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Just received the email. The Thorpes in Oak Kudu should be on their way soon.
Looks like Hoves to me. Very nice!!!
Very nice, and the Dover is such a great shoe.
What product if any does everyone use to condition their suede shoes?
Very nice, Congrats!!
Surprised? NoBut as fellow shoe enthusiasts we should strive to get the facts right.EG by the way is my preference as well.
Agreed, JL leather is a lot more pliable. I think you've identified where some of their greater strengths lie, not to mention museum calf, and their monks.
JL is a great choice, I just find the variety. models, and finishing on EG and G&G to be more to my liking.
Wow, are they really that different in color or is it just the lighting which I expect to be the case?
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