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No problem. I'll give you yet another bit of advise if you don't mind. When using shoe care products I find that less is more. Use what is needed and don't use more. Wax polish is for heel and toes only when higher shines are desired. Cream which leaves more pigment for the rest where the shoe flexes the most and wax would crack. I tend to use colored cream when covering scuffs and extra pigment is desired. So I tend to use neutral cream much more than colored cream. Many...
The shore car thread here has a number of discussions revolving around these topics with discussions as to the various products and a number of reasons as to why and why not certain products may or may not be any good. One of the main reasons why you may not want use some of them is because of the presence of turpentine in some of these products. Lexol and Bick4 for conditioner are two of the products that tend to be recomended and I think there are others. Many there...
Heck YES!!! Very nice, Congrats!!!
Being the owner of a trifecta of Kudu shoes to include the St James in Tan Kudu and Vintage Cedar, Isham in Rosewood Kudu, and Thorpe in Oak Kudu.Thank you!!!
In my opinion there's a vast difference. Getting that out of the way there is a difference with regards to styling, quality of materials, the level of attention to detail, and finishing. They aren't rocket powered and they are shoes so the degree or lack there of a WOW factor is something you'll have to determine.
They most certainly will be. Congrats!!!
I miss EG at Skoaktiebolaget.
Understand, I guess I just have this covered already with Carmina, Alden, Alfred Sargent, Crockett and Jones, Rider, and St Crispins.
I think it's great they offer this as an alternative (Cordovan) but I don't see this being their greatest strength. For me their finished calf is just a much more appealing proposition.
Sorry maybe I wasn't clear enough. No they actually caught them. My main frustration besides taking so long that for awhile I had no idea what was going on and besides everybody else had received theirs already.
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