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Looks that way.
Oh no doubt, and I appreciate you sharing the find. I just find it a bit troubling how many retailers incorrectly post the wrong conversion even though for regulars of this thread it wouldn't be such a big problem.
I really like how a lot of these places screw up the size conversion. Instead of 1/2 they use 1 when going from UK to US.
Maybe, but it just seems odd that they didn't have anything above the 10 or 10 1/2 size for any of their recent shoes.
I'm just trying to figure why such limited sizing this time around with all their recent EGs??
EGs Cognac crup is awesome!!
One can only hope, your right they are a great color.
Liking the Falkirks.
^great looking collection, thanks for sharing.
It's not that difficult to understand why.
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