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Pretty good price actually
The first one is in Heather Gorse or Zug.  The actual appearance between Rosewood CC and Zug is barely noticeable. Heather Gorse is about twice the thickness, and a heavy waxed leather which is duller than Rosewood CC. Also the Rosewood CC which is a bit shinier leather is burnished on the heal and toe. The  actual performance of the two leathers is a different story all together. Heather Gorse is quite bit more water resistant.  
Not that often you see that many great boots in just one picture.
To be honest I had to go to the G&G website to identify the Grant, but yes the others were pretty easy. I actually think the lengths were easier than the widths.  Are the size differences due to different Lasts? I thought G&G Lasts all fit pretty similar.
Ah yes Chombord, I totally missed them being smaller in height. I guess it's time to get new glasses after all. LOL  Being that it is smaller how do you like the Chombord?
Thank you sir
Hopefully, they'll be able to get enough to succeed with that GMTO for the third time. Great looking boot. Personally I already have a boot in the lighter cordovan and I don't have a split toe yet so my order for the Thorpe is where my focus is for now. 
  I wear a 45 in the Vass F Last and I'm a 11 1/2 US or a 11 UK in EG 82. 888, 202, and 64.
Very nice. In the top pick is that one Galway, a Nevis, and then two Vass on the opposite ends?
Thank you sir. I knew I reached out to the right person. Fabulous choices all around. I really can't get enough of the C&J boots they are simply wonderful. Is that one EG in Edwardian? Man I need to get me a lighter Galway one of these days.
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