to you, your a true boot guy to the core. Maybe one day I'll figure out the Halifax to, however in the meantime I've decided to explore other things.
I still have my Islays, and they remain one of my favorites to this day. I really like Crockett and Jones boots actually. I've actually kept all of the shoes I've bought since this SF thing happened to me. However I'm beginning to think about cleaning the closet a bit for the first time since this SF thing happened to me. LOL  But the Islays will probably stay for at least now. To this point I have always purchased EG shoe trees for all of the EG shoes I have purchased...
So instead of the Suede Dover you decided to go with the Suede Halifax?  The Halifax isn't something I've quite figured out yet.
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