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X2 Nice color
The burgundy Inverness is probably one of the first EGs I first saw and wanted. So it's been on my list for awhile.
For two pairs you certainly can't go wrong with a pair of black and a pair of brown colored oxfords. In regards to brand a lot will depend on your budget and where your taste lies. Also from time to time you can up your game a bit by grabbing some better pairs on sale. For shoes close to AE price range I'd look at Carmina at Skoaktiebolaget as I certainly consider those a step above AE. If you hit sales at the right time Alfred Sargent from Pediwear are a great bargain....
I'm kind of iffy on the Shearling. It looks nice when new and everything, but the fact that it's only on the shaft and I don't get the impression it ages or wears well has me a bit hesitant.
If not this one I would go with something in a mink or close colored shaft. The bottom could be CC on the 64 Last, or DOAK and the 82 Last.  That or my Rosewood CC boot.  Or the Nevis.  Or the Almond or Edwardian boot.  Or LOL 
Check out this pair.
I would think an all CC would be best. I've kind of taken care of the winter boot though with the Zug Galway. 
That might be a good idea.  With a Black Chelsea and a Mahogany CC Dover on the way for the first time in a long while I'm not real certain what my next move will be. I've kind of been looking at the Inverness again.
Oops, I guessed wrong on that one. So you went with 888. Do you find the 888 better than 82?
Nice, waiting for mine as we speak. Is that the 202 Last?
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