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Actually I was wrong, they've made it to New York. Looks like next week at this point I would think.
Great deal, nice looking boots. Congrats.
ExactlyIt will probably be the the same way until Monday or TuesdayThe good thing is that I should have them by the end of the next week or first part of next, but no custom fees.
Unfortunately the rarity or the fact that its not easy to get at this point kind of adds to the feeling that its somewhat special if you have one or if you can't get one. Of course they used to make them in this leather not too long ago, so I'm not real sure how rare they are. I believe it's a much better leather than most for a true country boot, and I would certainly consider getting more shoes or boots in this same leather if they were to chose to do so in the future..
It's always good to get something in a green box.
I tracked mine this morning and they are either waiting for a plane or taking a slow ship. LOL En route from Sweden actually, but then again they had only started their journey just a few days ago. But then again I know this is of no interest to @rydenfan because unlike his boots in my case we are only talking about shoes. It is my understanding he is completely unaware that they actually make these things called shoes. LOL
I do my best to be memorable, but it probably couldn't hurt if it were more visible. LOL
I'm just a shoe turd but what can I say. LOL
These and other subjects are discussed throughout this forum as well. The important thing is that the shoe tree conforms to the shoe, and it helps to disapate your perspiration. Keep in mind that the shoe trees that fit best will be those that are shaped exactly to match or are lasted shoe trees. Generally however lasted trees aren't made except for shoes which tend to be on the higher end of the spectrum and even some of the shoemakers on the higher end dont provide the...
It's the leather that needs a chance to recover per say. Your perspiration and the fact that leather has to have a chance for the perspiration to evaporate. You'll want to purchase shoe trees to stick in your shoes when your not wearing. You want to give then at least 24 hours of rest between wearing and three pairs instead of two is probably better.
New Posts  All Forums: