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Hard to tell from this angle as the shaft looks rather small or short but the boot looks like the Burnham.
The shoe looks like the Cambridge.
Ok, I fell for it. I just couldn't help but respond, besides that was just stupid and rude.I mean why did you spend so much on such a boring shoe yourself? There are many black shoes which could be had for much less, sounds to me like your the kettle calling the pot black.Why do grown men come here and talk about shoes in the first place? Maybe because these men have some kind of desire or passion too. That really doesn't matter actually, but it sure isn't an open invite...
Cool, check is in the mail. LOL
Oh, and if you could tell me which ones you would like me to buy. LOL
I believe you.I've only paid the deposit and they haven't been delivered yet, so if you can be patient I'll forward mine once I receive them in September.Next time it might help if I knew your size first. LOL
Maybe your right, but then again that's why I asked. I wanted to find out what he was talking about. I hate assuming and vague statements do little for me.
I get this, even though I've been guilty of it recently. However when I think G&G the St James is one that comes to mind right away. Being a G&G newbie what the heck do I know. But the Warwick is another one of my top couple of G&G shoes that comes to my mind as well. Great looking shoe, but then again I'm just a newbie.
What kind of quality issues are you referring to exactly?
You can say that again. @Leaves always seems to come up with some great ideas.
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