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   Agreed, the more options the better. Personally waiting a few more days and I may get a bit antsy, but I'd rather wait and not have to worry about paying any additional duties or fees.
What sole would you get these with?
Suede alone generally doesn't interest me. However I might be interested in elephant or hippo.
A swatch might help. Do you have an example of what it would look like? Anything special about stag?
In Carmina I take a full size down, but in Edward Green I only go 1/2 size down. I think this sizing works for most people.
The wait time is what it is, but then again your getting exactly what you want. So for me it's worth it, and besides your getting something that should last for a good long time.
Good job!!
Yep Both of my Galways on the 82 Last are on the Dainite sole. The Galway in Zug like @rydenfan is on the 64 Last on the Ridgeway sole. The 64 Last is a more true country boot.
I would try the same size in E first, as EG's E is pretty close to a US D.
Great choice, as this was my first and I'm sure this was many other peoples first as well.
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