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Actually I went the Skoak tree route for my Thorpes (Hidden), and the G&G tree route for my yet to arrive St James (Unfortunately Ive yet to see the unadorned G&G trees).
Ah, so that's what they used to cost. Was this the same for Edward Green Lasted trees as well?  Anyway, I located a pair of EG RL trees on eBay for one of my latest purchases which I failed to order trees initially for.  Whoa is me, because getting EG trees now can be quite the hassle if not ordered initially. Who knows what the real wait for these are now. 
Ah, so that's the direction your going for a lighter colored boot or shoe. Great choice!!!
Yeah, I've been doing my best to keep them from reading that post. LOL
As it seems are a number of their Lasts, however based on what I've read you just never know what kind of quality your going to get from Meermin.​  Of course I have no knowledge about the other shoemaker.
It will all just depend on fit and of course some boots are actually more generous in width and then again some retailers actually sell boots in wider fittings specifically for this purpose if selling a boot intended for cold weather use. But as stated it has more to do with fit than anything else.
Very nice, unfortunately without half sizes this isn't even a possibility for me right now. That is I take it everybody is sizing down a full size for these shoes correct? UK to US that is.
Thank you sir, and Congrats. Those are some great looking boots!!!!My thoughts as well.
The fit is certainly one of the main reasons I go this route.
Yep I noticed that, unfortunately not my size though. However I also noticed they were handsewn, but it appears that later versions being sold on eBay are not. In fact that's one of the main reasons I have not purchased a newer pair from eBay.
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