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I'm pretty sure I talked you into this one as well. If I were you I would be pretty glad that I did. LOL
OakDidn't you get in on this Pre-Order as well?
Yes sir, so did I.
​Yeah, that really stinks.
Very nice!!!!
Looking good, Congrats!!
Very nice, Congrats!!
I've always contemplated getting a pair of Pembrokes, I've never once given any thought to owning a pair of Graftons. Upon revisiting your link my thoughts on this matter have not changed one bit. Besides you may think looks are the only thing that matters but if you ever get something that looks good but in reality isn't you'll change your mind. I've read many reviews about doubts and periods of ups and downs with Church's quality, there are no such reviews when it comes...
Luv the thistle on the side and that's a great color for sure.
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