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What type of boot are you looking for as one is a Balmorial and one is a Derby. What are you going to be wearing them with Dress or Casual? Do you have a preference between the two based upon what you've seen?
Yeah I'd imagine your size makes it a bit harder to find when it comes to stock purchases.
First EG shoe I just knew I had to get.Congrats.
Yeah last I heard shoes were 2K, but this was a bit ago and it was prior to the price hike as well. Generally Boots will be more than shoes also.
Wow, and I thought I had a good number of Rancourts.  Very nice!!!
Yep, St C gets my vote.
That sounds interesting, but of course if you ever need assistance we'd be more than willing to help you spend your money. LOL
Shoot, I almost forgot the Inverness.
Falkirks is one he might want to consider. Then of course there's always the Sandringham or Derwent.
The Asquith is the only one I don't either have currently or have scheduled to arrive at this point. Great looking shoe though, and I've certainly considered getting it.Congrats, and I look forward to seeing your pics.
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