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This particular Kudu has great character, Without a Doubt!!!!
Simply Awesome Roger, Congrats!!! Fabulous looking Pictures!!!  Hoping to have mine in a few more hours.
I do.
Personally I would go with Doak but then again I already have a pair of JL William IIs in black.
Mine are also a couple of years old and I guess I find it thin when compared to the CXL used on my Carmina CXL shoes and Viberg CXL boots. I also find the leather although different on my Redwing Beckmans to be a bit thicker as well.
The leather is fairly thin, but the overall aesthetic makes them look nicer. Unfortunately there are more incidents of QC issues the last couple of years. Redwing makes a more sturdier boot. However since I own the Beckmans without speed hooks I more often reach for my 1ks.
Thank you gentlemen.
Thanks, I'm currently working on an order for some shoe care stuff I think I'll pickup a small container.
Looks a bit light, but maybe.Thanks, maybe they have the same shade for calf.
Very nice, Congrats!!Thanks for the comparison pics.
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