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Yep, Yep!!
The thing with a boot is there's just much more to Luv.
For me the DOAK Calf\Walnut CC is THE Classic Galway and I get the feeling if we took a pole it would win. But I agree that this is more subjective than something which is written somewhere in stone. I'm sure there are many whom would vote for a certain version on the 64 Last as well.
Very nice, Welcome!!!
I purchased the one I liked the most aesthetically first. I purchased the next because I wanted a different version and another leather combo and it matched a favorite watch of mine next. I purchased the third because the Zug possibility just was too much to pass up. I purchased the fourth because the color and the price was too good to pass up.  Moral of the story, purchase the one that appeals to you the most. Get the others if your so inclined later on.
I have to admit that when it comes to making a decision whether to purchase another shoe or boot the fact as to whether it is hand lasted or GYW has never been a concern or a criteria for me. I've yet to find any evidence that would deter me from buying a GYW pair of shoes or boots. One may read that gemming could occur, but there isn't any evidence that suggest that occurs often enough that it is a concern for me. I also have yet to find anything that would suggest that...
Jeans and Greens, Very sharp!!
Absolutely, and I even forgot to mention the hand sewn apron, and in my book that aspect of at least the Dover is what makes that more special and great looking.
Very nice, and you've made some real great choices.
LOLI currently only have 2, a Peal and Co or Crockett and Jones for Brooks Brothers and. Dover in Mahogany CC. I do however have the G&G Thorpe on order as well. The C&J while nice is no Dover and I'm convinced the Thorpe will certainly meet my expectations. So while this may not have been the first style of shoe or boot I decided to get, I've quickly changed may tune. In fact one of the first split toes I liked was a St Crispins split toe which I'm trying to determine...
New Posts  All Forums: