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Does that include the calf and CC make ups as well?
In the description the width is stated, so if they are an F or anything else for that matter it will state it there. I didn't check each and every one but they do typically sell most of their shoes in the F width one width wider than the normal E width for Edward Green.
For the few Alfred Sargent shoes and boots I purchased a few years ago, I found their shoes and boots to be appropriately priced and even better so when on sale. I found their Exclusive line to be a step or so better than Carmina to be honest. Loake's 1880 line if I'm not mistaken was always considered to be on par with Allen Edmonds so I certainly would consider Carmina to be better than Loake. I don't have any experience with Grenson or Barker but price will generally...
I hate to settle, I hate to settle, I hate to settle. However reality is ill probably never be able to afford that Patek repeater. So I have set my sights on other things. So either save and wait for the C&J Coniston which may take another season to get which in my opinion would be worth the wait or go for the Alfred Sargent Cmbridge which it appears you might be:happy: able to swing.
Thank you sir.Fabulous looking boot. I think that Kudu gives it just the right touch of extra character that makes it a great looking boot.
Very nice, Congrats!!!
I wouldn't even wear them with dress slacks, typically I would only pair them with jeans.
Very nice, Congrats!!!
Fabulous choice, Congrats!!!
Well for now the last two were from G&G and the next two I have on order already are from G&G. I also have a few more I wouldn't mind getting like a St James in polo suede for one.
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