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The initial ETA for the Thorpe in Oak Kudu was March, however it also took a bit longer to get the Kudu Ishams. The Kudu Ishams ETA was January or Febuary with an order date of September if I remember correctly. So hopefully some of them will be ready fairly soon. Anyway at least for me boot weather wont be here for a good number of months anyway. Not that I wouldn't want to see them as soon as possible however. LOL
Good to hear, I wondered if there might be some sort of delay with your pair.  Yes, I think you'll be rather pleased.
  Thank you gentlemen. Thank you sir. Are yours on the way?
Sounds great, good luck.Here's some more inspiration.
Thank you sir.Thank you sir, and so does yours.
It's all about the texture of the leather and those darker lines that gives this leather such great character. Of course it doesn't hurt that the Last and the shoe is so nice to begin with.
You can say that again.Thanks again to Patrick, Gabriel, and the entire crew at Skoaktiebolaget!!
So, you don't want the Patek?
I may have a few from a number of different shoemakers, but I can't imagine a time when I still won't have more from Edward Green.
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