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It's good to be KING!! LOL
Yes you do, yes you do, yes you do. Good now the spell is reversed. LOL
You know what they say when you torn between two here on SF?  Both. LOL
Leaves, can you say Nevis in Rosewood CC?
Since you probably have approx. 200 pairs, probably not. LOL
Yes (kidding), actually more like twenty something. LOL  But lately I've decided I need more shoes than boots. Well not need, but you know. LOL
I thought the Dovers looked pretty good.  The Nevis would have been nice.
I have 90 pairs of boots, and now, and now I'm not making any sense.  LOL   I know, I know, it is amazing. Oh God, I'm so torn.
First the Dover and now this. ENABLER!!!!! LOL  I must say I've thought about a Rosewood CC makeup a number of times. But I just can't get by the fact that I already have something that is so similar to that already.
Shhhhhhhh  I promised myself I would focus a bit more on shoes for now.
New Posts  All Forums: