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Marvelous choice, and I'm glad to hear they're working for you. It'll probably be about 3 more months for my pair.
No problem.
Sorry, did you mean @Ironist?  
I can't ever remember having a problem with lint when using cotton diapers.
But, but, it's a rare watch.Only one idiot purchased the gold version.How about $75.00. LOL
I'm thinking buy now, sell on Pawn Stars in a couple of years for a loss. LOL
Yeah, I'm doing that. LOL
Thank you, and agree with the level of service Skoak provides.Can't wait to see your pictures.
Skoak didn't originally stock my size. However luckily at least 2 others which where in the same predicament decided they wanted a pair as well. Since this was a refill, we didn't have to go the MTO route. They should hopefully be ready about the end of this month. 
Fabulous looking boots!!!!
New Posts  All Forums: