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Praying for a shell Galway is about as close as most people will get. Edward Green just did a limited run of Galways in Shell (Upper) and Utah (Shaft) a bit ago. These maybe in production at this point but there were only 6 or 7 of them and these were sold long ago. As far as I know this is the first Galways of its kind and they certainly went for a premium and who knows when they will ever do this again. You might be able to get a pair with the upper in shell via MTO but...
Excellent, in fact I probably shouldn't have had any reservations in the first place.
I decided to go with two for now.
All Zug just as with any leather are not all created equal.​ I do have a lot of faith in Edward Green that they would use quality stuff but before I jump on the Horween Zug I would still want assurances as to how thick and how good it looks.
^Very nice, Congrats!!
Very nice!!!  So you have two right feet? LOL
Can anyone tell me which tannery EG sources their calf and suede leather from?
Must be. LOL
Ow, that hurts.I wonder what if anything really is possible. I think the earlier comment about trimming and applying Sapir cream might be your best bet.
Very nice, Congrats!!
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