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Congrats, Excellent choice!!
Yep, that's exactly why I like my Lindricks.
After checking them out, the only question I have:    Why Oh why did I wait so long?
The Halifax doesn't really do it for me, but I can see why it may appeal to others.
 I don't know, the stitching and maybe it's the shape or Last that just appeals to me somehow.One day I like the Nevis in Rosewood CC and the next it's the Thorpe. I've got a feeling I'll figure it out one of these days though. I starting to really crave a split toe boot. Whatever I decide I don't tend to have too many regrets later which is good.
That's strange. I guess the pair I got in the mail today couldn't have been yours then, Huh.  Well I guess I'll just be forced to keep them then.  It's a bit more snug than the 82 on me, but the 888 really is a nice looking Last.
This makes sense in regards to boots using the same last being wider. I know this jbecause of the Galway and the Chelsea I have both on the 82. I appreciate the help you and @laufer are offering in regards to sizing,however fit is not my only concern. Right now I''m undecided as to the Nevis in Rosewood CC or the Thorpe and until I can determine what I want most I won't be moving forward.Thanks for trying to help however.
No doubt it's calling, but I've yet to figure out what I want to do and I already have a number of other things in the works. Besides I'm unsure about fit and I really want something in Rosewood CC. So unfortunately it's just going to have to wait for now anyway.
It's not just me. LOL
Oh I know, but before making the post prior  I actually checked the catalogue.
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