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Congrats, I imagine they are extremely comfortable like everyone else has said. The suede EG uses is simply amazing. It may not be the only reason to spend more, but it certainly makes it more enticing.
 Congrats, it appears as you should be good to go.
This is why I cant wait to get my Thorpe, although after seeing the recent comparisons I'm not that confident that the stitching detail will be as nice to look at as the Dover. But then again it may be a better look for this particular boot. I cant wait to compare them up close.
 Using tape that leaves no residue you can simply use this to protect the suede when polishing. It doesn't have to cover all the suede just the along the edge.
They maybe ok in the falll, but since they're unlined it seems they would be a bit more suitable now.
This isn't a bomber jacket but how about this?  Oops, that's winter.and a bit to dark But anyway, I still need to figure out which watch I'll pair them with.
You betcha, now I just have to.determine which watch to pair them with. LOL
Makes sense,as they probably both shipped the same day.
Mine are on the way, in fact they left NY today.I was able to purchase one of the last pairs that went on sale last week.Good luck with the restock, hopefully you guys will make it. Your real close.Dan
   Actually with the Falkirk restock I thought the first three had to be the same width as the one they stocked then it could be different widths. It certainly couldn't hurt to ask, but If they email anybody it might be better to email Skoak sales since Leaves is off. Skoaktiebolaget Sales Department
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