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Drat, I know should have cut my toes off. LOL  Thank you sir.
Like that boot!!!  Where'd you get it?
Thank you sir.
For sale a number of shoes all of which have only been tried on once for size and never worn outside. All shoes are like new and only one is a pair of seconds as indicated below. Since I have decided not to wear these since purchase I’ve decided it’s time to sell them. All shoes include their original shoe box. All shoes have been stored in their boxes since being purchased. The shoes which originally came with shoes bags will also include those as well. Shoe Trees are not...
Yep it has the usual sub dials that I'm used to seeing on a perpetual calendar. I'm not used to seeing a metal case with a perpetual calendar, and it certainly is an indication of what your really getting. The hands and hour markers certainly seem to go with the metal case. They look like they were cheaply done as well. I don't like the Big Crown for some reason here either and the diameter of the case looks a bit big. A nicely executed Perpetual Calendar usually brings a...
Galways at work.  Hooah!!!
Nice choices on your Galways. What's that last pair of boots however? 
It's getting to be that time again (Boot weather) here., and these are certainly one of my favorite versions.
Very nice, Congrats.
My fault, but great looking boot. Those two colors work real well together.
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