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'Oh, so Ninja!' EP out soon.
Struggling to reconcile this:     With this, Sune of the funk band, 'Urban Ninjas':    
  Straps viewed from the front look a bit plastic-y on the orange one: and looking at it here I've got big concerns it'd just be too orange for all of my wardrobe: I like that the blue is more subtle and the colour combo of blue/beige detailing. I like that every time I post in this thread people's replies make me work out what I prefer for...
Blue bag for £255.....     Or orange version for £175? I prefer the blue, but struggling not to let the price influence me, £255 is a lot of money for me.
Gym doesn't have to be the first solution, just start eating better.
Filcol i think the clothes you are wearing aren't the best for your body type. The sizing of the jacket exaggerates the size of your legs, and the chelsea boots in turn exaggerate the size of your feet giving your proportions a pyramid effect from body -> legs -> feet.
  Don't get me wrong - the triple blue stark is nice, I think some people will love that it's shorter (as much as other people will hate to see the change).   Obviously the same quality will still be there, but I love SNS' more traditional fisherman patterns and the brand's masculinity - I think it's being diluted too much with these plain knits with their mismatched cuff details. I'm possibly just disappointed they haven't released the usual sorts of stuff.
I really can't see the TBS stuff selling too well (though I'm probably wrong) so hopefully they'll go back to stocking true SNS in the future. All the mismatched colours on the sweaters just looks like shit topman stuff circa 2009... have they totally missed the appeal of SNS? TBS do a great job curating, but not so impressed with their design in this case...  
Hate it. Looks like some shit you'd pick up in topman.
Based on stuff I actually own and wear:   1. Our Legacy (3 shirts and a jacket) 2. SNS Herning (Just the one knit, planning on more) 3. COS (Two knits, two tees) 4. Loake (One of the few brands who do some relatively nice shoes in my size) 5. Reiss (Couple of shirts) 6. APC (Jeans) 7. Uniqlo (black jeans, t shirts)
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