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Yeah, but if you really want it bad enough you'll know it.
Yes they do, now if they could only send me mine as well.
I can see this being a harder decision since you already have a Kudu on order.For me it was a no brainier, in fact the more I think about the more this makeup works for me. I've always thought about getting the St James previously, but this is the first makeup I didn't have to think about it,. I just knew I had to get it. When you run across those that move you,then jump in with both feet. LOL
Looking fabulous, Congrats!!!I was wondering when you were actualy going to get them.
Just don't tell my wife, because this is another reason I use to justify buying more shoes. LOL
I've done it with a number of my MTO's, just shoot them an email with the order number off to Gabriel and tell him what you would like to do. He generally responds back in a very timely manner.
That certainly was an amazing re-crafting.  Thanks for pointing this out.
I agree, as it's actually grey and not blue after all.
Thank you for clarifying your first post.
Whoa, actually the smaller picture makes the pearl grey look better. The Bluer color looks better.
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