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Probably because of how the shaft was constructed in combination with how far up the tongue was connected going up the sides of the boot would be my guess.
Chicken!!! LOL
Ok people were are those Thorpe pictures??????
Once again, great looking boot @RogerP!!!
We're just a bunch of weirdos. But I guess it's a good thing you sell shoes, huh?? LOL
Ok it's a new day, where are my new shoes????? LOL
Very nice, fabulous looking shoes!!!!!
Congrats, and I would Luv to see some pictures especially since it's going to be at least another week before I receive mine.​  With speed hooks the lacing is already undone since the laces fall off when you untie them. The ease of speed hooks is because of this and the fact putting them back on it's easer because the eyelets can be a pain to re-lace. For me I have a few boots like this and I don't tend to use boots without speed hooks whenever I'm in a hurry. Frankly for...
You would be hard pressed to find a better looking Black Dress Oxford than this.
It's much more a question of what you want, but I always wanted at least three and now that I have three I wouldn't mind another one or two. A Green Galway has always been something that I've kind of wanted.  But I always wanted the standard DOAK Calf\Walnut CC. It's this version that spoke to me the first and the most. In my opinion a Galway collection isn't complete without one on the 64 Last. Either all CC or CC and Suede. I lucked out and I was able to get one in Zug...
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