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It was rather confusing, as they certainly didn't look anything like Viberg boots once you took a closer look. Disagreements like these seem to always come up in forums such as these. Whether this boot or this watch could be considered a dress item or not and what if anything actually determines whether it is or not. Although you'll never get a complete consensus I still think that if you stick with the classic definitions of what is and what is not you can't go...
Actually it's these differences that drive me to buy them in the first place. I certainly would agree they are both great products, I certainly wouldn't buy anything that I thought was trash.
Exactly. These happen to be one of my favorite pair of boots. They're Walnut shell boots, but I certainly wouldn't call them dress boots.  
No matter what term you use, they're not dress boots. EG Galways cost more than Viberg shell boots, and they're not dress boots. These St. Crispin boots cost more than twice the amount of the Vibergs and I still wouldn't call them dress boots. It's not the cost that matters, it's the style that determines whether they are dress boots or not.   
You really can't go wrong. Besides either way you chose you'll probably ended up getting the other one for your second pair of Galways later on.  Good Luck with your decision.
 I can agree with this.   However I wouldn't say they're in the same league with Vass and EG .
I'll second that!!
That was my point, I don't think you can. But then again he was the one trying to put them in the same league, I just don't see it even though I think Viberg makes a great product. Good point as to no contact with Viberg being made that we were aware of. In fact in a post I asked if the OP had contacted Viberg and he said he had not. My point of bringing this up was in no way to disparage Viberg and what they do or how they handle potential issues. However as to point out...
 I would certainly agree that Viberg makes a better chromexel boot than Alden. I really think the pair of boots I bought are a notch or two above my Alden pair. However to make a comparison between Edward Green, Vass, Carmina, and Trickers is a bit of a stretch. I think there's a big difference between making a topnotch chromexcel service boot and real high quality pair of shoes. There are just to many things that go into making a really great pair of shoes that you don't...
Even if I saved a buck or two I gotta believe I wouldn't. LOL In the military I started with cotton balls in Basic training, but those got messy because they were so small. I then started using TShirts, but because you had to shine your boots on a daily basis that could get rather expensive. Soon found out about diapers and I have been using them ever since.New cotton diapers are nothing more then squares of cotton cloth. A pack of cotton diapers are fairly inexpensive and...
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