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Excellent choice!!! Congrats!!!  On a side note the spoiler function doesn't work in the new Windows 10 Browser.
lI'm glad your experience with St Crispins has been on time so far and I hope that remains that way. However I've personally experienced otherwise with one pair of St Crispins shoes and it happened at this time of the year when they went on break as well. Whether they had an influx of orders or something else when it occurred I have no idea. But it happened.Maybe I should have refrained from using specific brands of shoemakers and that would have been better. What I was...
  Great decision, Congrats!!!​
I have the very same siblings, Great Choice!!
Boy, that would have been mine if it would have been my size.
I'm sorry to hear about your delay, but this has happened to me just recently. My recent experience is with Edward Green. Typically their MTOs take about 4 to 6 months, however with this restock I was taking part with has already taken about 10 months and its anticipated it will take at least until September which will make it 11 months but there are no guarantees at this point. You see my shoes have already failed their quality inspection twice. Now I have no idea why...
I don't personally own any of their loafers unlined or otherwise. Sorry
All very nice shoes, you should have no problem selling them rather soon. Unfortunately for me they aren't in my size.
I have a few suede shoes from Edward Green and I can tell you it's noticeable better than anything I have from any other shoesmakers. But then again I am only comparing to the likes of Carmina, Alden, and Peal and Co (Crockett and Jones).
More than likely, but still worth asking to make sure.  If nothing else I'm certain @Leaves could tell us if the quality of suede used by EG and G&G is comparable or if one tends to use a better quality than the other.
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