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That's what I thought and to be honest most don't, however with a narrow foot there's a good chance depending how narrow that's this might work out for you. Basically the Standard width for Edward Green is the E width. This width equates fairly closely to the regular US D width. The Edward Green D width that Axels sells is their narrower width and although this works for some it is a bit narrower than a US D width shoe. Most other retailers but not all stock and sell the...
You also realize they typical sell their EG shoes and boots in the more narrow EG D width instead of the standard EG E width.
Very nice!!
I can't ever remember seeing any sales. But typically EG sales only occur with odd stock anyway. Very hard to determine which sizes will be left on odd stock. Besides Axels typical restock their Galways in the same exact configurations for the most part which means they won't have any odd stock when it comes to their Galways.
Well I did just order the Oak Kudu Thorpes, do those count? LOL
I think they look pretty nice.
Same thing here, not a real big Jodhpur fan, but the JL with Croc strap always comes to mind first. 
Very nice, Congrats!!!
I'm not a big Chelsea guy, but I've certainly given it more thought lately.  Besides I've seen a few that look pretty interesting.
LOL Yeah, I think it would be awful difficult to pass on if you even gave it a peak.
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