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Personally I use shoe trees. They certainly can't hurt them. JAB has plenty of sales, so they can be purchased relatively inexpensively. I've been using VSC.
Oops, still a great looking shoe.
Nice choice. The color and extra brogue on the heel itself and the toe really make this shoe look great.
I actually like this version better than the one your proposing. I think the material on the upper looks better than the black CC.
All you asked for where ideas, you never stated what your budget was.
If they don't have them which they may, they could always get them for you. I ordered a Galway in D with shoe trees and they made sure I got the right size. If I remember correctly Leaves covered this in a post as well. So just email them and see what they can do for you.
Tommy Bahamma
Great comparison pictures, thanks for posting.
These Galways look nice!!! Then again, I've yet to see a pair I didn't like. 
Don't remind me.LOL I'm trying my best to be as patient as possible.
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