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Sounds reasonable, pretty good combo.
Now that you mention it, that's more like it.The voice said Mr., because he knew better. LOLEither way those shoes called out to me, and I felt so obliged.
Not unlike the Malvern in Suede in Calf or the Falkirk.
It said "Pst Pst shoe guy BUY ME". LOL
Not at this point.The St James in Kudu and Cedar is what currently moves me.I've been looking at the St James for awhile but this makeup really spoke to.me.
I think your right about the leather choice, I like how that looks.
The Last is good for a boot, here's hoping it works for you.
I did sell a Galway, so your probably right I'm just a sorry shoe turd. LOL
I don't know how many Galways are enough, but the Glencoe is a Good looking boot, but it's no Galway.
Ah, now it makes sense.
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