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Great choices. Ivebeen thinking about getting a Warrick in Vintage Oak for awhile now.
It's not like these kind of purchases can be made without using plastic. Maybe it's just early and I shouldn't have said anything in the first place.
I understand, and I have no desire to make t sound like I am judging anyone either.
 I agree with everything with the exception of credit. For me this is all fun, no need to place any undue burdens on myself.
I would just keep an eye on the classifieds here and eBay. eBay generally sells some new ones for fairly reasonable prices, although 1ks QC has been questionable recently. Actually the main problem with pre-broken in boots is that they have been broken in for someone elses feet. Besides 1ks require virtually no break in.
  Thank you gentlemen.
These arrived yesterday.
Thank you sir.
Thank you sir.
Yes, yes they are.
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