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Brand new in box Loake Chester from the 1880 Collection. Made in England. UK 9.5F (US 10.5D). Beautiful tan color with firm rubber soles. Thanks for looking!
Superb pair of Alfred Sargent Charlton in UK SIZE 10F. I bought these recently from A Fine Pair Of Shoes for £300 (right about $500 USD) and they are really nice, but I need a half size larger. These have only been worn 3 times and look essentially brand new as can be seen in the pictures. The shoes have had cedar shoe trees in them since the day I received them and have received two coats of Renovateur only. I don't have the original box, but I do have the original AS...
Selling a BNIB pair of Allen Edmonds Lubbock in size 10.5D. They are in unworn perfect condition and have been only treated with a little Reno to condition the leather. Last just doesn't fit my bony feet well, so trying to find them a new home.
Brand new in box pair of Allen Edmonds Lubbock. This last just doesn't fit my feet well, so I'm selling this pair to make room for another Allen Edmonds purchase. They are in perfect shape - I have only applied a little Saphir Renovateur to condition them. Message me with any questions. If they don't sell here, I'll put them up on the 'bay. PayPal only. Thanks for looking.
From the Herring Premier collection, Churchill in UK 9.5F. Brand new, first-quality. Box and all included. [=][/]
Herring Churchill from the Premier collection in calf. UK size 9.5 F. Color is called Dark Leaf Brown. These are brand new first-quality, never worn, just tried on briefly on carpet. Comes with the box, shoe bags, etc. Only selling because the fit of this last isn't quite right on me and I don't want to pay the $60 to send them back to Herring. I have applied a coat of Renovateur. And you get free shipping in the continental US. PayPal only please. Thanks for looking.
Actually my auction just ended, but I'm gonna re-list it. I have a new pair of Frye Arkansas boots in 10.5D in Redwood (rust) color. Worn inside my house for about 2 hours only. Only selling because I already have enough boots. Basically, mint condition. Asking $150. PM me if interested.
I bet you'll be ok. I've seen the Lancaster on there that looks too shiny and plasticky in the Yoox pics (turned out to be corrected grain) and other pics of the same shoe that are clearly Church's Nevada calf. The Nevada is more natural (duller) appearing in the pictures and is really nice IMO.I may order the shoe again when I spot it in my size if it looks to be Nevada calf from the pics.Good luck! And let us know how it turns out so I'll know whether or not to attempt...
I ordered the Lancaster from Yoox a few weeks ago for $298. Brownish calf. It was awful corrected grain leather so I sent them back. Plasticky yuck! Hope yours are different.
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