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Personally I'd possibly consider the G&G Thorpe as well and I would probably go with CC for the leather on this boot.
Enabler. LOL
I'm thinking the same size at this point as well. I'm thinking it's about time to get one of the first EG shoes that I liked from the get go.
Thanks D, I tried a pair on but it's been awhile so I figured I'd ask.
Starting to look more and more at the 888 Last (Inverness) Is there that much difference between the 888 Last and the 82 Last in regards to fit?
Very nice, Congrats.
Doak and Walnut Galways? Here's hoping you get them too.
I hear that.  I'm pretty certain the Dover in Mahogany CC won't be one though. But hey, that isn't expected until January or February of next year. 
I'm expecting to see some new EG arrival pictures in the next week or so.   I should get my new pair in about a week.
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