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Either way he's getting all of your shoe money anyway.   Besides all I'm advising is that you wait and spend a whole lot more money later on. LOL
 Okay, I'll play devil's advocate.  Not if there is something else you really want which you haven't yet purchased.  Don't let the instant KOP get in the way of the ultimate prize.
  On one hand the Ridgeway sole seems like it belongs on only boots, but I kind of like the idea of having a rather stylish shoe for slightly foul weather days. I don't foresee me hiking through the tundra or even wading through water or snow in them though.  Anyway that's one of the reasons I want to take some more time and think about it. But I thought they kind of looked pretty cool anyway. We'll see.................
Absolutely, Go For It!!!      Only one question, what is it? LOL
I may, I just may. I'm potentially thinking of going with something more like what Leffot offered however. But I'm not quite ready yet, so we'll just have to see. Can I ask why you've decided to go with the DG70 Last for this shoe?
I'm one behind you, I should be the one that's not so happy.LOL
Thanks again, very helpful.
So let me ask this. If you had to do it over: Would you chose the Doak on the 202 because of better fit, or 606 because it looks better or slightly different than the 202.   @rydenfan Zug!!
Thanks for your thoughts. If I do get another Dover I'm pretty sure i'll want it on the 606, but for some reason I'm more concerned about the fit on the 606 than any other Last.
Very nice sir.  Probably asked before, but how do you find the 606 when compared to the 202? Is there a big difference in the toe box area?
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