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A great watch, a great boot, and a good woman, what else can a man possibly want? LOL
I know I keep saying it, but maybe one day.
 I'm pretty sure they (EG) don't.  Besides I would much rather prefer calf or CC for the Dover actually.
I know, I just couldn't resist the Rookie thing. LOL  One particular day during the month sounds like a good recommendation.
Kind of like Lays potato chips. LOL  I've been thinking about another one, I'm just not sure which one yet.
What are you, a Rookie? LOL  There needs to be many more days than just one day during the month.
Hey, Dover Lord.    What color did you finally decide on for our Suede Dovers?
Duh, every Friday is Galway Friday. LOL
The perfect casual boot.  From Islay to Galway, I'm glad you've finally seen the light. LOL
Looking good, once again Excellent Choice!!!!
New Posts  All Forums: