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Heck I've got a Rolex Sub, but I don't even go swimming with it on let alone diving with it. Just because it's doable doesn't mean I have the need to.
Unfortunately Edward Green won't be making these with the Full Belows Tongue, however since I don't have any plans to go wading in them I think they'll be just fine.
@CTBrummie thank you so much for the additional valuable information and your thoughts in regards to why this leather might not be used so much anymore.
 No, not according to the website.
Excellent!!! Look forward to seeing more pictures and your write up. Congrats.
Besides the proper care of the leather, I'm kind of curious as to the history of this leather and why Edward Green no longer seems to produce shoes or boots using this type of leather. I mean it appears as they once did, but they don't currently. Does anybody have any idea as to why that might be?
Gotta Luv those Green Shells!!! So are these the ones that just came back from Rancourt for re-sole and re-finish?  Edit: Never mind, I just checked further up the thread. Wow, the ones you sent in look awesome.
Not bad at all Frank,can't wait to see the results and get your thoughts.
How long did it take them?
I've recently started wearing Darn Tough socks with almost everything except for dress shoes. They come in multiple different styles and thicknesses. They cost a bit more than regular socks but then again they have a lifetime warranty as well.
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