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I hope you get it in a shade that works for you. I've got a feeling mine will be a bit green considering it will be paired with Loden Suede. I really hadn't truly understood how much the color might vary until after ordering it though.
A number of those are really great choices, however I would highly recommend the Dover in Mahogany CC. Great foul weather shoe and besides if you don't have a Dover, you've have to at least get one.
Yeah, at this point I'm not even willing to participate in that kind of exercise. LOL  I enjoy having the various options that I have.
 Cool, I can't wait to see them. Although I have three other MTO's on the way that includes my Thorpe, the Malvern in Chameleon Calf and Loden Suede is probably the one I look forward the most too.
Kids are grown up,out of College, and on their own. Empty nesters.   For my location, the Internet has put practically everything in the world at my fingertips to include shoes.
I don't know, but I figure it would take some serious restraint for most here to stick with anything under 20 or even 30. LOL
Nope, but then again I don't buy that many things from Amazon evey year.
Absolutely, different strokes for different folks. That's why I'm glad Skoak accommodated a wide variety of their customers and they've given us a number of different options.  Heck even when I order things from Amazon or anywhere else on the internet where I buy most of my stuff I usually opt for the free delivery rather than something that will cost me more.
Absolutely, especially as my rotation has gotten even bigger the seasonal thing has gotten less important. But I have been doing it this way for a couple of years now and it's just worked out rather well. However your correct this was certainly a case of seasons be D***. However it just so happens that I wanted shoes and boots for fall and winter this time as well, and It is nice to be able to receive them an immediately place them in the wearing rotation.
  Yep, heck we're already waiting 4 to 6 months sometimes a bit more, eight days won't kill me. Yeah, and I think most of us who have been here for just a little while order our MTO shoes and boots based on the season or seasons after we anticipate getting them rather than what season it is currently. It just takes a bit of adjustment in the way you think, but once you have a bit of a decent rotation that's not that hard either.
New Posts  All Forums: