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I'm not necessarily talking about using any conditioner right away, but thinking more about maintaining them later on.
It even has me wondering whether it would be a good idea to use VSC on them or not.
The only advice I have read so far in regards to treating Zug boots is a thread @CTBrummie posted a bit ago on this same thread were a shoemaker recommended that dubbin should not be used. http://www.styleforum.net/t/291745/edward-green-appreciation-pictures-info-and-where-to-buy/8800_100#post_7161301
Guys want them, and girls dig them.     Zugs rule!!!!! 
Basically this is a one off kind of deal. EG used to but does not normally work with Heather Gorse at this point in time. There was a very strong interest by some of the SF members to do something with this leather in a boot and they were able to locate the leather at a tannery and the kind folks at Skoaktiebolaget were able to convince EG to do this one time deal. Hopefully I got the facts correct. I'm certainly not an expert, but the leather is supposedly fairly thick...
That's too bad, almost sounds like Chromexcel. Thanks for sharing. Sure hope they don't become to loose for me.
 Have fun and good luck with your hunt.
Excellent Advice!!!!! It has a better chance of being your watch if you do a good bit of the leg work. In the end you'll stand a better chancer of being alot happier as well.
You know, I vaguely remember seeing something about the color of the leather being unique. Although I plan to have these for many years to come, I am definitely glad these will be ready for the upcoming season.
For me the color wasn't so much of a question as the thickness. Because I have seen different thicknesses for other leathers being used on various shoes or boots depending on the shoemaker. However I wasn't aware that the color was so unique in regards to Heather Gorse, besides isn't the color more dependent upon which dyes are being used? I also did not receive an email, so my Zuggies appear to be still at the factory as well.
New Posts  All Forums: