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Personally I prefer the G&G Thorpe on the MH71 over the Nevis and the fact I was able to get it in oak Kudu was definitely a bonus in my opinion. I would post a picture but photobucket is experiencing some issues right now. Since it's working.
Glad to hear that they will accommodate your request.
If I were a betting man, I would say no. But there's truly only one way to find out. You would have to contact G&G.
Frankly I think oak Kudu Thorpe's are a viable option when considering voak.
After a time I just started adopting the stance if it wasn't the most attractive in my opinion I saw no reason to get it. So as much as it much serve some function the passion in wearing this type of footwear motivates me to get the very best. If that requires an MTO to get it right, well it just requires an MTO. So I certainly don't see any reason to force something if it doesn't work. G&G didn't really do it for me for the longest time but after a time I acquired a taste...
Thank you sir!!
Heck, EGs calf and the way they finish their shoes outshines Crup any day of the week and twice on Sundays.
​Canterbury gets my vote and hatch or oak grain is definitely a winner.
AgreedIt's just extremely disappointing at the very least that the whole fit thing has been thrown into question by them going from wood to synthetic Lasts. Personally I have no idea what difficulties really exist but one would hope they could have done better with this whole transition.
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