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Get yourself some boot dust bags if you don't have any, and that will do the job.
Thanks for posting, now I know exactly what it looks like.
 Not that much different than shoes, it all depends on what you want the most.  But no matter what it is, if you want it bad enough you'll be willing to do what it takes.  The thing is don't ever settle for something you don't really want.
Agreed, I'm still waiting on the details as to what he did so I will know what to do when mine get here.
  That's pretty good advice and your probably right about waiting. Unfortunately the St James Kudu wasn't going to be around that long so I already committed to at least a second on that last without waiting. However in this case I'm still undecided and I see no reason to make a hasty decision on this particular one at this point in time.
Best just to wait for the one you really want in the first place.  An intermediate watch will get you nowhere but further away from what you really want.
I really like this version.
Agree, pretty tough choice. Some days just when I think I have made up my mind, I wake up the next thinking something else.
After giving it some thought I'm sort of torn. With just one Dover it's certainly been difficult to determine the next split toe either Isham, St Crispins, or another Dover. But I can certainly feel the Isham tugging at me.
New Posts  All Forums: