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Now that's good day for sure.
 I own a pair of John Lobb William II. I went with a size 10 1/2 UK or 11 1/2 US. I also wear a size 11 E UK or 11 1/2 E US on all of the EG Lasts I own. 64, 82, 89, 202, and 888.
Thank you sir.
Cream or wax, and did you find that it significantly covered up any of the darker lines (black) in the leather?
If your looking for a more brownish color Mahogany CC would certainly be the color to go with. 
Between these two, I agree.
You might be better served to checkout the various brand threads to get better advice. Besides the brand it would be best to get even better advice based on the specific Last as this can certainly have an affect on the fit of any shoe or boot. Although the Marlow is on the 325 the others you mentioned are just brands and as such they have more than just one Last. Knowing your Barrie size is a good start however it is a rather generous Last but other Lasts are not always as...
As long as you can achieve a good fit that's the important thing. Besides thicker socks for boots aren't that big of a deal considering the weather boots are typically worn in.
That's right, I thought you might have but I wasn't sure.
Excellent choices, Congrats!!Did you order the Thorpe in Kudu as well?
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