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Can you help with some measurements?  I've been wanting one of these for ages but not sure about sizing...
Spoo - Deets on these, please? [[SPOILER]]
Likewise - same guy.  Very strange.
  I guess so.  To be fair, he could've been speaking gibberish to me and I still would have bought the SC at that price.
My sentiments exactly.  Very weird for him to say that...not sure I truly get the sales tactic here, but whatever.  Glad to know that Eidos will still be around!
Bloomingdale's SF has some crazy good pricing going on for their Eidos stuff right now.  Went in today and picked up the last blue hopsack SC for under $300.  SA also told me that Bloomingdale's wasn't going to be carrying the brand past this season?  @NickPollica did something happen here, or was the SA just confused?
God damnit.  How is this sold out in 48R already?!  
Would be interested in seeing the Eidos sportcoats if you have some photos on hand.
Did I miss this announcement?  Hoping that I somehow managed to win this!
 I know - it really is ridiculous.  Couldn't believe I actually won with that bid.  Kinda feels like stealing...
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