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Ah, thank you. I knew I couldn't definitively there wasn't one, I just couldn't remember if there was for sure or not. Then again with their extensive back catalogue that's probably the case for most things. LOL
I don't remember seeing any Edward Green monks with a hand sewn apron. I understand, but personally if I were to get a pair I would probably go with DOAK for that shoe. It just seems to work rather well with the Westminister
Very nice, thanks for sharing.
This is the first Edward Green shoe I saw that I knew I just needed to get. It took me a bit longer than it should, but it certainly was well worth the wait.
Good deal, Congrats. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on them when you get your pair.
Excellent, Congrats!!! Look forward to seeing your pictures.
Pretty sure G&G ran out of Tan color, but there again @Leaves would be the one you would need to contact. Personally of all the Monks I've seen from Edward Green the only monk I would get would be the Westminster, I'm not really a fan of any of the other styles.
 I'm not sure what you mean when you say Edward Green Dover DB (Double Monk). For a St James in Kudu I would contact Skoak. @Leaves said G&G was going to get a lighter shade of Kudu in at some point. The question is what does it look like, what would you pair it with (the other kudu was tan and it was paired with Cedar calf. I'm not sure I would want a St James in all Kudu or not. Anyway I would contact @Leaves as he seems to have the info on this. A Shannon would...
I'm glad I was of some help. At this level you really can't go wrong as long as it fits, and your willing to spend the extra money. The sleeker Lasts, the designs, the attention to detail, the better quality, and the better quality components are simply to easy to see. As long as the shoes fit your style and you actually get use out of them then this is all that really matters. Having a bit wider smile and a little more spring in your step is just another big plus.
Glad to hear the TG73 works for you both with regards to look and more importantly fit. I still kind of wish you were able to get the St James on the MH71 as I would have loved to hear your comparison. However with all the discussion lately with regards to both of these Lasts and more specifically @mw313 description I have a much better idea where I stand prior to getting the MH71 since I already have a shoe on the TG73.Once again congrats, for at least I think this one of...
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