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I just like talking about it. The only person that might change my mind would be my wife and typically we'll both agree so that's generally not an issue.
With a split toe Dover on the way already it's not that easy for me. I think acorn kudu would be great, but the Harrogate in suede\calf has been something I've been looking at for awhile now.
I've always liked the suede\calf combo. Gives it a bit of contrast.
  Quote:Originally Posted by rydenfan Kudu. You can order the Nevis in like 6-8 months and still have it for next winter    Why no Luv for the Harrogate in Brown Calf\Suede?
Ok, back to shoes.     Isham in Kudu, Harrogate in Brown Calf\Suede, or Nevis in Rosewood CC?
Doh!!!!!  That's what the sauce was for.
The sauce was Ok, but the Rolex was more to my liking.
Ah yes, and the Paul Newman was a pleasant surprise.
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