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Yeah, I have yet to try any With the new resin Last myself. I've found myself buying G&G shoes and boots lately.
I wear the same size in all the Edward Green Lasts I own 64, 82, 89, 202, and 888. I found the 64 a bit snug in the toe box initially but after just a little while it was just fine. All Lasts are the same length and in the E width.
 Uh Huh, sure I will.  Not!!!!!! LOL
My vote would be for a watch as well. Yep, yep. LOL
I don't find this particular Kudu wears significantly different than calf. I did find the one pair I have in my possession to be rather comfortable, but I attributed that to how well the MH71 Last fits my feet. It was a bit snug initially which is generally a good sign but rather comfortable not to long after I started wearing them. I always wear mine three times for about an hour each time before wearing them for any long period of time. This seems to help me anyway. So...
Great explanation, and as you state YMMV. I think it just depends on your feet and where you currently size with this Last. If its already a bit roomy you may need to take a 1/2 size down I more snug maybe no change will be required. Over simplification but that maybe about what we are talking instead of everybody needs to go 1/2 size down from what they took previously..
But I'm not talking about a polish in this instance but rather a conditioner only. I've yet to experience any white residue when using a conditioner. My concern would be that any colored cream may alter the color of the darker lines one can see running through this particular leather.
I've never experienced this white residue with conditioners. I have however experienced this with neutral wax.
That's what I'm hoping as well.
It might be good a some point to use some colored cream at some point, but unfortunately I think that might also cover up some of the dark lines high give the leather such character. Or at least that's my thinking.
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