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I hate to wish anybody ill will, however I hope they're not successful with this new approach. I just don't want to see any of the others going down this same path.
The more the merrier.
That's entirely possible, but then again others have and do buy these type of boots with the shearling lining. In fact Skoaktiebolaget plans on selling another round of these in Walnut CC with Shearling lining later on this year just as they sold these last year. So whether or not mine sell because of the shearling lining I'll just have to wait and see. If they don't then I'll just end up keeping them. However I already kind of figured you had a problem with the shearling...
Yep, the only difference is that the William II has the hand sewn seem on the toe cap.
I think most may hope this is the case, but reality is that this is a crap shoot. Reality is some come early and some are finished later. The good thing is when they come later as more will, then if you do it right and plan for early then there shouldn't be a problem.
Cool, I cant wait to see your G&G split toes.
Cool, I look forward to seeing the end result.
Unless they're telling you to get more, personally I'd go ahead and fire them. LOL
I can see that, they certainly have a bit of flair.
No challenges whatsoever from me, but I'm more than willing to watch.
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