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I think he did this to Galways as well, but those were the more field type boots on the 64 Last.
I saw this this morning and I still can't believe it.This I would do with my Redwings, but not with my Galways.Ah well what are they for if not for getting enjoyment out of.
Helluva first one for you, sure hope you got the size right.
Yeah but I think if I'm not mistaken that you got in on the Kudu Thorpe which I missed so you'll have your turn.
For me it's the following: Nautilus Blue Dial AP White Dial Daytona White Dial Some may disagree, but that's the way it works for me.
Thank you sir.  Yes, I was very fortunate that this reorder took place.
Thank you sir.
Very nice!!
Excellent, Great Pictures as well. Congrats!!!
So many Galways too little time. LOL
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