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Tempting, but not exactly an ideal solution. Besides I already have a Dover in Mahogany CC.
Problem is they're all in the F width.
Yeah I vaguely remember that being mentioned earlier, thanks.
I'm not having any luck seeing it in the picture.But that sucks, I mean I would expect better from G&G. I hate to hear yours didn't come out well.Did you still order the Kudu Thorpe anyway?Also I have to wonder if this occurs with their ishams and hoves as well.
ReallyHow did they screw it up? is the spacing of the stitching inconsistent?
Yeah the 202 would give it a more rounded toe, but the apron would still be square like..
Thank you sir.I agree!!!! I like the more rounded apron on the Thorpe.
Yep Yep
Yeah I actually figured there was a good reason, but then again I couldn't help but needle you a bit.  Great make-up sir, Enjoy!!!!
  Sure took you long enough, you must be a shoe guy or something if you were able to wait that long. LOL  Looks great!!!
New Posts  All Forums: