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I remember you posted this back when this was discussed earlier. I forget if Leaves gave a specific reason or not, but I'm pretty sure he posted EGs response in this thread a couple of pages back.
The last thing I saw from Leaves was that EG will not make a Galway in shell.
Thank you sir, it's definitely one of my favorites.
Ok, ok, I'm good with that. LOL
There are plenty of other real nice options out there. So as nice as Vibergs are they aren'lt the end all be all for me. But then again neither is Edward Green or Rancourt. I enjoy being able to chose a boot or shoe that is more appropriate for the wardrobe I've chosen to wear that day.
Those are some pretty sweet looking boots!!
Yeah, so where oh where does that leave me? LOL
Pepsi for me  
Sorry to hear that.   Although I have not purchased that much from LS, I did purchase both of my St Crispins from Shane.
I have personally discovered that I prefer simple dials which are easier on the eye's, watches on bracelets typically (I don't care much for sweating in summer on a leather band that can't be washed), and for the most part I prefer SS sports watches.   However in this case I have owned a Rolex SD and I didn't really care for the hump on the back of the case. So I would probably choose a different SS Rolex. 
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