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EG's shoetrees are probably made by the same company as C&J. I think it looks a bit cheap especially when they look so much like another shoemakers, and then add to that they're not even lasted. I know not everyone would buy them, however you would think a good number do. You've got to wonder how much extra that really would cost? I know G&G trees are pretty expensive though, although I'm not sure why.
They have no idea what they're doing.
I could be way off, but I just had this feeling from the beginning they were doing it to protect their brand.
The end to group MTOs didn't kill the EG MTO for me, but it certainly dampened the group vibe we had going in this thread.
Yeah, it's not enough to stop anyone considering what your already going to pay. I'd reccomend that you check out the Skoak EG MTO page and that details the three various levels.   http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/pages/edward-green-made-to-order
Standard level single MTO charge is only 1800 sek or about $229
I purchased a pair of Brown CXLs Service boots on the 2030 from Leffot. I thought about getting a black pair, but had second thoughts when I saw some of the black pairs where some of the black dye had come off.
Your probably right on all accounts.  More importantly your right about them being awesome. In fact that's what made so hard to decide whether to wear them or my Vibergs today. Since I hadn't worn my Vibergs yet, the Vibergs won. LOL
That's too bad, but I think your right. I don't think stretching is something I'd do either.
Nice, Congrats. What's wrong with the Cardiff, wrong size?
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