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God damnit.  How is this sold out in 48R already?!  
Would be interested in seeing the Eidos sportcoats if you have some photos on hand.
Did I miss this announcement?  Hoping that I somehow managed to win this!
 I know - it really is ridiculous.  Couldn't believe I actually won with that bid.  Kinda feels like stealing...
Ahh screw it.  Count me in for $625.
Hi,   Can you please confirm the shoulder measurements? Looks big for a ring jacket 48...   Thanks
any chance you can provide measurements?
Realize that this may not be in the budget, but every time someone brings up the idea of a dual-time watch, I can't help but think of the H. Moser & Cie Nomad.   [[SPOILER]] Not only is it a beautiful watch, but the design is remarkably clever - the red hand, which marks the 2nd time zone (and can be set in 1-hour increments via the crown), can also be hidden behind the hour hand when not in use.  More details at...
  Thanks for sharing this, Kungapa.  These are some interesting data points.  If I'm reading the above correctly, it looks like the ADs are capturing much more of the value chain that I had previously thought.  Do you guys know of any other reselling business that can command ~40% gross margins?  No wonder the ADs are getting squeezed out.  Any chance you have the full study laying around that you could send my way?  All this talk about the AD / boutique business model is...
And, to further the GMTIIc love fest, a couple of (admittedly terrible cell phone quality) pictures from last weekend.  The lady friend and I enjoyed some excellent weather at the beach.            
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