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@wurger Thanks for posting, very enjoyable and extremely valuable information at least for someone like myself who has yet to seriously look into owning something of the nature. D*** now I have something else I need to add to my list. LOL     Great looking shoes everybody!!!! 
Sorry to hear about your issue, but I did kind of wonder how long it might take before you would have to send them back. But hey it sounds like all along they were willing to make it right for you, and you can't beat that.  Always good to know that the shoes we luv are backed by the manufacture whenever that odd issue arises.
Use the @ in front of their username.
I am sorry to hear that. I do like the color of those boots. Here's hoping you can figure out something that will work to resolve this somehow.
The Islay is a truly Fabulous boot. Congrats.
Not a big fan of John Lobb boots, that is based on what I've seen to this point. However this one looks real nice.  In regards to socks. The color may not matter as much when it doesn't show, but the material makes a big difference. Still have to be comfy. LOL
Great choice, Congrats.
Yes, but it had been floating around for a couple of months prior to it being possible. So you had a good number of people ready and just waiting to pull the trigger.
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