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Thank you. They're actually a few pairs on Skoaktiebolagets website still: http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/gaziano-girling/products/gaziano-girling-walkton-spectator These are Polo Suede and the Vintage Oak, so I would think the Chameleon and Loden which have a lot of earth tones as well would probably be fine also.
Thanks and I'm not that much into just suede, but I think the combination of suede and calf is fabulous. I did that with a Galway through Skoak as well. Not sure but I think someone here paired their Walkton Spectator with Grey Trousers and it looked real nice.  
We'll see but actually I was just thinking jeans, I've done it with this pair of Carminas and they seem to go rather well together I purchased these from Skoak a few years back.  
Sounds interesting, not sure what it would work best on. Doesn't that make stag a bit harder to care for though? Pingrain sounds interesting if paired with the right makeup.
What's the deal with old school stag? Look, feel, properties???  Pin grain also?
 All good ideas by the way and I've liked a good number of your suggestions.  Didn't you also bring up willow?
Which one was it???  Do tell. LOL
A bit salty no doubt, however I have always figured one I really want bad is always better than two or three I don't want as bad.
Great idea about sharing, and I did that as well earlier but those shoes have already been ordered and now on the way, or at least I hope the Falkirk will be on the way eventually. Unfortunately for the time being I have ordered a few non-EG shoes. I do think the possibility of GMTOs makes this an even better proposition. People have more interest in trying to sell their idea to lessen their cost. But I think the other lull we have is a hangover from the binge buying of...
To be honest I didn't specify anything other than what they had in the EG catalogue on page 26 just as is.
New Posts  All Forums: