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Yep, stupid autocorrect.I saw it only after hitting submit.
Split Toe and RavelloSweet!!!!
@Leaves further clarified this after I asked earlier, you actually need six people now.
Well said
Sounds excellent, which Last are you going with? 202 or 606?
I got it, I guess I didn't give the response you were fishing for.   Yes I think he should. Red and green make the perfect Christmas time shoes. LOL
I think he should do it, God knows no-one else should. LOL
Thanks for the feedback. Nice choice on the Dover, this will be another great shoe to add to your collection.
Very nice, marvelous way to come back home. Congrats!!!  What's your impressions of the Utah leather when compared to the Country Calf leather? PS. Glad to hear you like Edwardian, I hope to have my Edwardian Falkirks soon.
They've been a bit busy but I'd contact Skoak by email sales@skoaktiebolaget.se and ask them.
New Posts  All Forums: