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Kudus @Leaves, because I just have to say my St James in kudu and calf have to be one of if not my favorite pair of shoes.  I still look forward to my next two Kudu pair of shoes and boots which are on the way.
Ah, makes sense. I was lucky we've had a mild winter and I was able to get in a few wears when it wasn't snowing.
Ah yes, that's what I'm talking about. What took you so long?  Did you just get yours recently?
Simply Stunning!!!!!  Congrats!!
Really, this certainly is a sad state of affairs. Man I'm glad I was able to get what I did when I did.
Congrats!!!!  We need those Pics, NOW!!!!! LOL
A lot more appropriate for that style of boot in my opinion as well.
If they were made in 2013 then no this conversion would not be a factor. EG sizes are standard regardless of vendor although the widths different vendors may chose to carry maybe different. Axels for instance generally caries EGs D width where most other vendors stock EGs E width shoes and boots. I'm not sure when exactly EG started using their new resin Lasts for the 82 but the changes has been fairly recent.
Well supposedly there has been a recent change to the 82 Last size as a result of moving to the resin models for their Last which has in effect made the size of this particular Last larger. I don't have any actual experience with this change but all you have to do is look at the last couple of pages of this thread to see what I am talking about.
From the pictures anyway the Zug used in this case looks to be awful close to the Zug used on our Galways a little while ago.
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