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I remember someone saying that typical refurbs run about 1/3 of what the shoe or boot initially cost. In this case this is about right.
   I've got my fingers crossed anyways.
 Sounds like I was pretty close. Heck it may have even been $450 with conversion the last time this was posted. Since it's been a year since this quote its a good chance it may even be more now.
Somehow $450.00 comes to mind. Don't quote me. I haven't done it. Just seems that's what I remember someone posting.
Oh, I understand. Although I haven't tried that Last, I'm fairly confident with the Thorpe. Boots tend to be a bit more generous than shoes.  The St James is more a leap of faith. I have faith, now I'm hoping it all works out. Besides I have some experience with the TG73 so I'm fairly confident it will.
Understand, boy do I understand. LOL
Give me a break. LOL  I know you've recently reduced, but I imagine I'm still small time when compared to you.  I know you post in the thread, it's just too bad you never posted your list.
NP, just remeber YMMV.  Do yourself a favor though. If you go through the entire thread for whatever brand your interested in you'll get a better overview with regards to more users experiences with sizing. This was incredibly helpful for me. If nothing else it gave me better sense and some reassurance before ordering on the internet. Nowhere near the same as doing it in person, but a little better idea anyway.
Given that the Sailor was snug in the toe box for me, I'm even more concerned with the Chiseled Last. However I have no personal experience with the chiseled Last.
The 888 is more snug (less room) in the toe box. Whether this is a problem for you or not, I have no idea. It was the Last I was more concerned with before getting it, that is for certain.
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