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7 months is a fairly long wait but I don't think that is that uncommon for EG. I know one of my Galways took 8 months but there was supposedly a mix up at the factory and I think I received those in 2013. My Falkirks were rejected once and are being remade but it will be nine months on the 24th of this month.
The balance issue tends to happen more I think when you buy things in bulk.But on the much brighter side your certainly going to get a whole lot more for a whole lot less than you'll ever be able to anywhere again. Sales notwithstanding, besides sales don't always provide you a chance to get your size in all cases.
So you really have yet to receive much since the first of the year? I do wonder how much of a backlog this first part of year may have created if any? I guess we will find out. But whatever it is you better not get any of your this year orders from EG before I get my Falkirks from last October.
Sorry, your right I dont know what I was thinking.
That and maybe the fact that we where buying the Kudu and eventually bought it all out, at least for the most part.
Luckily I was able to get rid of the most regrettable mistakes I've made and luckily for the most part they were the least costly shoes I've purchased since purchasing the over $300 shoes. I would say my most regrettable for me were AE. Some included some fit mistakes I made early on and others included their ankle or opening of the shoe issue they are most famous for. The other mistakes in this brand included getting into to many LWB, where some are fine but there are...
There's a big difference with regards to the Last some shoemakers use, and the design of the shoe. If you had the Alden Barry next to the EG 202 its not that difficult. Then again if you see the shading difference occurring on the shoes that's just another indicator. This of course doesn't even include turning over the shoe and looking at the soles.  So there's not just one indicator, there's a couple of things you would be able to see that would give it away.
Any more Mountain  Ram coming down the pipes?
I chose to participate on the first Thorpe Pre-Order of the year. It was the one in Arran Rustic Grain. A repeat from last year bit with speed hooks. At the time of the Pre-Order the ETA was Aug 15. The Thorpe Kudu Pre-Order took place shortly there afterwards and to be honest two Pre-Orders for the same boot even if different leathers was a bit much for me. After all we arent talking Galway here. LOL Besides since the Kudu St James Pre-Order came out later I was then able...
So although the exact method is uncertain the results seem to be fairly clear, at least in my opinion. Thanks Jerry, Dan
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