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 Yep, still on the way. I hope to have them either by Saturday or the first of next week.
Very nice!! It is amazing how much different the bronze pair looks different from the DOAK pair.
No, for one thing I wanted to make certain the one I already ordered worked well for me first.
I would have to imagine this will be another great version. Even though I will probably pass on this St James I can't wait to see what they came up with.
The color is supposedly different, this is why @Leaves asked G&G to provide him with a color in calf that would work with the new color of Kudu. If I remember correctly the new color of Kudu was like a brick color.
Well I can't imagine that I would want to order another St James Kudu but depending on the availability, interest, and color I might be interested in another Thorpe butt this time in Kudu.
Understand, just getting my bid in early.
You could more than likely do an MTO on your own, but it certainly would be nice if there was enough to do two Pre-Orders or GMTOs again.
How much Kudu is there and is there enough for another Thorpe as well as another St James?
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