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​Canterbury gets my vote and hatch or oak grain is definitely a winner.
AgreedIt's just extremely disappointing at the very least that the whole fit thing has been thrown into question by them going from wood to synthetic Lasts. Personally I have no idea what difficulties really exist but one would hope they could have done better with this whole transition.
Since it's been forever since purchasing an Edward Green shoe or boot can summarize which E.G. Lasts now use resin instead of wood and how the new resin Lasts compare to the old wood Lasts. Last by Last of course if anyone has that experience would be extremely helpful. For example it's my understanding that the 82 for some works better for some when sizing down by a full size vs a half size now with the new resin Last.
Very nice, but I'm sorry I would have to disagree.
I understand why you might desire to have a comprehensive guide as to what the rules of the road are and what are the many different possibilities are when ordering an MTO via E.G. To include models, Lasts, leathers, and such. However even if we could do so today it's entirely possible this may change tomorrow. Only E.G. And E.G. Alone knows what this is on any given day and they tend to change this from time to time and they are the only one that knows what leathers they...
Price wise right now it maybe E.G. Stick in there as I am sure someone with more recent experience may come along and help. In the meantime if you work your way backwards through this thread you maybe able to find some answers as well.
I'm sure if you check this thread and a number of other threads for other shoemakers you'll find this to not be An uncommon occurance. In fact this is why when I purchased most of my shoes I preferred dealing with retailers who sold men's shoes primarily and their focus was more customer oriented. However if pricing is more a concern and the better deal can be found directly from the shoemaker then I may have dealt this way more often in order to save more even though it...
​I would say it's not impossible to find one and I think I may have seen one offered. Best bet is to check around EG and their retailers just in case. However its not very common and more than likely you'll have to order via an MTO. Just checked Leffot and they still have a few in Dark Brown Utah and Delapre.
LOLSorry I just couldn't help it.The options really are limitless and in fact this is why many have multiples of this particular boot. However I would say many if not most often begin with the combination that tends to be the standard that most retailers tend to stock which is the Walnut CC and Doak Calf. Although there are a few who don't like two tone boots this is one boot that tends to make believers out of naysayers. It really does make for a great boot all the way...
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