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I would agree
I don't think you can go wrong either way, it's just that I ordered a Thorpe in Arran Grain as part of the Skoak Pre-Order a month or two ago. Besides for some reason I can't get the Kudu Isham out of my head ever since the first order the did a bit ago.
Nice, I really like the burgundy Dovers.
To be honest right now I'm more tempted by a Islam in Kudu at this point.
If I didn't have the Dover in Mahogany CC it probably would be an easier decision.
Yep, that must be it. LOL
Good point, for now however I'm just not ready to do that.
Believe me, I've been looking at them for awhile now. If I thought the fit were more ideal it would be a much harder decision.
Tempting, but not exactly an ideal solution. Besides I already have a Dover in Mahogany CC.
Problem is they're all in the F width.
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