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Both the Inverness and the Malvern look fabulous in my opinion.
Thank you. I was looking for some walnut shell boots at the time, and there weren't any others available at the time. Personally I think these are the best looking I've seen.. In my opinion Rider makes some real great looking boots.
Rider Walnut shell jumpers on commando soles.They were one of the last pair available at the time a couple of years ago. I haven't seen any available since then.
I know how you feel, I don't wear mt Riders nearly as much as I should. Still one of my favorites though.
It's much worse for me on my IPad, and even harder for this old man to see when it happens.
GorgeousWalnut is my favorite she'll color.
If and only if we come up with the right design, and we could post the images of them in our signature block.
For me it really is the must have version, all others are just icing on the cake.
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