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Well said sir!!!
Here's hoping you' get the opportunity sometime in the near future.
So will you be close enough to one of their Trunk Shows this year?
It's not only fit, but it's styles, it's opinions, its needs, it's dreams, and it's hopes and it's wishes boys and girls.  Great thing for us is, Skoaktiebolaget has enough diversity to cover a wide range of all this STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!  Just like Santa Claus, @Leaves has delivered Christmas early once again this year. 
  The new kid will certainly garner a lot of attention initially, and some people maybe ready to make a switch from one brand to another brand for awhile. But with all the shoes this crowd buys, I think they'll manage to coexist somehow.
Why, Oh Why do you keep doing this to me? Just when I thought I had forgotten all about them. Ah Man, now they're stuck in my head and I can't get them out. LOL
Very nice, I do like the Black\Grey and Burgundy\Mink? the best though.
Only if they believe they have suffered a great enough or a significant enough loss in sales that they deem a correction or change of course is required in order to increase or maintain their profitability or their market share. St. Crispins currently makes 1200 to 1500 shoes a year. If I remember correctly Edward Green makes about 2500 shoes a month. If my memory and math is correct St Crispins has a bit to go before they would even be noticed by EG and G&G. Its not...
No disagreement there.
Yeah, but this is not his way.
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