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The Navy Dover sounds like a good idea.
Santa certainly wouldn't be pleased. LOL
Yes, yesThat must be it.I wonder if it's too late to change it?English Grain to English Green? LOL
Congrats, I'm just surprised the Isham isn't in green as well. LOL
For me the sole you chose should correspond with the leather you chose for the upper. Dover CC and Dainite sole for example, or Dover Calf and Double Leather sole being the other typiclle alternative. For the Isham in calf I'd probably go with single leather being the shoe being a bit sleeker than the Dover.
Wow, Galways in Doak and Walnut CC another Excellent Choice. Congrats!!
This sounds like an excellent recommendation and the Isham is a great looking shoe. I've got a feeling this will work out a lot better for you, good luck.
Excellent choice, I can't wait to see your pictures when they arrive.
Well health and being comfortable is certainly the most important thing. However I hope you'll be able to figure out how to remain healthy and pain free but still return to wearing and enjoying your shoes.
Very nice, I like how they incorporated the suede into the boot.
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