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Nice, Congrats!!
It may very well have varied in the past and it may very well vary in the future as well. That doesn't mean that I and possibly others can't prefer the lighter version. I think the lighter version not only had more character it just was a bit more unique than other run of the mill dark brown shoes you could easily get anywhere else..Here's to it changing once again to that lighter shade sometime in the near future.
Agree, this issue is a major turn off for me.
Very nice, Congrats!!
Wax primarily for heel and toe for a higher shine. Typically I use a cream on the other parts of the shoe or boot. The reason for this is because less chance of cracking on the more flexible parts of the shoe or boot.
No problem.Their selection is a bit limited right now, but they have a few Pre-Orders that are pretty tempting and an incoming Dover in DOAK due next week I believe. Also considering their very friendly EG prices a single MTO thru them tends to be less than an in stock option from most venders.
The price you ultimately pay can sometimes depend on where your located, but Skoaktiebolaget tends to have some very EG friendly prices.Sales at various venders do also occur from time to time but models and sizes can often be limited.
Thanks, and I actually saw that this morning. Unfortunately my size isn't availible.
Anything is possible, and it might be worth a shot.
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