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Yep, knowing @RogerP he probably has about ten installments to go. LOL
Excellent, thanks for sharing. If I had to guess I would say mainly Alden and Viberg, but it's a bit difficult to identify all of them from this picture. I would say if I had any regrets it would be that I don't own as many Vibergs as I should.
Great looking pictures and real nice choices. Got to Luv Alden and Viberg.
Nice as always @RogerP.  Hey, what happened to the SC and Bonafe Boots?
Ah yes, finally some Vass additions to the thread. Very nice sir.
Yes, but you maybe required to take a test at some point in the future. LOL
OMG!!! Thanks for sharing.
 Great collection sir. I kind of missed out on the exotic Alden shells myself, so that's why I went for the shells from the other shoemakers.
Not a "dddrees the boot guy" thread but I don't see any harm in a Boot thread. However we'll just have to see if others do or not.  http://www.styleforum.net/t/450433/boots-boots-boots-for-boot-guys-only/0_100
In my opinion your observations are just as if not more than important than the pictures.  Thank you sir.
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