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I would agree with you that Aldens are workhorses but then again they appear as such and initially that is why I liked them more than the AE's I started with. But since moving to others like Crockett and Jones and Alfred Sargent which appeared to be built really well, they also looked a bit more refined. I also have shell from a number of others as well. See I missed out on the rare Alden offerings as this was before my time so I tried to get the colors from other...
I didn't know that. In what way might I ask?
And TWATs!!
Actually I didn't own anything from Edward Green until after purchasing a number of other shoes from other shoemakers first. However I found even after purchasing shoes from Crockett and Jones I no longer had a desire to purchase anything further from Alden. I do however still like to purchase things from Rancourt and Viberg. Although I don't think Edward Green is the be all end all, I do think my expectations have changed. So when I'm looking for a fashion work boot for...
Shoes, watches, SF people, I'm there!!!
Not necessarily, everybody's likes, dislikes, and paths are different. I noticed however your selling a pair of Carminas though. So I would ask you do you find that you no longer purchase anything from Carmina once you started buying Edward Greens?
How many find once they have started buying shoes from Edward Green that something from Alden or even Crockett and Jones just doesn't cut it any longer? Or do you find that because you like shoes so much there are still some very appealing choices or things which they or others do so well that you still buy shoes from them as well.
These are different, but in a good way.
There's the key. I thought there would have to be an entry to avoid paying any possible custom fees.
They are, in fact they're even better than I anticipated. It's amazing the number of people I have received compliments from as well. Either how bad a$$ they look, or how they like the texture on these boots.  Thanks Roger
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