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Very nice. Eventually I think I would like to get a pair of these or a pair of EG Nevis.
Are you interested?
Old school, doll and needles. Anybody have a likeness of @tifosi? LOL
Falkirk in Edwardian E82 11 UK 11 1/2 US Please  2 Down one more to go. Fingers crossed, waiting on word from @Leaves
Yep, it cost a little more, but I don't worry so much. It's worth it to me.
Wow, I would have been pissed. Sounds like they we're being a bit difficult. This is why I've been using insured and signature confirmation for the shoes I've been selling lately. The less questions and doubts the better as far as I'm concerned.
I think your right @sevenfoldtieguy, an intervention is in order.
@tifosi it sounds like your friends have spoken. LOL
Now if we only could get @tifosi to see it.
Yep, I think in this case his friends know what's best for him.
New Posts  All Forums: