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Excellent choices, Congrats!!Did you order the Thorpe in Kudu as well?
Very Nice!!!
You mean like these?
You betcha
Fits me just fine.
Agreed, the MH71 is just perfect for the Thorpe and vice versa.
Even if you were good at navigating the Internet they probably aren't there. Those particular boots were a special order and not something Skoaktiebolaget stocks. There's a good chance it was an order placed by just one customer last year and they just arrived.
You can say that again. I can't wait until the Oak Kudu Thorpes get here.
Not really, but if I'm good she lets me buy more shoes. LOL
 Yeah, that was my original thought. After seeing the watch @Leaves may or may have not sent I think I'll still stick with the Red Sub. But maybe I''ll give that one to the wife. LOL
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