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Very nice, great color.
There were a few of these available on Ebay for a decent price not too long ago. There might be some left.
I missed out last year because of other priorities, and frankly I was still debating which direction to take. Nevis vs Thorpe, but I had no intention of missing out this year.I also have to say that of all the pictures that I have seen so far the Thorpe is a better looking boot to me.
I went through the same process you did a bit ago. I finally decided to go with the Thorpe, of course the recent Pre-Order from Skoak made that even easier. However regardless I had already determined the Thorpe in Arran Grain was the direction I was going to take regardless. When weighing the Thorpe against the Nevis quality of neither.was a concern, I figured both would be of equal quality. I did worry about fit and without trying on I had more concerns about the 606...
The price point of St C's are no longer way beyond EG or G&G anymore. Of course this does depend on where you buy  your shoes and whether or not you consider a couple of a hundred dollars making them way beyond their price point. Also it depends on whether you buy EGs top drawer or G&Gs equivalent then you probably talking the same if not higher price when compared to St C. Besides there are more than a few retailers who sell EG, G&G, and St Cs all from the same location....
I have to admit that I have no experience whatsoever with Cheaney. But my guess from buying a number of other brands tells me at this price level with this difference in price unless Cheaney is some kind of well kept hidden marvel, of course you would notice a substantial difference between the two if placed side by side. At this level the differences are generally always pretty easy to see. The Cheaney may be a fairly nice boot, but your just going to get a better boot in...
I know, I know Nike. LOL
Cole Hahn
I wishNOT!!! LOL
Not officially.The Internet rumors are rampant however. LOL
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