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This is me and this is what works for me. There are certainly others here who may do it differently and certainly will give you some valuable input or advise. I'm a relative shoe noob when it comes to the many more experienced people here.In the end do the thing that works best for you. Good luck and please do share with us whatever you chose.Cheers,Dan
  All I could ever advise is what has worked for me in the past with regards to any purchases I have made. This of course may or may not work for others. Regardless of brand and regardless of model, I've always tended to purchase the one that I wanted the most at the time I've purchased it. Sometimes its the next on the list and sometimes it's a discovery at that time that I want really bad. I've strayed from this from time to time and mostly its because of opportunity,...
A MTO and something from stock cost the same with St Crispins, so why bother waiting?
 I've always appreciated your honesty and the fact that you've always given us a heads up on upcoming policy changes. Thank you sir.
Don't be surprised if the other shoemakers don't follow suit at some point in the future.EG is a leader, and followers tend to follow.Besides St Crispin faces some of these same challenges and their production capabilities are much less than EG.Just saying.
Don't get me wrong I don't like this anymore than any one else.   No one wants to pay more.   I'm sure EG knows they wont be selling quite as many.   But I don't think they are necessarily as concerned about that as they are other things.   I'm certain in this case the more they sell isn't always what your trying to do and it's not always a good thing for you. There are a number of buisnesses that limit their production for various reasons.   Their quality and...
  Fabulous You can tell from that picture that is some great looking suede there.
Just a guess, but just like the other leathers JL uses their suede is going to be a better quality than most other shoemakers where their brands cost less. Also because of who JL is owned by, they certainly are known for having the ability to get some of the finest leathers available. I personally don't have any experience with the suede that JL uses, but EG uses better suede than most other shoemakers where their shoes cost less. Whether JLs suede its better than someone...
You can never have enough shoes!!
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