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It's a default system notice or reply, it happens but nothing actually shipped.
LOLZug Rulles!!
That isn't a trade I'd be willing to do.
Generally just the shoe trees, however RL for instance the 89 Last is specific to RL as well as certain models such as Hutton and Ecton being more specific to RL. I imagine there maybe more instances where there are certain things being more specific to other retailers.
No problem, I think it's worth a shot but certainly no guarantees.Good Luck,Dan
You forgot a Zug.Zug, Zug, Zug, and Zug!!!!,
Skoaktiebolaget had a Pre-Order for this version earlier this year with an arrival mid Aug. from the about page it doesn't appear they ordered any extra, but it might be worth emailing them to see if they will have any extras available in your size.
Understand, in fact I didn't mention it initially because it's extremely hard if not impossible with the exception of potentially the secondary market right now. If given the option I would get the Zug first just because it's practically if not impossible to get. Then I would make sure to get the Doak\Walnut CC version. Very versatile and extremely smart but casual boot.
82 is the typicall Last for this combination, but 202 seems very appropriate for this version as well.
LOLIf you could ever get a pair you really should get a pair of Zugs as well.Heather Gorse is just the most appropriate leather that I am aware of for the 64 Lasted veldtschoen weldted Galways. Thick, waxy, and highly water resistant.
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