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Let's get those votes in gentleman.
You forgot to mention the Willow calf orders.
You went to bed, Why in the Hell would you go to bed?  There are just some things more important than sleep. LOL
Thank you sir, and it's in color.
Frankly I'd never recommend wearing the same shoe day in day out unless you absolutely have too. However for the style your looking for I would try one of the following and they all make a shoe in the same style as recommended previously.     I'd recommend a pair of Rancourts. They have a number of Ready Made, Made to Order, and Custom options. They have pairs like the ones the other person recommended. You'll pay a bit more but they're definitely a great quality shoe....
It would be interesting to see how it turned out. I wonder if there is enough for two boots here. Mahogany CC 606 DainiteRosewood CC 606 DainiteAlmond CC 606 Dainite
Mahogany would be fabulous, but since I went for the Mahogany Dover I'd be out unless it were Rosewood CC.
Sounds like it's time for one of those google pole thingies.  Where's @tifosi?
Lol     Sounds like we need to take a vote.
I'd also be willing to consider this since I don't currently have any lighter colored boots.
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