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For spit shinning you really can't beat one of those old style diapers. An old T-Shirt works but I find the old style cloth diaper works a little bit better.
I understand, however it certainly isn't that bad especially when your talking about models like the Chelsea for example in Black and Doak.
Good luck, here's hoping it works out for you. That Last certainly looks a lot better to me at least with that style of shoe anyway.
To be honest the other Last  just looks much better to me. ​To bad it sounds like it may not be as good when it comes to fitting any better.
Now you've hit the jackpot. Very nice sir, very nice indeed!!!!
So what your saying is they typically do this before going out to set traps for minks?
 I always thought mink looked real nice, especially when used with Doak and on the shaft of the Galway
That's really too bad and I know recently some have stated they think the market was glutted, but after one pair I'm sold. I think the nature of what they were using really had a lot of great character to it. I'm glad I was able to get the 3 pair of boots and shoes I ordered with it. Thanks again for a great job @Leaves .
    Hey now........LOL   But seriously you guys really should get another GMTO going for a pair of St James in Kudu when more leather becomes available. 
 Skoak is also including a pair of their travel trees with Carmina shoes and boots
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