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Hey I'm good, I cast the second stone. LOL
  You can say that again!!!
Ah yes now I remember. I actually purchased the EG Hutton from RL. It happened to go on sale and I got them then.    However since then I found out about Skoak and I've been purchasing more standard fare or joining with others here on a couple of GMTOs.
I got a chance to look at some Hublots in person for the first time during a Caribbean cruise. They looked quite a bit like AP but up close they looked more and felt more like swatches on steroids. Cheap is the only feeling I got when checking them out in person. 
But their EG and G&G selections are extremely limited, No?
I'm jealous, you've now got me looking for some lighter colored shoes.
Great points, thanks for the insight.
That might be true, and correct me if i'm wrong but I don't remember EG and G&G shoes going on sale on the RL site. besides their selection is pretty limited with those two brands. Skoaktiebolaget has been fairly EG price friendly so I've made most of my EG purchases there recently.
After getting my Marlows and Lindricks I haven't paid much attention to RL shoes.
Wow that's incredible, $800 and some change for the exact same shoe.
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