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In my opinion there's a vast difference. Getting that out of the way there is a difference with regards to styling, quality of materials, the level of attention to detail, and finishing. They aren't rocket powered and they are shoes so the degree or lack there of a WOW factor is something you'll have to determine.
They most certainly will be. Congrats!!!
I miss EG at Skoaktiebolaget.
Understand, I guess I just have this covered already with Carmina, Alden, Alfred Sargent, Crockett and Jones, Rider, and St Crispins.
I think it's great they offer this as an alternative (Cordovan) but I don't see this being their greatest strength. For me their finished calf is just a much more appealing proposition.
Sorry maybe I wasn't clear enough. No they actually caught them. My main frustration besides taking so long that for awhile I had no idea what was going on and besides everybody else had received theirs already.
It is what it is but I think it's better that we talk about it than to just dismiss it. It's reality after all. But of all the time I spend looking at various brands some of which you mentioned I have yet to find anyone and I mean anyone who is perfect at it. The results I have gotten so far from Edward Green have been nothing but marvelous, but I would be blind if I didn't recognize that others have experienced less. I think I have learned one thing however besides the...
Lack of communication is extremely frustrating and unfortunately I was unable to get any feedback until after the second QC failure in my particular circumstance. Based on what I've experienced and read this is kind of the norm when dealing with EG even through a retailer. I think EG is more focused on making shoes and less so on comunicating what's going on. However if your shoes or boots require a third build you might be able to find out what's going on, but then...
That does help, always nice to receive a new one every few months or so.
 It was a pleasant surprise when as a part of a Dover GMTO I received notice that they were ready 3 months after they were ordered. However unfortunately the person that organized the GMTO had too wait a good couple of months longer. Agreed, and one of the main reason I choose to purchase EG in the first place is because of those things most do not do such as that Pig Bristle stitching, gorgeous finishing, and in general outstanding quality.t has tried my patience but in...
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