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I guess I just forgot. No worries, but if and when if you get a chance.
I understand, it certainly isnt perfect by no means and success is not guaranteed. But none of things I mentioned can hurt either. It actually maybe helpful to some degree.
Ah MTO, great choice.Did you get this already? For some reason I don't remember seeing pictures of this being posted.
Personally I've never had to and I've done my best to make sure I wouldn't have to return any shoes. Skoak does have a return policy and you can read that on their web site.I always tried to do as much research as possible and I think I have a fairly average size foot, but all in all I've been pretty lucky as well.However depending where you are located you may have some options to try some on in person as well. Of course bigger cities in the states generally will provide...
Unfortunately due to EG delivery delays Skoak has temporarily paused their EG MTO program so you can scratch them for the time being.
I don't know of any retailer that would be willing to let you return any MTO especially if there is nothing wrong with it other than it just didn't happen to fit you. MTO's are something you purchase based on your specifications.
All I know is most of the shoes and boots I polish now are effortless compared to the combat boots and low quarters I shined while in the military. I think the combination of polish I'm using and the better leather makes a big difference.
Wow, I'm actually surprised that you were able to get such a nice shine especially since you've used HDLP on them.
Would you say you think it's better quality leather than most of your other shoes or boots?
I just do my best not to use to much polish. I had a lot of practice in the military and I no longer need to put so many coats on to get a good shine. Besides practice I think Saphir and the quality of leather I am shining now is much better than what I had in the military.
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