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Excellent, the EB Balway I imagine.
Would be nice to know if it is actually as thick, nicely textured, and water resistant as well.
The ultimate foul weather leather!!
I do, if for no other reason than I just lack the space and it's easier to stack boxes on shelves and I wouldn't want to stack shoes outside of boxes on top of other shoes.
Shhhhhhhhh!!Your making all those little zuglets very nervous.Zug is most definitely The WORD!!!
I do have a couple of knives on the way. The first is by a South African knife maker called Andre Thorburn. Neither of these pictures are mine, but the Thorburn knife should be here within the next week and the Rockstead hopefully by the end of the month. The Rockstead was ordered at the beginning of the year and since they produce a limited number of knives not unlike Andre Thorburn they only produce certain models at certain times of the year. 
Late to the party, but very nice Roger.
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