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I haven't worn them yet, but I plan to when the opportunity presents itself. This shoe probably won't be worn that often, but that's fine with me. When worn they will certainly bring enjoyment to me.
I don't have one, but I certainly considered getting one a number of different times for that very reason.
Hey, if the shoe fits........................ LOL
Hey I'm good, I cast the second stone. LOL
  You can say that again!!!
Ah yes now I remember. I actually purchased the EG Hutton from RL. It happened to go on sale and I got them then.    However since then I found out about Skoak and I've been purchasing more standard fare or joining with others here on a couple of GMTOs.
I got a chance to look at some Hublots in person for the first time during a Caribbean cruise. They looked quite a bit like AP but up close they looked more and felt more like swatches on steroids. Cheap is the only feeling I got when checking them out in person. 
But their EG and G&G selections are extremely limited, No?
I'm jealous, you've now got me looking for some lighter colored shoes.
Great points, thanks for the insight.
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