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In what way, can you describe it?
Not surprising, the picture I saw looks extremely nice.Congrats.
Reminds me of an incoming watch post I did on TRF. LOLSorry inside joke.
Yeah, but everyone knows your blind. LOL
What about me?
That must be it. LOL
Believe me there was a period of time I was emailing Gabriel back and forth trying to get a status. Now I just email him once a month to see if he's heard anything. I'm really glad my Malverns came in so quickly in the meantime, that hasn't fixed it but it certainly helped. The Skanklins were a short tierm fix as well. My Thorpes are due next in about a month and a half I'm starting to wonder if these too will beat out the Falkirks. LOL
They were a re-stock of the one Skoak had. Antique Edwardian, natural color single sole.Some of the order came in a few months ago and some like mine were rejected and had to be re-made.
Hey, they're still doing better than my pair of Falkirks.I'm now going on the ninth month since they were ordered.To make matters worse It looks like the color won't be anywhere close to what I expected.
Thank God, I thought I was going blind. LOLSeriously, after he said they were Loden I had to take a double take.I still say they're blue. LOL
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