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My fault, your post had me thinking you might be focused on just 2 EG models. Although until late last year the same could almost be said for me and the Galway. I had a few others but not that many. I've since added a few more oxfords from EG and I have a couple more casual EGs on order which I should be getting in a couple of months. I've just recently started looking more seriously at G&Gs. I only have the Hayes so far, but after ordering the Thorpe I'm starting...
Yes they're E's. Your post actually had me second guess myself. So I took them out just to make sure and verify.  I was very fortunate, thank you.
Whoa, very nice.
No, actually they're marked as an E and not a D.  This is a good fit for me.
I'm pretty sure someone posted one not too long ago. You might want to check images here and the Skoak thread.
The croc up top is the only way to go.
True, so true.
Looks good, I'm just not a big all suede guy. I really like the Calf\Suede combo though.
Really, how so?
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