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Good luck, I hope it works out for you. Personally, I think CJ makes a great boot period. I also have their Islay and at some point I wouldn't mind getting their Peal and Co Boot for BB as well.
I have my doubts but the worse they could say is no. I do have a feeling that now might be a bad time to try and organize an MTO, there's been a lot of sales and Pre-price raising purchases of late. Not sure how many people are ready for any more GMTOs right now.
 I for one would be interested to hear how they are doing from time to time. Again Congrats!!!!One can only hope. I for one have my fingers crossed.
The main thing holding me back is that I already have the CJ Marlow for RL which pretty much serves about the same purpose. Like you I wish EG hadnt messed with the Old DOAK. That and the fact EG doesn't allow GMTOs anymore are two of the biggest mistakes EG has made lately in my eyes. The fact that they also don't sell lasted shoe trees are an annoyance to a smaller degree.
Congrats, that sounds like a amazing find.Sounds like the leather is in great condition as well, amazing considering the leather hasn't probably been treated with anything this entire time. Just the other day however I saw where someone posted an article in on of the threads I read from a curator stating how they determined the best treatment for maintaining leather in museums is not to use leather conditioners. Something to the point that conditioners tend to attract dust...
I have the Lindrick and Marlow on the 325 Last. I went with my TTS. Typically whether you go TTS or a half size down will all depend on the width of your foot. I initially ordered the Lindrick in both sizes and found that going down 1/2 size was just to narrow for me.
CongratsLike others I look forward to seeing the Pics as these start rolling in.
Have you ever re-soled any of your shoes or boots or do you just unload them and move on?
Edward Green actually is a good example where this doesn't happen. Axels in Colorado tends to sell most of their EGs in the D width, and these are the EG UK D where EGs standard size is UK E. So although this may occur it certainly doesn't occur at Axels with Edward Green shoes. I'm pretty sure Crockett and Jones does the same with their Peal & Company shoes for BB in America. They tend to sell D and E width shoes at BB and the D width shoes tend to be rather narrow. I...
You would hard pressed to find any other combination of 1 model shoes and 1 model boots that work so well for a wider variety of casual and business casual as the Dover and Galway.
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