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Great pictures, luv the look of that willow leather. I know what you mean in regards to the Dover, once you get one you can't wait to get another.
  Besides if it generates enough interest maybe we'll be able to convince @Leaves to order it.
Because all of my existing shoes will be too big, I'll be forced to buy all new shoes. Since I have a bit of experience doing this, I should do even better this time. LOL
Tape the portion of my foot up or cut it off if need be. What can I say, shoes are my life. LOL
  I probably hate them more than the two of you put together, however I happen to be in a rather generous mood. I go 51 cents on the dollar.
Excellent, thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed all of the really great pictures. 
Same amount of time for the Midwest.
There are a few reasons and the people before me gave you a couple already. However you've probably provided the BIGGEST and BEST reason already.
That's funny, but hey they're certainly worth the wait.  This was my first EG as well.
New Posts  All Forums: