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It appears from these pictures at least that the leather might yield a higher sheen, but is it as foul weather friendly as CXL?
That's good, I've seen some examples of Zug used on some boots where the leather isn't quite as thick and the grain doesn't look nearly as nice. I have no idea where the actual leather was tanned and most of these examples where on boots that weren't nearly as nice.
For one thing conditioner is not always necessary when applying polish either wax or cream. If you are concerned that conditioner won't penetrate wax apply conditioner sometime and see whether it does or not. I would say for the most part it will except if you have a large thick build up of wax which in most cases is extremely undesirable. But as pointed out you would be best to check out the thread listed above.
Congrats, but we want pics.
Personally I think I would have preferred a less sleeker option with a slightly thicker rubber soul, but it still sounds like a great boot. Congrats.
Excellent, the EB Balway I imagine.
Would be nice to know if it is actually as thick, nicely textured, and water resistant as well.
The ultimate foul weather leather!!
I do, if for no other reason than I just lack the space and it's easier to stack boxes on shelves and I wouldn't want to stack shoes outside of boxes on top of other shoes.
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