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Even a dumb old shoe guy such as myself is smart enough to realize a real good thing when it exists. LOL​
Me too, and it makes it sound more than it may actually be. LOL Actually I have 2 Chelseas as well, but I do find its good to have a bit of variety as well. After all there are so many great EG models.
Fabulous choice, Congrats!!! You did it right, however the more you post will coax you to take better pictures. Mostly you just have to work on taking them in better lighting.
I own multiple Galways. Does that count? LOL
To post a picture you can either use a picture hosting site such as photo bucket or you can click on the picture icon (the mountain and sun) and then attach the image file.With regards to conditioner some will use this and others will use that. I used to use Saphir, but now use Bick4. Saphir is a conditioner slash cleaner and as such I find it a bit harsher than what I would like. It does tend to remove some finishing when using. I do find Bick4 tends to help with water...
This is interesting, I look forward to seeing who it is this time.
It would although GMTO participation doesn't seem to be anywhere near what it used too be.​
Yeah, the BB version is off somehow and it not just the chiseled Last.
Unfortunately no. That program ceased to exist approximately a year ago or so. I think my Dover in Mahogany CC that @tifosi started was last EG GMTO I was able to get in, then they stopped the program shortly afterwards.
Sounds right, any idea with regards to the model?​
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